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Transcript of STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS - Tanks Direct · PDF file the understanding that Tanks Direct...

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    Competitive Pricing | On-time Delivery | Decades of Expertise | Turn-key Installation Services


  • Table of Contents:

    1. Company Pro le 2. Resources 3. Services O ered 4. Key Personnel 5. Safety Statement 6. Quality Statement 7. Project Pro les 8. Closing Statement




    Our vision is to be the customer’s “fi rst choice” when they need

    solutions for storing, installing, and/or controlling petroleum, water, and chemicals.

    We strive to earn confi dence and repeat opportunities by performing at a superior level beyond the expectations of our customers

    and end users of our products.

    Every one of our employees will strive to make our company better

    tomorrow than it is today.

    Delivery Statement • Deliver superior customer service above that of all

    other companies in our market • Create an atmosphere of integrity, trust, andcon -

    dence with our employees, customers, and ven- dors with all phases of our business

    • Invest in talented employees who are knowledge- able about our products, services, and industry and who have a personal sense of caring about others

    • Be pro table and scally responsible while rein- vesting in our company

    • Maintain strong relationships with nationally known manufacturers

    • Provide a great working environment focused on teamwork while treating each other with respect and dignity

    • Be a signi cant participant in protecting our environment and sustainable resources with our products and services

    • Give back to the community in charitable ways so that we can help others by way of our own suc- cesses

    • Encourage and support each employee to person- ally strive to have strong family values and eco- nomic stability

    “fi rst choice”

  • History of the Company and Background information

    Since 1993, Tanks Direct has been one of the nation’s largest supplier of aboveground and underground storage tanks. We are proud of our standing in the national storage tank supply market, our reputation as an equipment distribution installation company, and service and maintenance provider. We strive to earn con! dence and re- peat opportunities by performing at a superior level beyond the expectations of our customers and end-users of our products.

    Started in 1993, as the brain-child of Paul Robertson, President and founder, as a distribution business that would provide stor- age tanks and related equipment to the mechanical contracting community. Working with one other employee, Joel Nicchitta, VP Sales, the company slowly grew, adding additional product lines along the way. As their dedication to customer service and provid- ing the best solution for the project started to get more attention in the market, the company grew and greater relationships were formed within the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and general contracting community. As a result of this early success, the com- pany added more people and resources and additional tank related product lines.

    A" er decades of continued improvement, Tanks Direct has established a reputation as the go-to resource for storage tanks and accessories, installation and service. # e company has grown to include a complete installa- tion and contracting group that allows us to provide turn-key installation services for many of our clients. In 2015, the company added a division dedicated to service and maintenance of the products we sell and install. Most recently, through and exclusive relationship with the nation’s largest ! berglass tank manufacturer, we have expanded our new geographic regions with territory representatives in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Mid- west.

    Tanks Direct leads with tanks and we will always strive to be the most knowledgeable, competitive and complete storage tank and equipment company in the nation. We are de! ned by our people who are dedicated, knowl- edgeable, experienced and singularly focused on our core business. Our team works to create long standing collaborative relationships with contractors, designers, owners and end users of our products and services.



    Number of Employees, Trucks and Equipment List

    • Employees – 40 • Construction Crews – 4 • Service and Construction Vehicles – 10 • Other Equipment – Excavator, Skid Steer, Trail ers, Air Compressors, Specialty Pipe Equip

    ment, Specialty Tools

    Experience, Licenses, Certi! cations

    • Construction License – Maryland General Construction • Maryland Department of the Environment – Certi! ed Tank Technician (Installation & Removal) • Construction License – Washington DC General Construction • DCRA Certi! ed Tank Installer & Removal • Construction License – Virginia Class A Heavy/Highway, Environmental Services, Environmental Moni tor Wells & Mechanical • OSHA 40 Hour Hazardous Materials Site Worker • OSHA Con! ned Space Entry • Red Cross First Aid & CPR

    o Franklin Fueling Systems/APT Flex pipe o NOV/Ameron Fiberglass Piping o Perma-Pipe Prefabricated Piping o Franklin Fueling Systems/UPP Piping o NUPI Piping o Omega" ex Piping o Highland Tank & Manufacturing Co. o Xerxes Corporation o Veeder- Root

    o Pneumercator o Omntec o Franklin Fueling Systems/Incon o PermAlert o TraceTek o Gasboy o Bennett Pumps o Fuel Master o Franklin Fueling Systems/FE Petro

    o Red Jacket o Simplex o Pryco o Tramont o Phillips Fuel Systems o RCI

    o Preferred Utilities

    o Hydronic Modules

    Manufacturer Installation Certi! cations

    Financials Bonding Capacity Insurance


    Tank and Related Equipment Supplier

    Tanks Direct has always been and always will be a material supplier and distributor of storage tanks and tank related equipment. We have many long standing relationships with some of the largest and most well respected manufacturers in the industry. We will always be able to provide the most competitive pricing on our proposals because of our volume purchasing power with our manufacturers. Our senior sales sta! is one of the most sea- soned and knowledgeable in this space with a minimum of 5 years of experience with most having worked in the tank industry for decades.

    Exclusive Xerxes Water Agreement

    Tanks Direct has been a supplier and installer of Xerxes Tanks for many years. As a result of our successful partnership on the water and water related products line, Tanks Direct entered into an exclusive distributorship agreement with Xerxes cov- ering the Mid-Atlantic states of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington, DC. " is agreement was signed in 2012 with the understanding that Tanks Direct would drive speci# cations and increase market penetration of the Xerxes Water Tank o! ering. In the last calendar year, 2016, we achieved record results and stand as the singular company with this arrange- ment in the country. Further, as a direct result of this success, we are now adding the following states to this agreement, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

    Planning and Design assistance with our products (lunch and learn program)

    Tanks Direct, in our e! ort to be the resource for storage tanks and tank related equipment started a program in 2013 to provide outreach and education to our engineering and contracting clients. As the exclusive distributor for Xerxes tanks, we are the manufacturers’ representative and also the experts on this product. We routinely provide lunch and learn presentations on broad subjects as training and outreach to the speci# cation commu- nity. We work intimately with our contracting customers to make sure that the designs we are quoting are the most e$ cient and cost e! ective way to achieve the stated performance goal. We have been part of many Design Build Teams and work to make sure that every project is analyzed for e$ ciency and economy.


    Product and Manufacturer Sample List

    • Storage Tanks – Steel – Stainless Steel – Fiberglass – Polyethylene • Day Tanks – Interior & Exterior – Integrated Pumps & Controls – Stand Alone or Sub Base • Separators & Interceptors – Oil Water Separators – Sand/Grit Interceptors – Grease Removal – Surge Tanks • Pumping Systems – Pump Sets (Single, Duplex, Triplex) – Submersible Pumps – Pump Control Panels (Relay Logic or Modbus)

    • Leak & Level Controls – Tank Level Gauging Systems – Leak Detection (Tanks, Sumps, Piping) – Building Automation Systems Integra tion – Custom Control Panels – Remote Monitoring • Fuel Oil Filtration & Polishing – Recirculation Systems – Filtration & Polishing Units • Piping Systems – Fiberglass – Flexible – Pre-fabricated – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) • Accessories & Parts – Variety of Containment Sumps, Boots & Fittings – Vents, Flame Arrestors, Hoses & Over ll Protection


    Major Applications List

    • Emergency Generator Fueling Systems (Day Tanks, Controls, Bulk Fuel Storage, Pump Sets) • Fire Protection Storage Tanks (Dry Hydrant Cisterns, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Suppression Tanks)