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  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    Feng Shui plants, choosing plants for your home

    Feng Shui plants and planting rules really

    are quite simple. Each plant should be chosencarefully in regard to the specific feature we

    wish to introduce.

    We need to think of terms of the colour, size

    and form of each individual plant, and how

    they will look side by side.

    The planting should also blend in with thetopography of the surrounding area. We may slightly

    change this where we want to make a definitestatement to the contrary.

    You may live in an area that has identical buildingsand garden settings that have evolved into a

    particular style. You may feel happiest following thesame patterns. Or you may choose to follow

    changes featured in Taoism. Feng Shui's rootsrun deep.

    Individual expression is very important in gardendesign. From it, we ourselves develop.

    When planting, the needs of plants should be considered in terms of aspect, soil type,

    temperature and spacing.

    There is no point attempting to nurture a plant in clay soils when it requires a sandy soil,doing so will only develop disappointment in the garden.

    Feng Shui plants for visual impact

    Flowers- Camelia, Ginger, Magnolia, Orchid, Peony, Forsythia

    Fruits- Crab apple, Fig, Quince, Plum (stone fruits)

    Leaves- Weeping willow, Maple, Palm, Privet, Myrtle

    Seeds- Physalis, Everlasting pea, Eryngium,

    The Seasons and Feng Shui plants

    The garden should have an all year round influence and interesting features that arecreated from the plants themselves.

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    We should be able to view the season changes from inside the house and various vantagepoints in the garden.

    Within each season it is considered desirable that each stage of the plants development

    should be represented - flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and bark.

    Right: The Australian native Lemon Myrtle tree in

    seasonal flower

    The trees

    Trees are used to enhance a space, to obscure unwelcomefeatures, and balance other features in the garden. In

    ancient China, trees were regarded as having special powers. We are now more aware of

    their importance to our ecological systems. Trees are the lungs of the world. They stabilizesoils, and keep the water tables balanced.

    Trees need to be planted meticulously to reflect a number of philosophical principles as


    1. Trees should be allowed to grow to their natural shape, since this depicts their true


    2. A single tree can be admired for its bark, its seeds, its leaves and its blossoms.

    3. Groups of trees should be in odd numbers,e.g. 3s and 5s. Also, planting in odd shapes is

    better than straight lines.

    4. Trees with branches that grow horizontally, such as, Grevillea Robusta Folia, Cedar orSpruce should be planted alone.

    5. Upright trees, plants such as Bamboo or Cypress, should not be planted alongside treewith horizontal branches.

    6. Weeping and pendulous trees, like Willow or Birch, do not mix with those bearinghorizontal branches.

    7. Only trees such as Oak or Elm and certain rainforest species, are suitable for mass


    8. Trees with unique shapes, such as Yew and Plane, should be planted alone.

    9. To create natural ecosystems that attract wildlife, plant indigenous species from your

    local area.

    Feng Shui Garden Design

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    Feng Shui garden design offers us the opportunity to connect with the NaturalWorld. Through it, we can form a partnership with all living things, and live and work with

    and among them. In doing so, we come into balance and harmony and our own well beingis enhanced.

    One of the most famouse plants of Feng Shui plants is

    the Jade Plant

    The Jade Tree or Money Plant is regarded as an auspicious

    plant because its succulent dark green leaves resemble piecesof jade or coins, thereby representing, Earth or Metal energy,

    and these add nourishment and stability.

    The Earth Chi helps strenghten relationships. The Jade Plant

    also signifies Wood energy or growth.


    East for family health, harmony and initiation of projects, scholarly pursuits; Southeast forenhancing wealth.

    West for creativity or children luck.

    Northwest for the luck of teachers, mentors and finding creatively helpful people.

    Feng Shui garden design and principles

    Feng Shui garden designoffers us the opportunity to connect with the natural world and

    the Universe around us. Come into a partnership with all living things, live and work withthem and among, so Balance and harmony will follow.

    When we first buy or move into our new apartment, house, villa, unit or townhouse the

    principles are the same. We check for all our basic needs, how many bedrooms, kitchen sizeetc, but do we check out if it has a nice garden, or the design? Rarely.

    The world these days is full of so much Yang activity that we forget about our recreational

    times until our holidays arrive and try to unwind in a 1 week or two week holiday.

    These Yang activities take toll our physical and mental health. A fantastic way to unwind is

    to address the situation with a Yin activity and rebalance ourselves in our own Feng Shui

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    design garden, a safe quite haven.

    There has been a spiritual connection with nature among the indigenous for centuriesand many still hold onto its truths; unfortunately it isnt passed down as much now, from

    generation to generation the teaching are getting lost. So many of us seek ideas andteaching from afar, in books, yes the internet and where ever else we can find them.

