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about me

“I am an artist, and the world is my canvas.”

Contact Me:+(65) 91158312Email: [email protected]:

Being exposed to the arts since young, I have taken an interest on it, no matter whether it’s painting, drawing, photography or even, architecture. Growing up, I’ve always pondered upon how structures are erected and how they were designed. And now I’ve ended up being in an Architectural course. Having a thirst for knowledge, I am always venturing out and exposing myself to many things, no matter the subject.

Other than my academic side of life, I have been constantly changing and being groomed to be a better person. Growing up as a secondary school student, I have taken up a few different leadership roles, each teaching me different skill sets. Discipline from being in NPCC, how I present myself from being in Student Councillor, be the behind the scenes worker from being in Redshirt student leader. Through all this experience too I have developed a good public speaking skill which is vital being in Design.

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curriculum vitaeAchievements

work experience

Education2004-2009: Elias Park Primary School2010-2013: Coral Secondary School2014-2017: Temasek Polytechnic

1st Place Environmental Fashion Show Competition 2012Edusave Awards for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES)Best Unit Cadet (NPCC)Community Involvement Programme (CIP) Platinum AwardCo-Curricular Activity (CCA) Gold AwardAssistant Chairman National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)Student CouncillorRedshirt Student LeaderHouse Captain

2013-2014: Gain City Cashier2014-2014: Crocs Salesman

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Content page

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jumpalineTaking trampoline jumping to a whole new level

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project 1

problem Current condition

Play + Ground:We were tasked to redesign Youth Park, an area located beside *SCAPE. We were supposed to give the area life, adding a play element to it so it would attract more youths to the site

The site is located beside Somerset MRT Station, in between a couple of shopping centres such as *SCAPE, 313 Somerset, Ngee Ann City & etc

NOT ATTRACTIVE:The Youth Park is supposed to be designed for youths, but no youths are seen at the park. This may be because of the lack of facilities.

NO SHADE:The Youth Park is under very minimal shading. The only sheltered areas are the small F&B outlet and the stage. The only natural shelter is the trees that cover one small row of seats.

NO FUN:The park, for youths, should be a fun place, but in it’s current state, there isn’t a fun factor available. Some-thing should be built there to make the place more lively.

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site analysis


LAND USE:There is little to nothing to do in the Youth Park, only an F&B outlet, a stage that is only activated when a performance is going on and a grass area. The youth park is surrounded by shopping centres like *Scape or the Triple One Somerset. This makes youths not spend their time at the park.

CIRCULATION:Youth Park is very much accessible to by vehicles. However, there is absolutely minimal human circu-lation happening in the site itself. Users usually walk along the pavement to reach the bus stop, or cut through the site to go to the bus stop.

HOTSPOTS:Since Youth Park is surrounded by shopping malls, the place is not swamped with people. People do however go there if events are held. Unless something new is introduced in the site, it would still be cast in the shadow.

I was inspired by the negative spac-es of a net and i simplified it into a compund of hexagons which looked like honeycombs.

Made the lines more organic and into a direction. The major paths are the wider paths while the minor paths are the thinner paths,

I reduced the number of hexagons and gave it a linear focal point, to show direction. Took one hexagon and made it

more complex by adding “paths” spreading outwards.

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rendered plan


MAIN ENTRANCE:The users will be greeted with the main attraction of the site itself, so that the people would be attracted to the site.

GENERAL OVERVIEW:This render shows the site overview showing the in-tegration of the grass and the trampoline by the way its shaped.

FREE NET:This is a two-leveled trampoline, one on the ground, and one on an elevated plane so that the users can experience and views while jumping.

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part design

MAZE NET:The maze net is one of the main at-traction of the site. It is a 3 storey, net structure with a “spider net” in the centre acting as the starting point of the maze.

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main perspective

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project 2


Escape from Reality:We were tasked to design an area in ubin as a space where users can escape from the buzzing urban life in the city and enjoy the peaceful landscape of Ubin.

The site is located at Jelutong Campsite, a 500m walk from the Jetty, an area where people can come and camp

MONOFUNCTIONAL:The Jelutong Campsite has only one function, to camp. In addition, there isn’t many people camping at the site itself; only during the weekends. or holidays.

NOT ATTRACTIVE:The Jelutong Campsite doesn’t have a wow factor that would attract more people to actually stay in the campsite.

EMPTY:The Jelutong Campsite does not have any facilities; only a hut. The campsite also isn’t sheltered with trees but is just an empty land.

Current condition

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site analysis


LAND USE:Since it is Pulau Ubin, it is rather untouched by many man-made structures. Most of the structures there are the traditional malay house architecural style and are used basically for the locals to earn money from visitors.

CIRCULATION:There are only major roads in Ubin, and the main mode of transportation is walking/cycling. Vehicu-lar circulation is minute because there are not many vehicles and it is only used for transporting supplies or taxis.

HOTSPOTS:The hotspots around the campsite are the village area, where they sell food, drinks, and souvenirs from ubin, Butterfly Hill, where you have an overview of Ubin & Ketam Quarry.

