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MICHAEL JACKSON POPCORN LIFEWhere did the Michael Jackson Popcorn Meme Come From?The Michael Jackson popcorn meme came from a scene from his 1982 smash hit, Thriller. During the music video, Michael and his girlfriend are watching Thriller at the movie theater. Near the end of the movie, Michael is engaged in the final scene eating his popcorn while his girlfriend clutches his arm.

The popcorn scene is at minute marker 3:50, which can be seen here:

MICHAEL JACKSON POPCORN LIFEWhy do people post the popcorn meme on various social networks? It is hard to say when it actually started, but someone took the image of Michael eating popcorn and made it into a meme. Once the meme started to make its rounds on networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc., it became one of the most well-known memes to hit the Internet.The original popcorn meme was very simple, and it conveyed a very simple message - that you were here just to read the comments. It was a great way to post on social network posts without necessarily engaging the topic.

MICHAEL JACKSON POPCORN LIFEHow has the popcorn meme evolved since it went viral? While the original popcorn meme is still the most popular, including the various GIFs, people have made their own that are unique to a specific situation.There are now popcorn memes for lots of events, situations, life situations, and more.

MICHAEL JACKSON POPCORN LIFEThe evolution of Michael Jackson Popcorn Meme Reactions Since people kept posting Michael Jackson popcorn memes, people felt it necessary to start making memes that would counter MJ and his popcorn. This is where the various popcorn reaction memes started.These are memes that try to respond directly to anyone posting Michael and his popcorn.

MICHAEL JACKSON POPCORN LIFEWhat will come after the Michael Jackson Popcorn Memes? I can only imagine that people will begin to add more Michael Jackson memes based upon the original popcorn meme. These memes will be similar to the popcorn meme, but simply have a different image and message.The Michael Jackson Thriller memes are a perfect example of this evolution.

MICHAEL JACKSON POPCORN LIFESo what social media comments have you showed up to lately to just read?