    Feng Shui garden design of the ancient Chinese helps us relate to our own psyche and tap

    into the spirit of the place we live and our environment around us. By using local nativeplants and natural methods to grow we distance ourselves from the hustle and bustle of

    modern living and gain repose.

    ,Living in an apartment or a small flat we can still gain the benefits of our window

    gardens and garden courtyards, as it is the feeling that is createdthat brings us intobalance with nature and life energy.

    The following pages on this website will guide

    us through and reveal the ancient principles ofFeng Shui garden design, creating supportive and

    nurturing environments.

    We will walk through centuries old applied

    techniques and translate them into modern dayformulas.

    We will discover how Yin , Yang and the 5 elements

    can be interpreted outside.

    Feng Shui is the art of directing the energy of an

    environment to move in ways with which we feelcomfortable. The plants furnishing and objects we

    surround ourselves have an impact about how we

    feel about the garden and how we use it.

    The everlasting unseen energies of the Earth and

    Universe can be tapped into by us and used for our own advantages to propel a happyrelaxed lifestyle of abundance and happiness. One way we can start today is by planning

    and creating our Feng Shui garden design and really start living to the fullest.

    Garden Statue Placement And Design

    Your garden theme can focus on anything you desire: a fantasygarden, filled with fairies, pixies, goblins; a religious-theme garden, complete

    with cherubs and harp-playing seraphims and religious figures; or perhaps a

    nature-theme garden full of replicas of frogs, lizards and giant snails.

    Feng Shui Garden Design Ideas

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    1. Bring love and passion into the garden.

    2. Keep your landscape as natural as possible.

    3. Place stone and crystals around for visual effect and to reflect light.

    4. Study the placement of water and use it to bring good fortune to your home.

    5. Attract wildlife by introducing local species, and reduce the spraying of insecticides.

    6. Use natural insecticides such as Pyrethrum and White oil.

    7. Follow one theme in your landscape.

    8. Enjoy all your plants equally, and show them off to your friends!

    The Feng Shui Garden

    Plant a Beautiful Feng Shui Garden - Bring the Outdoors Inside to You

    Bring the outdoors into your home or workplace, wherever possible

    The view from every window and door affects your relationship with the outside


    Your view of the outside should soothe and uplift your spirit

    Invite Good Chi, the Life Force Energy onto your property

    Landscaping and outside color have an impact both inside and outside Chi Flow

    The Front Entrance invites Good Chi to come inside

    Sanctuary Gardens are powerful Chi attractors

    For Harmony and Balance, focus on beauty and comfort within your indoor

    environment and,

    Surround yourself with beauty and comfort from the outside in!

    Remember that the outside of your home or workplace forms the Vital First

    Impression that Chi and human visitors have of your inside environment

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    Plant a Feng Shui Garden on your property

    Plant Sanctuary Gardens that respect natural landscape & spirit of the environment

    Balancing Chi Flow, Yin & Yang, The Five Elements & Color is Key

    Use the Feng Shui Bagua Map as a placement tool to emphasize Wealth, Fame, Love

    & Marriage, Children & Creativity, Helpful People & Travel, Career, Self-Cultivation

    &Knowledge and Family & Health

    Outdoor Considerations

    Streets are the Waterways of Chi (slow lanes or raging highways): landscape your

    property to regulate Chi Flow

    Driveways bring Chi onto your property

    Pathways bring Chi to doorways

    Straight paths may encourage too fast Chi Flow

    Curved or meandering paths encourage Good Chi Flow

    Place Greeters at the driveway or front door as sentinels on each side to turn away

    negative energy. Example: two planters with beautiful flowers make excellent


    Clear all clutter on your property as it stagnates Good Chi Flow

    Balance Chi Flow, The Five Elements and Ying & Yang

    - Open and Closed, Dark and Light Spaces

    The Five Elements outdoor examples

    - Metal: Furniture, Rock & Stones

    - Wood: All Plants, Deck & Fencing

    - Fire: Lighting, Fireplaces & Barbeques

    - Earth: Brick, Tile & Adobe

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    - Water: Fountain, Pools and Ponds

    Ensure privacy and security with landscaping

    Plant seasonal and year-round plants, trees and shrubs

    Round leaves represent money (Wealth)

    Bamboo means harmony and a strong future

    Thorny or scratchy plants deter guests and Good Chi Flow

    Beautiful, colorful flowers and plants make auspicious spaces

    Remove all drab and dying vegetation from your Feng Shui


    Add any items that represent fire, such as stoves, fireplaces, ovens, lamps, lighting,

    and candles

    Include paintings, photos or posters of anything fiery, including dominant red colors

