Le Secteur Aeronautique Aux Etats-Unis: questions juridiques

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Aerospace Legal Questions U.S. Market

Transcript of Le Secteur Aeronautique Aux Etats-Unis: questions juridiques

  • 1. 1Aider les entreprises du secteurarospatial a grer leurs questionsjuridiquesWilliams Mullen1666 K St. N.W. Suite 1200Washington, D.C. 20006En appel direct : 001.804.420.6482Eliot Norman enorman@williamsmullen.com9http://www.linkedin.com/in/businessimmigrationlawyer

2. Cas Pratique # 1Pierre de Toulouse Composites SASrpond a un appel doffre pourla fabrication des trappes :Des negociations trs informels:2 pages qui faisaientrfrence a un autreDocument le GTC .Ngociationsassez simples. Du Succs!!Attention: OEM specifies that thecomposites will involve newtechnologies reducing airresistance and weight, never beforeused in a commercial jet. 3. Pierre revient a sa maisonaprs son voyage a SouthCarolina3 4. Des Questions?4 5. Bob, CAN YOU ANSWER? La loi de S.C.? Tribunal aCharleston? Et le GTC? Cestquoi ca ?8 6. 6 7. The New Southeast U.S. Aerospace ClusterEliot Normanenorman@williamsmullen.comBill Benosbbenos@williamsmullen.com Mobile, AL (Airbus) Savannah, GA (Gulfstream-General Dynamics) Charleston, SC (Boeing) Greensboro, NC (Hondajet) Durham, NC (GE Aviation) Richmond/Petersburg, VA (Rolls-Royce) Melbourne, Fla (Embraer 7 8. Attention! Pour russir il faut maitriser ces contrats. Il faut limiter le Rgime de Responsabilit dansune faon qui est consistente avec vos risques: Eviter les piges: miscellaneous cumulative remedies incorporation by reference RTBC! RTBC!8 9. Make a Table of Contents. Make a List ofthe DeadlinesI Liquidated Damages: p. 17II Consequential Damages p. 32III Maximum Cap on Damages p. 40IV Assumption of the Risk p. 44V Express Warranties Only p. 45VI Force Majeure p. 51VII Termination for Convenience p. 55VIII Indemnification p. 62IX Cumulative Remedies p. 72X Dispute Resolution p. 73XI Miscellaneous p. 74 (time is of theessence) 9 10. Consequentials Damages =Modern Pandoras Box33 11. So we are done? 12. entre le marteau et l'enclumeThe Flow-Down Problem12 13. Votre police dassurance? 14. Cas Pratique # 2 nous sommes un an plus tard , juin2015:14 15. CAS PRATIQUE # 2 The Telephone CallTout procde bien.Pierre a signe le contrat (termes plusou moins raisonnables) et Il livrea temps les premires trappes pour leprototype de ce nouvel avion.Il faut se souvenir: Manufacturerspecifies the type of composites tobe used for the doors and whichwill involve new technologiesreducing air resistance and weight,never before used in a commercialjet.The telephone call: 16. 16Visas: Practical Solutions for Visitors Reforms in use of Shengen type visas Visa Waivers (ESTA); Can work under B-1 in support of internationalsupply agreement B-1 in lieu of H-1B (design engineers) This is important to help you get started. If you can show your U.S. buyer you can sendthe key technical staff, you can win the work andthe contracts to support your first office Nouveau Problme: Prsence physique fiscale Vous perdez dautres opportunitsfinancement prive ou publicincitations fiscales 17. Cas Pratique # 3Quelle structurepour quel projet?Formation deLEntreprise AmericaineCCoonnsseeiill:: CChhooiissiirr aavveecc ssooiinnllaa ssttrruuccttuurree jjuurriiddiiqquuee::ddeess iimmpplliiccaattiioonnss ffiissccaalleess,,ccoonnttrraaccttuueelllleess,, eett ppoouurr lleessvviissaass 17 18. Super Composites USA: LLC ou CCorporation ?C CorporationLimitedLiabilityCompany+ dividends to shareholders 19. Derniere Question?Incorporer a Delaware? Delaware or other states Qualifying to do business in other states Veuillez voir Handbook FAQ # 3 Other Tax Considerations among States? See FAQ Handbook # 411/01/14 19 20. Case Illustration: L-1 ou E-2 Intra-Company New Office TransfersToulouse Composites SASManagers, ExecutivesEngineersTechnicians100%Super Composites USA,Inc.Mobile, Alabama USAProject ManagersandSpecialistsCompositesEngineers100%Composites GmbH.Munich, Germany11/01/14 20 21. Le Holding ?? Cas pratique #4USA Holding Co.US Factory US R&D StartupBusiness Cest vraiment pour plus tard dans le dveloppementde lentreprise 22. Next Step: #5 Joint Venture??22 23. Next Step: Cas Pratique # 5: le JointVentureU.S. Joint VentureSUV New Technologies,LLCU.S. AutomobileTechnologies,Inc.French: SuperCompositesUSA , Inc.50% 50% 24. Final Thoughts: Joint Venture Define well the scope of the joint ventureagreement and use an American contract Des Avantages: Notre exemple du JVCanadien-Franais exemple Know how to end it before you sign it ****Plan for the divorce before you getmarried****24 25. Alternative#1: teamingagreement25 26. Alternative to JV #1 : TeamingAgreements Teaming Agreement: Defined Major Elements and Protectionsfor French Company as Teaming Partner &subcontractor: exclusivity, scope of work, dataexchange subject to NDA, pricing within primecontractors target ranges, easy termination. Sample Teaming Agreement