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Architecture Portfolio Elena Ramírez 2009-2016

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Architecture PortfolioElena Ramírez2009-2016

I was born in 1991 in Granada, in the province of Spain. Combining my interest in school, I have enjoyed learning the

flute in the Angel Barrios Conservatory of Music for over 11 years.

I completed my BSc Architectural Technology (Arquitectura Técnica) in the University of Granada in February 2013. My

Final Project and dissertation was the ‘Refurbishment and rehabilitation of a building of the 18th century in Granada’.

Having received the highest academic mark I was awarded a winner of the First Contest of Photography of Architecture

of Twentieth century in Granada.

In April 2013, I was awarded a place in the Architectonical Restoration in Gdansk and Nysa, run by the Erasmus Euro-

pean Commission. The project was for the conservation of Gdansk’s dockyard and was promoted by the School of Higher

Vocational Education of Nysa (further details provided below).

In order to continue my academia and development as a professional, I moved to Sevilla (Spain) to complete my Building

engineering degree approved by The Association of Building Engineers, ABE. Furthermore, I completed my Masters of In-

novation in Architecture: Design and Technology at the University of Architecture of Sevilla.

Having finished my academic studies, I have worked with the Malaga Council. Specifically operating for the Urban

Planning Department. Among my many tasks, I was responsible for reviewing building licenses and to control, locate and

register dangerous materials used in buildings within the city.

In addition, I had work for the Instituto Andaluz de Patrimonio Histórico (Institute of Heritage in Andalucia) based

in Sevilla. I was in charge of the prevention and correction of maintenance for two buildings protected by Department

for Culture.

I still enjoying learning about new technologies in the refurbishment and restoration of buildings, as well as impro-

ving my English and French skills.

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Elena Ramírez Reinoso

Tel: 07480810670 0034 667330623

email: [email protected]

Skype: Elena Ramirez

LinkedIn: http://es.linkedin.com/in/ERamirezReinoso

Photography gallery: https://www.fl ickr.com/photos/heeleen/

Education and TrainingM I A : D T 2013 - 2015. School of Architecture. University of Seville. Spain

D B ’ S T 2013 - 2014. School of Building Engineering. University of Seville. Spain


2009 - 2013. School of Building Engineering. University of Granada. Spain


Mother tongue

E Level-C1 Acredited by International University Menéndez Pe-layoLevel-B2 Acredited by Cambridge University

F : Level A2

Special honorsI received a prize from the University of Granada thanks to my good academic record

Honourable mention in the First Contest of Photography of Archi-tecture of Twentieth century in Granada.

I could provide reference letters.

Further studiesI D C P May2016. Activatie. A : H , April2015-May2015. Open Schoolf of the University of Granada. R . May-June 2013. Instituto de Conservación y Restauración de Bienes Culturales (ICON).I E A R G N , P . April 2013. School of Higher Vocational Education in Nysa e Institute of Conservation in Nysa.E . February 2013. Instituto para la Diversifi cación y Ahorro de la Energía (IDAE) and Colegio de Aparejadores y Arquitectos Técnicos de Granada.CYPE F . December 2012. Academia Cartabón.T I B . October 2012. Colegio de Aparejadores y Arquitectos Técnicos de Granada.P M . 1998 - 2010. Traverse Flute. Conservatory of Granada: Angel Barrios.

Experience in this professionI A P H Maintenance of Heritage Buildings. BIM manager. November2015 - March2016

I A P H Internship. Maintenance of Heritage Buildings. June2015 - October2015

G U M . L D Technical Architect. November14 - April2015.

My personal belief is that architecture should balance both the

aesthetics with its functionality. My interests as an architect

include the designing, preparation of plans, 3D modeling, BIM and

Parametric computer programs knowledge, sustainable design strate-

gies, repairing and the conservation and maintenance of buildings.

I am conscientious, committed and personable with an appetite for

originality and innovation. I have the ability to work with experts

of different areas and also the flexibility to adapt to new cir-

cumstances with the ability of criticism and self-criticism. I see

myself as a team worker and really enjoy diversity and multicultu-


I would like to take you through some of my previous works below.

