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    Outstanding care - every person, every day

    • information and referral • placement into long-term care homes • in-home services • school health support services

    • renseignements et orientation • placement en établissement de soins de longue durée • services à domicile • soutien aux services de santé en milieu scolaire

    Des soins exceptionnels - chaque personne, chaque jour

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    Scarborough Central East CCAC Scarborough Branch Office

    Central East CCAC

    Leadership Opportunities to Extend Your Passion

    Board member roles in making a difference

    As parents, aunts and uncles we dedicate our time to our rising stars and the future of our nation. Whether at the ice rink, dance studio

    or soccer field, many of us dedicate and volunteer our time to mentor, coach and help our youth and their friends. We continuously focus on

    helping others to achieve their potential and make a mark in their lives.

    As health care providers we have gained tremendous knowledge, skill and expertise as clinical and administrative experts and have dedicated our careers to client centric care. Many of us work with volunteers and see the ultimate value they bring to the health care system. Opportunities exist

    to give back in different ways including becoming a Director on a Board. This experience creates opportunities to enhance one’s leadership by

    increasing knowledge on how organizations are impacted by legislation, politics, resources, and it’s response to being accountable to the public.

    The Board Directors work with the Chief Executive Officer/President, the senior team, and the organization’s community stakeholders to guide decisions about using limited resources in an environment of competing demands, while enabling the organization to meet the healthcare needs

    of its population.

    Health care board members are accountable to Internal Stakeholders:

    Staff – in creating excellent work place environments

    Health care board members are accountable to External Stakeholders

    LHIN – for meeting and exceeding policy, procedure and by-laws, and regulations

    Partners in care – to integrate and collaborate in the continuum of care

    Communities – for efficient utilization of all resources in the spirit of transparency

    Central East CCAC

    Where do I begin? Speak to friends and families of your desire to become a board member • Determine your passion and how you wish to grow with a board opportunity • Reflect on time required to commit to a board • Investigate companies that reflect your values and passion • Update your resume

    How do I apply? • Review websites reflective of your passion • Investigate opportunities through Order in Council and local/city/provincial newspaper and magazine advertisements • Prepare to apply by outlining your strengths and alignment with the board’s needs • Develop a letter of application or complete application form • Discuss commitment requirements with family and friends

    How do I make a difference? • Understand your accountabilities and responsibilities as a board member • Prepare for meetings, write down your questions, and bring new ideas • Identify elements of board quality, role and structure and processes • Know organization’s stakeholders and the environment in which it functions • Actively participate by sharing your knowledge, skills and experience

    The Board’s Responsibilities and Accountabilities Board member’s duties

    1. Fudiciary duties require board members to be impartial, generous accountable, truthful, dependable, and efficient. Board members are stewards of the public trust and act on behalf of the good of the organization using reasonable care in decision making. Board members may not be financial experts, however need to have an inquiring mind.

    2. Strategic duties include identifying threats and opportunities and determining the long term goals of the organization. This involves a review of the mission, vision and values of the organization and seeking input from all stakeholders, both internal and external. Once strategic directions are defined, the board monitors progress in the plan.

    3. Generative duties include thinking of what to pay close attention to, what it means and what the organization should do about it. The board can structure conversations on visions for change or advancement of the organization. It creates opportunities for the board to plan, think and decide on problems or issues.




    Central East CCAC