    Install statues and images of people and animals or anything that is very active

    Include items in red and hot pink colors

    Add items that are pyramid, angular, pointed or triangular in shape

    Introduce water features: Ponds, Pools, Fountains & Bird Baths

    Feng Shui Colors in Your Garden Green represents Hope, Growth and Tranquility

    Red is Auspicious and represents Strength & Warmth

    Purple is Auspicious and Inspires Respect

    Yellow or Gold stands for Power

    Blue represents Hope, New Growth (can be too cold)

    Blue-Green or Mint is aligned with Nature & Spring

    Black represents Depth (good) or Lack of Hope depression)

    Gray can be associated with Hopelessness or Balance

    Brown gives a Heavy Feeling or Stability (Depth)

    Orange: Happiness and Power

    Pink: Love, Joy, Happiness and Romance

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    Peach: Good Luck for Singles, Infidelity for Couples

    For more on Feng Shui Garden Design and The Five Elements, visit.......

    Feng Shui Garden Design with Danna Cain

    Bring The Water Element into your Garden.......

    We found this delightful Flowering Fountain in the garden ofThe Arlington Hotel in HotSprings, Arkansas. The Water, Wood and Earth Elements are all represented in this

    clever use of a bird bath planted with a beautiful flowing green vine.

    Bamboo Inspiration

    Bamboo Inspiration is a web site that promotes the versatility of bamboo and its usesaround the world as an increasingly popular environmentally friendly renewable resource.

    Healthy Bamboo Plants for your Indoor Gardens

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    The "good fortune" bamboo plant is ideal to place in the entrance of your house

    Feng Shui Garden Design

    We're pleased to present some of Danna Cain's Feng Shui Garden Design tips for you here.

    You might consider her suggestions when planning your own Feng Shui Garden.

    Danna Cain, ASLA and Garden Design Expert, is co-owner of Home & Garden Design,

    Atlanta, Georgia. I've had the privilege of assisting Danna in a presentation on, Feng Shuiin the Garden The link to Home & Garden Design's website is located on our Valuable Links


    Set of 3 Celestial Turtles

    Display a turtle on the back side of your house or apartment tosymbolize support for your home & family.

    Available at Unique Feng Shui ShopGreat customer service and fixed shipping rates!

    How to Make a Beautiful Feng Shui Garden Design

    Color, Texture and Shape are the most powerful visual images in

    your Feng Shui Garden landscape

    Individually, each evokes a feeling .......

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    A favorite color will make you feel happy, welcome and comfortable

    A certain texture - such as a prickly Holly - might cause you pain

    Restful Shapes are usually mounding or draping - as with the Weeping Willow

    Erect, spiky Shapes can be energetic - The Foxglove - or disturbing - The Yucca

    Collectively, they make a statement:

    A garden of all ONE color of flowers can be very dramatic - for example, an all White


    A landscape of contrasting Shapes and Textures is the most interesting combination

    The plant arrangement makes the difference between a formal, semiformal or

    natural Garden

    Harmonizing and Balancing Shapes, Textures and Colors is Key to good Feng ShuiGarden Design

    Consider using some of the same colors in your Feng Shui Garden Design, both

    outdoors and inside of your home or office

    For example, use yellow Pansies at the front door and a pot of yellow Daffodils inside

    the foyer

    You might match your annual flower color to your wall colors

    Just remember that too much of a good thing looses it's effect, for example, use a

    slate (not brick) walkway to a brick house

    For Balance, include a little of all The 5 Elements - Metal, Water, Fire, Wood and Fire


    "Earth laughs in flowers" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Feng Shui Garden Design usingThe Feng Shui Five Elements

    The Fire Element

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    Plant and Leaf Shapes: Triangular or Conical

    Color: Red

    Red Cutleaf Maple (Acer palmatum "atropurpureum"), Small tree, with a soft

    conical shape to 18 ft, red-purplish foliage, brilliant in Fall, part Sun to part Shade

    Crytomeria "Yoshino", a tall, green conifer to 40 ft., Coppery foliage in Winter.Great for creating privacy or screening a bad view. Full Sun

    Other plants with Triangular or Conical Shapes: Any topiary in this shape such as

    Boxwood, Hollies and Rosemary are ideal

    Other plants with Red Color: Coral Bark Maple (Sango-kaku) - Small tree with

    brilliant Coral bark on young branches

    More Red Colors: Nandinas - Small scrubs with red, orange or scarlet foliage in

    Winter. Sun or Shade

    Another Red Color: Camellia Sasanqua "Yuletide" - Shrub with fire-engine Red

    flowers in late fall. Part Sun to Shade

    Other ways to introduce The Fire Element into your outdoor setting: Outdoor grill,

    fireplace, firepit or chimenaea, votive candles along pathway, pets and wildlife

    More on The Feng Shui Fire Element .......

