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analisis de un banco frances

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Martinez Luis AndresFlores AngelicaJoung ByunglnIrani FelipeHdv Edouard

Crdit CoopratifDiversified banking group which offers a wide range of banking products and services.

It is not only a bank, it is also a cooperative.

Crdit CoopratifIt finds its origins in the Social Economy movement of the late 19th century.Founded 120 years ago, the values of the bank have remained the same and are written in its Principle Declaration:

Working towards the development of legal entities that are part of the social economies, as well as supporting public individuals.

MissionWorking towards social responsibility, defining social responsibility through cooperative banking and developing guidelines.Developing financial traceability tools.Assessing its impact on the community in a transparent way.Inform and educate its clients and members through guides and educational material.Cycle of moneyResources of Crdit coopratifMoney deposit (current accounts, saving accounts, short term deposit)CapitalRetained earningsInterbank transactions

75% of resources used to finance loans25% cash surplus reinvested on short terms Cycle of moneyLoans repartition50% private companies40% public interest structures10% public individuals

65% of credits finance social and solidarity economy: Social housing, Handicap, Health, Environment, Tourism, SportVCCT initiativeVoluntary contribution of Crdit coopratifOn every currency transactions at a rate of 0.01%Objective is to provide innovate funding for development in developing countriesBeneficiaries are several NGOs recognized in the international cooperation for development

Other notable initiatives launched by the bank:Carte Agir : a credit card which generates a small amount from the bank for a charity, a NGO or anassociation for the activation and then, for each withdrawal. (2003)

QPS: 0.02% of the last bond issue of the Crdit coopratif was offered to an association (2010).

I. ProfessionalismMisrepresentationStating that they would provide consistent and faithful representation of the assets, the financial situation

II. Integrity of Capital MarketsMaterial Nonpublic InformationForms the subject of a full report that was issued to each member of the Board of Directors every year

III. Duties to ClientsFair DealingEvery member has the right to vote at the annual general meeting under the principle one person, one vote. Performance presentation.Credit cooperative assigned personal staff for each client (private and individual clients) Preservation of confidentialityC.C has a strict policy of transparency. It explains where does the money for credits is received and where does it transfer

IV. Duties to EmployersAdditional CompensationThe ECOFI (Asset Management) has a Say on Pay system, which means shareholders vote along to decide executives compensation

For Credit Cooperatif, Market Operators have limited bonuses (no more than 4 months salary)V. Investment Analysis, Recommendations and Actions

Dilligence and Reasonable BasisPortfolio Managers are checked every month Administration Council meets two to three times a year Direction Committee meets weekly All this actions guarantee responsible management of the portfolios and researches related to them. VI. Conflicts of Interest At least one member of the Audit Committee has specialist financial or accounting skills, and is independent as per the criteria set out and published by the Board of Directors

EndIts time to give priority to the real economy, that we finance as our vocation and as a matter of choice, and to patient finance that reflects lifes rhythms; the current situation lead us to believe, without pretentiousness but with conviction, that we are right in doing so.Jean-Claude Detilleux, Chairman of Crdit Coopratif Group

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