#hackmtl : Javascript / Chrome Hackathon - in partnership with PasswordBox

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dimanche 18 août 13
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Javascript fans, rejoice! Come Aug 17th to a full day hackathon where you will get to build a javascript web app, or google chrome web extensions . In partnership with PasswordBox, we are planning to gather between 100 developers, plus also additional designers, mobile developers and back-end developers, a total of 125 to 150 people for the hackathon. Thanks to PasswordBox - main partner of the event. Finally, you can get passwords off your mind. Check it at http://passwordbox.com We also wish to thank Telus, iWeb, Cakemail and Google for sponsoring #hackmtl.

Transcript of #hackmtl : Javascript / Chrome Hackathon - in partnership with PasswordBox

dimanche 18 aot 13

Finally, you can get passwords off your mindwww.passwordbox.comtwitter: @passwordbox

Hook up with @MaeghanSmulders or @MarcAntoineRoss

dimanche 18 aot 13

TELUS fire partenaire de lvnement

dimanche 18 aot 13


iweb.com mtlstartuptalent.com iweb.com

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It Rocks! 140 Developers - largest hackathon in Canada Javascript front-end and back-end / Google Chrome First startup event at Tower of Olympic Stadium

and we have Internet! Less than 3 weeks preparation Organized by an all-stars team : Heri Rakotomalala,

Meaghan Smulders, Derek Jen, Marc-Antoine Ross, Greg Whiteside with Komary Ly, Tema, Melody Wiking

Looking for the best developers in Montreal!

dimanche 18 aot 13

URL : hackmtl.eventbrite.com URL : mtlstartuptalent.com Twitter: @mtltalent @passwordbox hashtag #hackmtl

More : facebook.com/groups/hackmtl/

dimanche 18 aot 13

Marc-Antoine RossCTO PasswordBox

Cdric DugasJS-Montreal

Lauren McLeodCofounder, FlightFox


dimanche 18 aot 13

hard work + fun!

dimanche 18 aot 13

Best Developer Team

Jean-Philippe Caissy, Alexandre Rimthong & Louis-Bertrand Varin

Crypto-Chrome, Chrome extension that enables client-side OpenPGP in the browser (webmail, Facebook, Google hangout, etc).

dimanche 18 aot 13

Best Solo Developer

Marek Zauski Barcoder, Read and write barcodes, Chrome


dimanche 18 aot 13

Best Security App

Mohit Shah, Shabbir Hussain, Sujay Kathrotia

EasySec, Google Security Suite

dimanche 18 aot 13

Best Google Chrome Web Extension

Michael Lakhia

mapify.io : The easiest way to locate location data and phone numbers and turn it into coordinate data. Will be used to view a map of kijiji listings on a listing page in a google maps overlay using gmaps.js

dimanche 18 aot 13

Thanks PasswordBox - main partner of the

event for the co-organization, the space, food, drinks, prizes, http://passwordbox.com

Telus - fire partenaire de lvnement http://telus.com

iWeb for food + hosting + prizes http://iweb.com

Cakemail for food http://cakemail.com Google for prizes http://google.com

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...and you!

dimanche 18 aot 13