I was inspired by mazes and how it has many different paths. It in-tegrates with the forest and how it has different walkways to different areas by walking from different routes

I decided to add more ‘mazes’ to add more dimensions to the maze, having a sort of 3d maze, having the sky, land, and sea. Although they have different paths, they have very similar design language.

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rendered plan


MAIN ENTRANCE:There will be two main entrances for the users to stay in

1ST FLOOR:This is the first floor for the users to use to play the game.

BASEMENT:The Basement is the area where the users sleep, train and get their weapon.

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part design

THE BUNKER:The bunker is a multi-functional structure that is 3 leveled, using the 1st floor and the roof as part of the playing area and the basement as a headquarter and a living space for the users.

This allows the users to have dif-ferent types of game mode such as “capture the flag” by using the bun-ker as a base for each team.

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Dïtonode of athletes

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project 3


Live. Work. Play.:We were tasked to design an area in Kallang that would be benefi-cial and be a support to the National Stadium in regards to the theme stated above.

The site is located at Stadium Road beside the National Stadium, where the current Dragon Boat Association is.

MONOFUNCTIONAL:The site is currently where the Dragon Boat Associa-tion (DBA) & Police Coast Guards (PCG) resides in. While the DBA is being used by dragonboaters train-ing, The PCG is actually abandoned and locked up.

POTENTIAL NOT BEING USED:Being located just beside the National Stadium, a node for sports in Singapore, the site actually has a huge potential of becoming something beneficial if designed right.

ABANDONED:Like stated before, the area doesn’t really have people coming in, and the fact that it is located beside a taxi drop off point doesn’t help if one side is a decorated area but opposite is an abandoned area.

Current condition

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site analysis


LAND USE:Since it is in the city area, it is full of buildings which could be a boon or bane depending on what is de-signed on site.

CIRCULATION:The area is very accessible by any mode of transporta-tion because of it’s location. However, the road by the site is long winded.

HOTSPOTS:The National Stadium being a sports node, the area around it are mostly sports based other than the Kallang Wave mall where people go to shop or eat.

I used the jetty as a node where by everything will be built aroundt the jetty giving it importance.

I took the stadium and the basin as an inspiration as a gradient which helps transition from hardscape to softscape.

I decided to play around with the height of the “triangles” so the it wouldn’t be so uniformed.

I decided to reduce the number of lines to focus on only 4 lines.

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rendered plan


HOTEL BLOCK:This is 2 of 3 hotel blocks that are available on site. As you can see, the buildings are conncected in a way by an enclosed path way so that every part of the build-ing would be easily accessible.

URBAN PARK:The urban park is an area beside all the structure to act as a transition from the structures to the water. Users can have picnics with the empty lawn area or just sit around.

MASSAGE BLOCK:The massage block is located beside the urban park and it is an area where users get massages or relax. There are facilities available for athletes to heal and rehailitate.

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part design

faÇade design

SPORTS SUITE:The Sports Suite is a 2-storey high loft-type hotel room situated on the upper floors for a team of athletes to stay together. The top floor is for the athletes to sleep and do leisure activities while the bottom floor is for them to train using proper pro-fessional equipments. There would be different styles of the room to accomodate different numbers of people

The facade design is a way to soft-en the structure as I added planter boxes on each floor. Other than to soften the structure, it is to give pri-vacy to the users inside as the glass is transluscent

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modules2 year journey

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form & spacedove vader

I used the designt principle of stack-ing to create this pyramid like stairs

Every triangle is pointed to one side, showing movement and flow; showing the direction of the flight.

This is the back view of the model, as you can see, the”X” is the dove-like structure.

I was inspired by the flight of a bird, how the wings spread out. Almost all the structures have two cut outs interlocking each other. I used repitition, with the structures, but i made some smaller and some bigger. Most of the triangles are facing one side, to show a sense of movement, and flow

YEAr 1

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environment & element controlThe subject provides the fundamental knowledge needed in the designing with the environment for users. We were introduced to the importance of site, context, passive design and ergonomics and human comfort. This subject also equips the skills and knowledge to understand the various environmental climatic elements such as rain, wind and sun, perform basic site analysis of a given site and design a simple shelter without the need of mechanical control, maximise user’s comfort and health, while minimising energy use.

We were tasked to design a 5x5 area that would provide shelter at the ramp.

We decided to create a waiting/shelter area for students to wait for their friends/parents near the roundabout for easy access

Used the water feature as a ‘psycho-logical’ way to cool the area.

Used timber trellises instead of metal for heat insulation.

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photographystill memories

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Other than being a designer, I am an avid photographer. I always try to bring my camera along whenever I go out, but sometimes I just use my phone camera that I feel works exceptionally well. It’s not about the camera, it’s about the skills of the photographer.

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Unlike many photographers out there, I don’t really have a style of photography, I shoot what I want to shoot. This page is more of the architecture style of photography where hierarchy and voids are being played with.

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This page is more of photography of people. I love taking candid photo of strangers just because they show off their true emotion and not a fake smile. These emotions bring the photographs another meaning to it.

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Muhammad sufyan B Abd KadirDesigner

+(65) 91158312