CERN Legal framework Cadre juridique du CERN June 2010Induction1.

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Transcript of CERN Legal framework Cadre juridique du CERN June 2010Induction1.

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CERN Legal framework Cadre juridique du CERN June 2010Induction1 Slide 2 2 International Organization Organisation internationale Treaty / Trait Constitution Association of States Association dEtats Bodies / Organes Legal personality / Personnalit juridique June 2010 Slide 3 Induction3 Hierarchy of norms Hirarchie des normes Constitution Rules Statut Regulations Rglement Administrative Circulars Circulaires administratives Operational Circulars Circulaires oprationnelles Slide 4 Staff Rules Statut du Personnel June 2010Induction4 Slide 5 Staff Regulations Rglement du Personnel June 2010Induction5 Slide 6 Administrative Circular Circulaire administrative June 2010Induction6 Slide 7 Operational Circular Circulaire oprationnelle June 2010Induction7 Slide 8 June 2010 Induction8 International Organization Organisation internationale International Civil Servant Fonctionnaire international Privileges and Immunities Privilges et immunits Slide 9 June 2010Induction9 Rights & Obligations Droits & Obligations Rights / Droits Remuneration/Leave Rmunration / Congs Tasks/Capacities Tches / Fonctions Social Protection Protection sociale Civil liberties Liberts civiles Performance task Peformance fonctions Pay contributions Payer contributions Tact, reserve, discretion Tact, rserve, discrtion Independence/Loyalty Indpendance / loyaut Obligations Slide 10 June 2010Induction10 International Civil Service Law Droit de la Fonction Publique internationale Staff Rules and Regulations / Statut & Rglement du Personnel Employment Contract / Contrat demploi Practice / Pratique Case Law & General principles of law / Jurisprudence & Principes gnraux du droit Interpretation & control : ILOAT Interprtation & contrle : TAOIT Slide 11 June 2010Induction11 Consequences Consquences Non respect of Non respect des Obligations Disciplinary action Sanction disciplinaire Rights / Droits Appeal internal or to ILOAT Recours interne ou au TAOIT Slide 12 June 2010 Induction 12 Conclusion CERN Specific Legal Framework Cadre juridique Obligations Rights/Droits Working Conditions Conditions de travail