Checklist: PDF fromenorman@williamsmullen.com Substantial advantages over typical prime-subrelationships and Joint Ventures: Tres a la mode dans le domaine des contratsgouvernmentaux : vous donnera aussi la souplesse avec lesgrands Tier 1. pour les contrats commerciaux11/01/14 26 27. Alternative to JV #2 = M&A Benefits of M&A localize and americanize your Frenchbusiness add to your competitivity: create a level playing field with your americancompetitiors Less complex, ultimately more profitable than aJV Gives your company the ability to raisecapital from private equity and commercialbanks in the USA Absolute control27 28. Toulouse Composites, SAS etSuper Composites USA, Inc. on commence avec des exportations de France et un bonrespect pour les American Master Supply Agreements(MSA) et leurs General Terms and Conditions (GTC) On tablie un bureau detudes, de service technique et devente Puis on passe a la fabrication et lassemblage JV pour entrer dans les nouveaux secteurs(automobile de luxe)? OU plutt ou plus tard une acquisition Un teaming agreement avec un fabricant de trainsdatterissage ? On peut mme finir avec Super Composites dans le roledun centre mondial dexportation, vu les avantages dunebase amricaine et les subventions fiscales, pour exportervers LEurope, le Canada et le Bresil.28BILAN FINAL: 29. La competitivit Pour rester comptitives, les socits franaisesdevraient: assembler ou fabriquer ou fournir des services dans la zone dollar , respecter la rglementation du gouvernement amricain amricaniser (localiser) leur entreprises et leurs contrats Comprendre les Rgimes de Responsabilit sous les contratsapprovisionnement Connaitre les moyens pour se qualifier pour le financement(public et prive) Tirer parti/profiter des subventions comme les IC DISCS les SBA Export Loans , si elles veulent exporter depuis des Etats-Unis (en effet, crer un nouveau centre mondial dexportation) Tirer parti des traits internationaux commerciaux (TradeAgreements Acts, NAFTA, E-2 Visa and Tax Protocols) reconnaitre limportance du bon choix de visas pour les transfertsdu personnel comprendre le systme juridique amricain et travailler avec unavocat qui peut tablir un level playing field pour son client29 30. 30Les rsultats dsirs 31. How to Deal withU.S. Lawyers:Impor tance of:Star t-up LegalServices for thefirst 6 Months ofU.S. Operations31 32. SI nous tions des avocats, nous pourrions facturer noshonoraires a lheureIF WE WERE LAWYERS, THIS WOULD BE BILLABLE TIME32 33. What You Want: RESULTSA realistic legal budgetSolution: Fixed Fee or CAP on hourly fees forFirst 6 Months for Start-up Legal ServicesWhat do you need?33 34. The First Six Months: Start-up LegalServices For Your U.S. Company1. Form U.S. company: corporation or limited liability company; set up of holdingcompany? Incorporate in Delaware or another state? Review tax consequencesin setting up the right corporate structure for your business.2. Qualify your company to do business in multiple states.3. File for New Office L-1 Visa for your managers or technical personnel; oruseE-2 Visa for company making substantial investment;4. Advise on using B-1 Visas for short-term transfers to support contracts orspecific projects;5. Advise on application of local/state taxes6. Conduct trademark search and file trademark application; advise on patentissues or ownership of intellectual property.7. Obtain Internal Revenue Service Employer Identification Number (EIN); SocialSecurity Numbers, business licenses, any other state and local registrations8. Review of office or warehouse lease.9. Draft Employee Handbook, provide briefing/training for managers andexpatriates on federal and state employment laws. 35. Start-up Legal Services10. Review commercial contracts, master supply agreements, advice onlimiting liability for indemnification, consequential damages, warrantyclaims, etc.11. Review applicability of Export Controls regulations, advice on how toset up a Compliance Program12. Advice on structuring Teaming and Joint Venture Agreements underU.S. contract laws13. Advice on U.S. customs regulations, valuations and classification ofproducts exported to the USA14. Review distribution/agency/licensing agreements for selling productsin U.S.15. Economic Incentives: review of Performance Agreements andincentive packages offered by competing State or Regional EconomicDevelopment Agencies; advise and assist with economic developmentlocation issues and decisions.16.Provide initial briefing on obtaining government grants, contracts andsubcontracts;17. Other general business legal advice35 36. 36Thank YouEliot Norman, Esq.enorman@williamsmullen.comwww.williamsmullen.com001/804.420.6000Washington, DC USA 37. 37QUESTIONS ?Eliot NormanWilliams MullenWashington, D.C.VirginiaNorth CarolinaDirect Line: +1.804.420.6482enorman@williamsmullen.comhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/businessimmigrationlawyer 38. Donc, ayez confiance: Voici lepetit djeuner de vos avocatsamricains11/01/14 38