Academical Projects

Restoration of a XVIII century building. Granada (Spain)Construction details

Academical Projects

This project was proposed to clean tra-ppings in the main courtyards’ gallery, by demolishing the existing housing divi-sions and all of its facilities. I have planned for a new distribution of hou-sings. The bar will occupy the entire ground floor while the yard will be cove-red with a skylight at ground level.

It was necessary to remove the poorly completed roofs of the building. These were obsolete and must be replaced. The joinery was in poor condition and there was a very significant problem with damp-ness in the ground floor and on the wall in Santa Ana Street. The crucial point to this project was to design a XVIII century type of house-yard, which was currently neglected.

I operated the following software in the process of this project:

- AutoCad- Cype Facilities- Cype Structure- Microsoft Office

The Protection of an Archaeological Site in Torreparedones, Córdoba (Spain)

Academical Projects

The project at Torrepare-dones is an on going ar-chaeological excavation site with an ever chan-ging morphology. The site is extremely isolated and has no infrastructure apart from one small ac-cess road.

There are archaeological remains dating from 2500 BC to 1400 AC so there is a vast range of artefacts to protect and uncover. In 1987 excavation work began at the site, but since then only a small portion of the site has been excavated (around 5%).

Academical Projects

A global protection preserves archi-tectural elements such as mosaics and tiles, reliefs, sculptures and decorative elements in their origi-nal locations to facilitate unders-tanding and contextualization. My goal for this design project was to create a lightweight covering to protect the artefacts whilst having minimal impact at ground level.

For this design pro-ject I used the fo-llowing software to achieve my goals:

- Revit- Ecotect- SAP2000- Rhinoceros- Grasshopper

The Protection of an Archaeological Site in Torreparedones, Córdoba (Spain)

Academical Projects

Construction monitoringResidential building

Laying out


Academical Projects

Construction monitoringResidential building

Construction monitoring started in Structural Phase and lasted until the end of the works.

Spiral staircase


Multdisciplinary projectsDockyard revitalization in Gdansk, Poland.

This project is the result of the Intensive Erasmus in Architectonical Restoration in Gdansk and Nysa, Poland. The project was the regeneration of a former shipyard. The shipyard gained international fame when the Solidarity Trade Union was formed there in September 1980. The land was a shared ownership, partly public and partly private, and authorities and locals did not seem to find an agreement before showing our project (see graphics below).


Multdisciplinary projects

Dockyard revitalization in Gdansk, Poland.

It consists in a revitalization project of the former shipyard area in Gdansk (Poland). The yard gained internatio-nal fame when Solidarity (Solidarnosć) was founded there in September 1980.


Multdisciplinary projects

Dockyard revitalization in Gdansk, Poland,

This project was created with Marina Marquez Zayas, Matthias Gottschalk, Pier Francesco Marozzo, Lucile Keller, Marta Falkowska, Dorothea Chrobak, Irene Adler, Benjamin Bignucolo, Malgorzata Cybulsk and Matteo Librandi.

VisionsOld NewNew street solution

Results of the project

- Regeneration of an abandoned area. - Enhanced usage of the new part of the city. - Preservation of the old shi-pyard, by preserving existing buildings. - It gives the opportunity for further development - Population unified

Multdisciplinary projects

The Exhibition Road Building Project. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.Miniatures

Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A) was one of the seven short-listed architectural teams selected from over 110 appli-cants with proposals to provide a grand new entrance to the museum, a beautiful courtyard and a stunning all pur-pose-built gallery for the museum’s world-class temporary exhibitions.

We were honoured with the privilege of crea-ting a model of this fantastic project. We created this tools provided by FAB LAB Se-ville, such as milling and laser machines.

Multdisciplinary projects

The Exhibition Road Building Project. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.Miniatures

This work has been devoloped with Patricia Gallego and Antonio Feria.

Academical Projects

Pinto de SousaSketch up

My first renderings were made with Sketch up, of this dwe-lling in Portugal, design by Pinto de Sousa.

Building Information Modeling

Hall in an office building. Laguna beach (California, EEUU)




Architecture PortfolioElena Ramírez2009-2016