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Magazine Design - Kieran Ansong


Shutdown is a Hip hop magazine that is aimed at males aged 16-35. The readers of this magazine will be predominantly black males.This magazine will cover many topics and give the latest news on Hip Hop artists. It will contain interviews, reviews, current news related to the Artist being featured in the magazine and information on hip hop events.The magazine will have a simple design with a variety of images of hip hop artists. The magazine will also use bold colours such as red, yellow, black and white to help certain items stand out.Pitch

Potential Cover linesExclusive interview with Kanye West about his new album - The College Dropout!!!Krept and Konan talk MOBO awards.Bobby Shmurda and his famous Smoney dance!The battle between 50 Cents SYNC headphones & Beats by Dr.Dre.Have you got what it takes to be a famous rapper? 10 things you dont know about Chris Brown!Ace Hood & his fake Rolex falls apart at BET AWARDS!!!Meek Mill Shares 5 Teasers From Upcoming Album 'Dreams Worth More Than Money' Gucci Manes upcoming Birthday; What is he planning???

Mood board

Style Sheet

TitleTitleTitleTitleMain textMain textMain textMain text

Flat Plan

MastheadDate - ##/##/####Main imageText on artist in main image.Magazine NumberPrice - - BarcodeQR Code Link to websitePage #Text on artist in main image.

Example Layout

MastheadDate - ##/##/####TextTextTextPage #Text

Black & white make central image stand outThe mastheads of hip-hop magazines are usually covered by the large central images on the front page. The colour scheme will relate to the other colours seen on the front page, this helps every element on the front page to blend in.

Masthead Analysis

Blue masthead, matches the colour of clothing

Contents page Analysis

This contents page has one main image of a famous musician. The colour scheme is very simple, there are only three main colours which are black white and different shades of grey. The artist that is on the contents page has an emotionless face and is giving a direct gaze at the camera, this shows that he is very confident and wants your attention. You can see a female arm which goes over his shoulder to touch him, the woman's hand is touching a red flower, the colour red is very sexual, the amount of red is small but is effective and it clearly stands out of the rest of the image. The text on the contents page is small and there is not allot of it, the creators of this contents page want you to focus on the artist rather than the text.

Contents page AnalysisThis contents page has simple dark colours. The artist on the contents page has an emotionless face and is wearing glasses, he is also standing up strait and facing the camera, this help to show his confidence and shows that he is not afraid. This helps invite the reader into the magazine. The text is very small compared to the main image, this is so you concentrate on the artist rather than the text.

Front cover Analysis

This magazine cover has a famous rapper on the cover. This will appeal to people who enjoy rap and hip hop music. The image also takes up a majority of the space on the cover. This is so you will immediately notice him. The magazine also has some text on the right and left side this will also let people know what else the magazine includes. The logo of the magazine is also covered this is because the magazine wants you to be interested in the news and not the brand.

Front Cover Analysis

This magazine has a rhetorical question in big bold writing on the cover, this make the reader more interested as they will want to find out more about the subject. This magazine also has many images on the cover; this gives the readers a sneak peak of what is included in the magazine.