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The Diffusion of Innovation Communication and Technology (ICT) innovation for
Knowledge Management in Community
(Rogers) [1]
have become important in our society. In dimension of Knowledge
Management, ICT comes to support knowledge sharing, com-
munication and knowledge asset process. This qualitative
research methods to examine the Diffusion of ICT innovation
in Community : case study of Khlong-yong Community (Yong
canal), Tumbon Khlong-yong, Phutthamonthon District, Nakorn-
pathom Province. There were two purposes of this study: one
was to get an attitude and to determine the likelihood of people
to adopt ICT in community. The second purpose was to discuss
how to design Knowledge Management process in community by
blending traditional knowledge with technology. The conceptual
framework is developed from Rogers, E.M. [1]. The fifteen
interviewees were purposively selected and interviewed with
opened end semistructured questions. The study used qualitative
methods to collect the data by in-depth interview. The findings
showed that this community is completed with four elements that
make up the process of diffusion [1]. The groups of Innovators
were in adolescence and young adulthood, and groups of Early
Adopters were in middle age. The results indicated that most
interviewees hold positive attitudes towards ICT to enhance their
learning and Knowledge Management.
agement in Community

(Knowledge Assets)


4. (Diffu-

2) (communication chanels) 3)
(social system) 4) (time)


1) (Innovators) 2)
(Early Adoptors) 3) (Early Majority)
4) (Late Majority) 5)

(smaller informats) 15
(purposively selected)
(snowballing technique)
..2553 ( 10 )

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(Social Network)

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