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Expert Care; Everywhere

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Expert Care; Everywhere

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MedAire – Expert Care; Everywhere

5,000 Business Aircraft

1,300+ Yachts

126 Airlines

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MedAire – The Three E’s


Medical Crew Placement



Dedicated Account Management

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24/7 in-house doctors

• MedLink Global

Response Center

“Call early and call often.”

—MedLink doctors

“…real-life events that can happen to any world traveler—especially those who are remote.”

—Control Risks security specialist

Travel Safety

MedAire – MedLink Service

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MedAire – Your Access to:

• MedLink Medical – direct access to our Level 1 trauma center with Emergency Room Physicians.

• MedLink Safety – direct access to security experts through our joint venture with Control Risks.

• MGRC – Access to our response center which can activate a call cascade for many reasons

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Equipping Your Vessel

Medical Kits

Vital Signs Defibrillators

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MedAire – Your Medical Kits with Experience

• Intuitive layout. Quickly locate what you need.

• Components are packed in logical treatment order and bags are color-coded for quick identification.

• Response-style medical bags designed for carrying to patients and include shoulder straps for convenient transport down narrow hallways.

• Final specification may vary from images shown.

• Medical Management System software alerts you of expirations and stock replenishment needs

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MedAire – Your Care; Everywhere

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Tempus IC Telemedicine Unit

MedLink Doctor

Blood Pressure & Pulse Oximetry


Respiration & End Tidal CO2

12 Lead EKG

Camera With Stills & Real Time Video


Real Time Voice & Data

MedAire – Your Direct Link for Tempus IC

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Medical Training


Trainers Your Location



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MedAire – Your Medical Training

• Courses tailored to what is important to you onboard your vessel.

• Regulatory Courses to help you comply

• Learn from our instructors who bring at-sea and medical emergency nursing experience

• Recognize, manage and cope with illness and injury

• Understand how to use your medical kits and equipment and where they should be located on board

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MedAire – Your Medics

• Short-term or long-term placements available.

• Medical professionals available include doctors, nurses, paramedics and specialists.

• All candidates experienced in trauma & emergency within the last 24 months.

• Candidates possess additional skills in which they could be used in other areas of the vessel when their medical skills are not required.