    The Water Element

    Plant and Leaf Shapes: Asymmetrical, free form

    Color: Black and dark tones

    Black Elephant Ear (Colocasia "Jet Black Wonder" -


    Blackie Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea batatas "Blackie") -

    Fast growing, rambling vine with deep purple foliage and pink

    flowers. Plant in Spring. This plant is especially wonderfultrailing from a large pot

    Other plants with Asymmetrical, free form: Contorted Filbert

    Other plants with Black or dark tones: Butterfly Bush

    (Buddleia davidii "Purple Knight") - Large shrub with deeppurple flowers. Sun

    Black mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens

    "Ebony Knight") - Ground cover, part Sun-Shade

    Purple Palace (Heuchera micrantha "Purple Palace") -

    Perennial, part to full Shade

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    Other ways to introduce The Water Element into your outdoor setting: Include a

    pond, bird bath, decorative water sprinkler, swimming pool, mirror and crystals

    See The Water Element for more information .......

    The Wood Element

    Plant and Leaf Shapes: Columnar, Long Thin Shapes

    Colors: Blues and Greens

    Arrow Bamboo (Pseudosasa Japonica) - Green to 18 ft. tall for part Sun to part

    Shade. Does great in a tub or pot! In the ground, it's not as invasive as others

    Iris - Louisianna & Siberian hybrids have long, thin leaves and blue-lavender

    flowers. Full Sun.

    Rosemary - Clipped into a columner shape. Silvery blue/green with blue flowers.

    Full Sun.

    Lungwort (Pulmonaria "Roy Davidson") - Ground cover with pretty blue flowers.


    Other ways to include The Wood Element in your outdoor landspacing - Wood decks

    and benches, trellis or planter box, mulched pathways. Wood carvings. Rattan


    For more information on The Wood Element.......

    The Metal Element

    Plant and Leaf Shapes: Circular, Oval

    and Arched

    Colors: White and Pastels

    Hydrangea "Annabelle" - Medium

    shrub for Part Sun. Huge pure whiteflowers in ball shape

    Spirea Vanhouttei - Medium shrub forPart Sun. Small white flowers on arching

    shaped shrub

    Hosta "Patriot" or "White

    Christmas" - White and green ovalfoliage for the Shade

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    White Gumpo Azaleas - Circular white flowers on low, oval shaped shrub. Part


    Gardenia "August Beauty" - Oval shrub with circular white fragrant flowers. Sun

    Another plant with Circular, Oval and Arched shapes: - Eleagneus - Large shrub

    with silver arching limbs

    Other plants with white and pastel flowers:

    - Camellia Sasanqua "White doves" - Medium shrub for part Shade. White

    flowers in fall, Part Shade

    - Dogwood - Small tree with white flowers in Spring. Part Shade

    Other ways to include The Metal Element in your outdoor landspacing - Iron arbor,

    gate or bench. Copper birdbath, rusty iron birdhouse, bells, chimes and gongs. Ametal sculpture, stone patio or boulders set in the landscape.

    For more on The Metal Element.......

    The Earth Element

    Plant and Leaf Shapes: Square and


    Colors: Yellows and Earthtones

    Plants with square and rectangular Shapes:

    Clipped Boxwood or Hollies

    Plants with Yellow or Earthtone Colors:

    - Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia

    Goldstrum) Perennial. Gold daisy-like

    flowers in late Summer

    - Aucuba Japonica - Medium size shrub for

    the Shade. Bold yellow and green foliage

    - Admiral Semmes Azalea - Lovely yellow decidious Azalea. Part Shade

    Coreopsis - Daisy-like perennials with yellow to gold flowers depending upon

    variety. Sun

    Ginkgo - Lovely tree with striking, brilliant yellow foliage in Fall

    Stella d'oro Daylilies - Repeat blooming Daylily. Flowers are golden yellow. Sun

    River Birch - Tree with Buff-colored peeling bark with yellow Fall foliage

    Miscanthus - Ornamental grasses that turn Beige in the Winter. Full Sun only

  • 7/30/2019 Feng Shui Plants


    Other ways to include The Earth Element in your outdoor landspacing -

    Pots/containers of terra cotta. Brick or tile paving

    Thank you, Danna, for sharing your guidance on Feng Shui Garden Design with us. Moreabout The Earth Element.......