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Heritage Trail Proposal

Heritage trail:We will separate the sec twos into 3 groups to complete the trail.They will go through 6 stationsHow to win:1. Get as much point as possible2. Fastest team will get additional 20 points3. Complete all the station

The winner of the trail will get a souvenir from the sec3s

Station one: Museum tourStation master: Hii Zhe XiiThe sec2s will be divided into 3 teams, they will stick to this team throughout the whole trailThis station is basically for them to have a tour in the museum and fill up the question they are assigned based on the worksheet There will be 3 worksheet: Life under British Life under Japanese General YamashitaThere will be 10 qn in each qn paper, they will get 20 points if they got everything correct, 2 marks each qn

Question on life under British1. Take a picture with Percival, show it to station master at the end of the tour2. What is Arthur Percival Rank?3. What is the day British surrendered called?4. Where did the British surrendered5. Who was staits settlement last governor?6. What was Singapore called during British era?7. When did ford factory open?8. What are the name of the ship Japanese sunk?9. Who founded Singapore?10. What time did Percival signed the surrender document in Tokyo time?Question on Life under Japanese1. Question1: How did the POWs obtain food during food shortage?2. Question 2: How did the people obtain enough nutrients during the building of Changi airfield?3. Question 3: The medicines are reserved for someone else first. Who are they?4. Question 4: How does the black market work?5. You sell something to others, then they can sell it to gain profit from it later after.6. Question 5: The term ________________________ came to mean worthless money7. Question 6: There is one cinema left after the air-raid, the name is _____________8. Question 7: The term Kempetai means ______________9. Question 8: Explain the term chutereito10. Question 9: A new lesson is started for the locals, name the name of the lessonQuestion on General Yamashita1. How did General Yamashita and his men managed to capture the British Army in the Fall of Singapore and in which year?Ans: He won by a bluff of having a stronger army in 19422.What was General Yamashita's nickname after his victory in the conquest of SingaporeAns: Tiger of Malaya3.For how long did he serve as a General in the Imperial Japanese Army?Ans; 40 years4.General Yamashita was not only a leader in the Imperial Japanese Army, What other events did he lead in?Ans: Sook Ching5.How many men were General Yamashita leading against the British Army in Malaya?Ans: 30,000

Station 2: Hide the stuffStation master: Desmond LimPlace: Behind the museum building

This station is basically for the sec 2s to find 10 hidden bottle cap, each cap worth 2 points, given the time limit of 5 minsLogistic needed: 15 bottle caps, stop watchStation 3: Mind your targetStation master: Joshua TangLocation: beside the enterance of the museum

This station is basically for the sec 2s two shoot a nerf gun onto the board given, there will be a board consisting of different parts for them to shoot, consisting different points. Maximum points is 100Logistics needed: 3 nerf gun, a board

Station 4: Teamwork gameStation master: Glendon simLogistic needed: raffia stringLocation:

The sec twos will be tied into each other leg and try to move from one point to another. If they finish it within 1 min they will get 20 points. 2 minutes 10 points. 3 mins 5 point

Station 5:Throw you shoesStation master: Si wei and ryaanLogistic needed: TagsLocation:

This game basically requires the sec twos to throw their shoes, and different stairs will have different point. Only 5 attempts per group. Maximum point here is 100

Station 6: Live shootingStation master: ArthurLogistic needed: Rubber band, small toysLocation: This game is basically shooting the small toys laid out on the chair using a rubber band. Maximum point is 20, there will be 10 toys to be shoot. They will be given 1 min to shoot as much as they can. 20 rubber band to be given.