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  • 8/13/2019 Girard Brochure




  • 8/13/2019 Girard Brochure


    The GBD is available with2, 3 or 4 disc configurations

    for bi-directional applications.

    Our simple bolted construction

    allows for easy replacementof cups and discs.

    Cup & Disc pigs are available with scraper cups, conical cups,discs or a combination of cups and discs.

    The GBC is availablewith 2, 3 or 4scraper cups.

    The GBDX6 is asix disc bi-directionalpig with 2 guide discsand 4 sealing discsproviding exceptionalperformance.

    The GBDX6-BR with leafspring supported Z brushesis the most aggressivecleaning pig available forsizes 16 through 60.

    The GWWCBrush Pig withdouble-knottedwire wheelbrushes is the

    most aggressive cleaning pigavailable for sizes 4 to 14. Girard brushes are made of

    the highest quality spring steelenabling them to perform inmost diameter variations.

    GZB Brush Pigsincorporate a rigidleaf spring support to apply aggressive

    brush force in varying wall thickness.

    Cantilever style brush assembliesallow for significant diameter

    changes while maintainingeffective brushing action.

    All brush pigs are available with scraper cups, conical cups, discs or acombination of cups and discs.

    Girard can custom design a steel mandrelpig to meet your specific pipeline needs.Brushes, magnets, gauging plates,transmitter housings and dual

    diameter configurations areavailable for most sizes.

  • 8/13/2019 Girard Brochure


    The Turbo-Magnumis also available with

    wrap around brushesto help with removal ofhard pipeline deposits.

    The Girard Turbo-Magnumis a one piece, all polyurethanepig available with either 3 or 4cups. The hollow center allowsfor maximum flexibility whilenegotiating tight radius bendsand other pipeline features.

    Turbo-Magnum Pigs are excellent for cleaning,batching and removal of liquids in gas systems.Available in 2 through 30 diameters.

    The Turbo-Flexis the best sealing pig onthe market today. The hollow center allowsthese pigs to expand under pressure for

    maximum performance at all times.

    The Turbo-FlexII isconfigured with a front

    cup design for easierlaunching and smoother

    running through mostpipeline features.

    Girard Turbo-Flexis a one piecepolyurethane constructed pigconfigured with both cups anddiscs. Available in 2 through 36.

    The 4 cup Turbo-Magnum

    is available for 6 through24 pipe.

    Most sizes available inthree durometers for

    special applications.

    Most sizesavailablein threedurometersfor specialapplications.

    The Turbo-Flexisalso available withwrap around brushesfor removal of harddeposits.

    Hollow center allows for easy installation of transmitters for pig tracking.

    Hollow center allows for easy installation of transmitters for pig tracking.

  • 8/13/2019 Girard Brochure


    The Double DishPolly-Pig is designed

    for bi-directional use.

    Girard Polly-Pigs, constructed

    of open cell polyurethane foam,

    are available in light, medium

    and heavy densities. They are

    designed to negotiate pipeline

    configurations that other pigs

    cannot, such as tees, elbows

    and multiple diameter


    Wire Brushes are available on

    both medium and heavy densityPolly-Pigs for removal of harddeposits and scale.

    The Yellow Bare Swabis designed for lineproving and drying.

    With over 28 different models to choose from, Polly-Pigscan do everything from light cleaning anddrying to removal of heavy scale.

    The Maxi-Brush heavy density all wire foampig is excellent for removing rust and millscale during commissioning, cleaning priorto internal coating a pipeline and blackpowder removal in natural gas pipelines.

    The Bulldog foam pighas a unique designconsisting of multiplesealing surfacesfor improved liquidremoval.

    The PlaSteelpighas aggressive

    non-metallic brushesfor use in plastic

    pipe and internallycoated pipelines.

    Transmitter cavities for pigtracking are available formost Polly-Pigs.

    These foam pigs are designed to

    handle special pipeline applications

    such as hard scale and mill scale re-

    moval, cleaning plastic and internally

    coated pipelines, pig tracking, etc.

    Ropes, Cables, Double Nose, Extended Lengths and Magnets are also available.

  • 8/13/2019 Girard Brochure


    Girard Replacement Cups andDiscs are available with differentcenter-hole and bolt-hole circlesto fit most pigs on the market.

    Girard manufactures the most complete range of

    inflatable polyurethane spheres available today. Withup to 5 different sizes per nominal pipe diameter,inflation is not required for most applications. Simplyfill and run. This feature significantly increases the lifeand performance of Girard Spheres.

    Girard Spheres are manu-

    factured in three durometerranges for both pipeline andmeter proving applications.

    Sphere inflation pumps,filling tools and sizing ringsare available.

    Solid Spheres available for2 to 4. Inflatable Spheres

    available for 6 to 42.

    Girard Polyurethanecups and discs aredesigned for maximumabrasion resistance,elongation, shear

    strength and chemicalresistance. This assuresmaximum performanceunder the largestvariety of pipelineconditions.

    Girard replacement cupsrange in size from 2 to56. Both Scraper Cupsand Conical Cups areavailable in most ofthese sizes.

    Girard Guide Discs, SealingDiscs, Scraper Discs andMulti-Diameter Discs rangein size from 2 to 56. Mostdiscs are available in differentdurometers to meet specific

    application needs.

  • 8/13/2019 Girard Brochure


    Girard Industries, founded in 1968, began as a manufacturer of polyurethane foam

    pipeline cleaners now known as Polly-Pigs. The founder, Harry Girard, was instrumental in

    the development of the Polly-Pig and held many of the original patents that date back to the

    early 1950s. Since inception, Girard has focused on providing products and solutions to the

    pipeline cleaning industry. With this focus, Girard developed its product line to include the

    full range of Pipeline Pigs backed by unmatched customer service. Today, Girard is a leading

    manufacturer of Steel Mandrel, Solid Cast Polyurethane and Foam Pigs. While others

    supply pipe cleaning pigs, Girard is the only company that manufactures the complete

    product range.

    All the products depicted in this brochure are manufactured by Girard Industries.

    6531 North Eldridge Parkway Houston, Texas 77041-3507 713.466.3100

    800.231.2861 Fax: 713.466.8050 [email protected]

    Copyright 2008 by Girard Industries. All rights reserved.

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