Best practices in life science control cabinet design and ... · Best practices in life science...

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Best practices in life science control cabinet design and fabrication Proven design ideas and innovative products to reduce costs and time
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Transcript of Best practices in life science control cabinet design and ... · Best practices in life science...

  • Best practices in life science control cabinet design and fabrication

    Proven design ideas and innovative products to reduce costs and time

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    Maximum productivity for you and your customers - this is our mission.

    Our know-how, our holistic approach and our love of detail have made us a global leader in automation technology and the world market leader in basic and further technical training. With over 60 years experience in factory and process automation, we are the right partner for you. Always able to provide an appropriate solution which is characterized by security, simplicity, efficiency and competency.


    We want you to feel secure during each and every phase of our collaboration. And confident that you are increasing your productivity. You can rely on our specialists as well as the quality of our products and processes always and everywhere. This is what we stand for as a family-run company with a long tradition in factory and process automation.


    We make your work easier. From the first idea and product selection through to after sales. We reduce complexity with new product generations and software tools for quick product selection and configuration simplicity is our philosophy. This gives you more time for the really important things: your core business and customers.


    Save energy, materials and effort and reduce both your CO² emissions and your operating costs. With advice and services from Festo for tailored, economical and intelligent solutions. This is how you permanently increase the productivity of your company.


    Work with experts who understand your industry. We have been setting trends in automation for decades. We smooth the way to maximum productivity with experience and dedication. Our experience is the key to your success: from consultation through to development, training, seminars and products. That is competency in action.

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    Complete automation partner for biotech/pharmaceutical skid control

    Biotech/pharmaceutical solutions• Bioreactor• CIP/SIP• Mixing• Sterilization• Filtration

    Air blanket control: Integrated I/P controlling inert gas to reactor vessel

    Life science diaphragm valve

    Control cabinet with bulkhead mounted CPV valve terminals

    Life science angle seat valve

    CPX/MPA integrated electrical terminal andvalve terminal with proportional pressure regulators

    Bioreactor vessel Life science angle seat valve

    DCS/PLC and Ethernet

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    Festo CPX/MPA. The most complete integrated platform for electrical and pneumatic process control and automation

    Flexibility Interchangeable fieldbus nodes support to leading DCS/PLC protocols. As the application requirement changes the platform can adapt

    Economical Choose terminal strips(IP20) for installation inside cabinet or M8/ M12 connections (IP67) for installation directly on skid

    PerformanceIntegrated 4 channel pressure sensors directly into I/O terminal eliminates field pressure sensors and reduces I/O count

    DiagnosticsPoint level diagnostics for electronics and pneumatics are available via local LED, handheld, Festo software, via integrated webserver, or over fieldbus/ethernet to supervisory DCS/PLC

    PerformanceIP67 design supports installation inside cabinet or directly on skid

    SafetyDual channel galvanically isolated power supply zones give you isolationcapacity to Cat. 4

    SafetyRemovable face plate allows technician to replace I/O card without removing wiring or cabling to block

    CompleteRange of high density analog and digital, RTP, thermocouple I/O, including 16 bit analog inputs for better instrument resolution

    Versatility through competency: CPX communicates in multiple languages and is suited for numerous control concepts

    The CPX is the highly competent electrical terminal handling I/O and communication

    This isthe future!

    PowerfulAvailable with an embedded CoDeSys controller based on IEC61131-3, the terminal can provide autonomous control or handle local subroutines while communicating with supervisory DCS/PLC

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    ExpandableFor economical decentralized control concept, simple connection to additional valve terminal or I/O blocks up to 30 feet away. Whether on the terminal or decentralized, nodesupports up to 512 I/Odepending on fieldbus protocol limits

    Convenience and economical Interface plate to combine pneumatics and electronics on one terminal reduces the number of nodes, terminals, and cabling inside cabinet fieldbus connections

    ConvenienceColor coding valves can match manual override, LED and pneumatic output for quicker Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and validation

    Safety and convenienceOptional hot swap allow for single valve replacement while terminal remains pressurized

    SimplicityIntegrated proportional pressure regulator combined with capability to handle inert gases eliminates the need for I/P’s mounted on skid and reduces I/O count

    VersatileCombine multiple valve sizes on one terminal to handle both piloting and higher flow requirements

    EconomicalReduce installation costs by bulkhead mounting terminal to control cabinet wall with multipole plate

    SafetyIsolate pneumatic zones for safety shut down, isolated pressure zones, different inert gases or air filtration levels

    PerformanceIntegrate flow control and pressure regulators to control gases for downstream processes


    The MPA is the complete high capacity valve terminal

    Universaland flexible

    FlexibleSimple to change or add I/O orvalve modules as projects evolve

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    Benefits of multipole plates for valve terminals inside cabinet

    Save Time

    Use of multipole plates significantly reduces assembly costs and materials because there is only one cut out, no time is required for short runs of tubing inside the cabinet and multiple bulkhead connectors do not have to be assembled.

    Maintain Security

    The gaskets have NEMA and IP ratings as required by UL, so the integrity of the enclosure is maintained against moisture, dust, and gases.

    Safe Solution

    By removing all the short pneumatic hoses in the cabinet, time to verify connections during SAT or when performing field service are greatly reduced.

    Clean Design

    Having all the pneumatic connections outside the cabinet wall improves the aesthetics and compliance of the cabinet


    Using multipole plates can

    save up to 30%

    Inside cabinet view of bulkhead mounted valve terminal View of all pneumatic connections outside cabinet

    CPX/MPA electrical and valve terminal with multipole CPV valve terminals bulkhead mounted in cabinet CPV valves showing two of many multipole plate styles

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    Benefits from innovative products, services and best practices

    Diagnostic information from Festo

    valves and I/O can be extracted by

    DCS/PLC over fieldbus. Information

    such as shorted wire, failed solenoid

    valve, or number of cycles can

    pinpoint issues quickly and help

    diagnose issues remotely.

    Utilization of flow sensors can

    provide real time usage and

    volumetric consumption, both of

    which can be used as a benchmark

    to market your equipment

    improvements. Measuring flow

    at FAT and monitoring it over

    the lifetime of the equipment is

    an excellent and cost effective

    diagnostic tool. An increase in air

    consumption is an early indication of

    a leak or component breakdown.

    Reduce costs with a single partner

    for process control and automation.

    Festo is the leading supplier of valves,

    I/O, air preparation, fittings, tubing,

    sensors, process valves and

    additionally manufacturers a complete

    range of handling and motion control


    Reduce field service costs Energy efficient & increased uptime

    Single source supplier

    Partnering with a manufacturer

    located in 176 countries

    improves market acceptance

    and ensures global support for

    you and your customers.

    Festo is recognized as the

    technology leader in automation

    solutions within the life science

    industry. Enhance your image as

    leading biotech, pharmaceutical

    and food industry companies

    recognize the quality and value of

    Festo products and solutions.

    Festo offers complete range of

    regulators, filters and dryers

    to ensure equipment uptime and

    a safe quality air supply for all

    applications. Contact a local Festo

    sales representative or refer to

    our Air Quality Guide to ensure air

    quality at your facility meets FDA


    Ensure clean air Improve image support

    At times valve replacement is

    necessary while parts of the skid

    remain active. Utilization of a hot

    swappable valve provides the ability

    to isolate and replace a single valve

    while the manifold stays pressurized

    and operational. Helpful for

    preventative maintenance of valves

    controlling reactor processes.

    Hot swap valve replacement


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