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Carrefour Gourmet


Carrefour Gourmet was created from the desire to offer:

Premium quality products & with a vast range of choicesExcellent & Unique customer experienceInteractive communication about our products

Much More than a super market, we create an authentic culinary experience

Carrefour Gourmet will surprise you with the authenticity, deliciousness and healthiness of its products, backed by an incredible variety. 1) Quality is PricelessThis great offer comes from extensive research, which allowed us to find the best artisans and experts of their sectors, to provide the needs for people who say Good Is Not Enough


Carrefour Gourmet was designed to satisfy the needs of people who simply LOVE food and truly care to spend their money in the right place. Our stores are designed to perfect even the tiniest detail: With extreme carefulness in the choice of decorations, lighting and disposition of the products; in order to give customers a feeling of relaxation, elegance, care and nurture

For people who want to eat only the best, whom desire to give life a gratifying new taste: The Life Lovers 2) Much more than food, we offer Works of Art

Life lovers:Pleasure, values and personal gratificationshaping the pursuit of happiness through authenticity of our goods and the excellence of our service

The difference stands on the image and awareness that our Ambassadors will provide:

These people are entrepreneurs who wanted to let the world know We make our products through a new perspective.They want to share the stories and knowledge of their creations with you, to show how wonderful and extraordinary following your passion can be.

Made by Experts, for Experts

I Live to Discover: Pietro Leemann is a vegetarian chef of the Joia Restaurant, which is the first vegetarian restaurant winning a Michelin Star.

Living from the start: Elisa Tealdi runs a handcraft brewery made up of only female workforce, intended to promote the hand-made products from the city of Lucca

Colorful Life: Peter Hess is a floral designer, however utilizes vegetables in order to create his decorations and innovative compositions. He is one of the best designers coming from the International School of Vegetal Design in Basle, Switzerland

Green Life: Kevin Frediani is a Vertical Cultivator whom has demonstrated that growing crops with this alternative method has indeed increased the overall plant yield

From start to finish the transformation of simple raw materials, which one day will be the food that will improve your daily lifeWe want to prove our expertise and show you the incredible journey of our products: Where they came from and the various steps needed to reach the final outcome

Food Genesis

Through different videos representing our ambassadors, they will teach the customer various tips on how to improve their cooking, decorative, brewing and many more skills

Rich taste, well balanced and persistent. Im not talking about wine, but describing the delicious Williams pears. #TastefulLife #FruitSommelier