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    Shahnaz Hussain

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    Group Members ---------

    Neha.Mishra 80.

    Anju Prabhakaran 77.

    Geetu Nair 19. Tina Babu 18.

    Blossom Veigas 93.


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    Did you know.!

    The skin is the largest organ in the body & whatever you use on itis directly absorbed in the bloodstream. In the modern stressed

    out world when you add to the burden on your body with chemicalskin creams and products you are adding to health problems.

    Some skin products have been found to contain mercury whichshow up in the urine of those using them, so you can imagine theextend of the damage. Our ancient heritage of ayurveda gives usan edge over the rest of the world since, such products are not

    harmful. So one must be very careful while choosing the skin careproduct & make right choices.

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    Biography of H-Princess..!

    Shahnaz Hussain belongs to a royal Muslim family whichmigrated from Samarkhand to India as a part of therauaging Muslim tribes & later held high positions in theprincely kingdoms of Bhopal & Hyderabad before Indias

    independence. Shahnaz received her schooling in an Irish convent &

    because of the influence of her father Chief Justice M.U.Beg, she developed a love for poetry & English literature.

    She was married at the age of 15 & was a mother bynext year.

    She loves while colour the most.

    Designing is another passion of Hussain.

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    Here begins the journey..!

    Shahnaz Hussains husband was posted in Teheran Iranshe developed an interest in beauty treatments &decided to study cosmetology.

    To support the expenses of the training financially , she

    wrote articles for the Iran tribune on various topics underdifferent names.

    In the course of her studies she learnt of the harmfuleffects of chemicals on the human body.

    Consequently, she turned her attention to Ayurveda,which she believed was the ideal alternative to chemicalcosmetics, which not only harmed the human system butalso led to the deterioration of the environment in thelong run.

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    After leaving Teheran , she trained extensively incosmetic therapy for 10 years in some of the leadinginstitutes of London, Paris, New York & Copenhagen.

    On her return to India in 1977 she set up her own salonat her house in Delhi with an initial investment ofRs.35000.

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    Company profile..!

    Heights are achieved. Shahnaz Hassain is both the pioneer & the undisputed

    queen of herbal care in India.

    34 years ago Shahnaz dreamt of pioneering the Indian

    herbal heritage & Ayurveda, taking them far beyond theboundaries of her country & achieving the kind ofinternational acclaim that has surpassed her wildestdream.

    After establishing her own salon at her place shedecided to adopt the principle of Natural Care And

    Cure & to apply the ayurvedic system & formulate

    custom-made products for skin & hair problems.

    Thus was born the legendary Shahnaz Herbal range of

    therapeutic products.

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    Shahnaz Hussain CEO of Shahnaz Herbals is aprominent Indian female entrepreneur best known for herherbal cosmetics, particularly skin care products.

    Currently, the Shahnaz Hussain Group has overcome

    400 franchisee clinics across the world covering over138 countries.

    Her groups products are sold in leading global stores

    including Blooming Dales (New York), Gallaries

    Lafayette (Paris), Seibu (Japan), Harrods & Selfridges(London) & La Rinaeccente (Milan).

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    The Shahnaz Hussain group has3 business models.

    Business Models

    Shop-in-shop(where the products

    aresold by trained


    Retail(both organized & through


    Beauty Parlors(directly to customers for


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    The company has a recently produced Fairness productcalled Fairone which is now the most popular brand inIndia today.

    The Shahnaz Hussain group has evolved more than 380formulations & consisty of highly specialized products forskins, hairs & body using ingredients like herbs, flowers& fruit extracts, essential oils & other natural substances.

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    Being married at a young age of 15 & being a mother atthe age of 16 bestowed a lot of responsibility on tendershoulders.

    Though financially sound from the parental side shefaced problems of finance from her husbands side.

    Worked as a journalist , wrote articles for Iran Tribune onvarious topics under different names to fund her training.

    Being a Muslim was one of the biggest problem thoughher family & relatives were broadminded. It was a hardnut to crack for a Muslim women to come out of herhouse & do something different instead of doing her dailychores.

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    She had a major competition from the west where billionof dollars are pumped into a hysterical cosmeticsindustry, selling youth &dreams in bottled jars.

    Being a women was under-estimated by fellow malecompetitors.

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    Shahnaz Hussains son dies mysteriously---On January 7th in Patna Shahmim Hussain, son of

    Shahnaz Hussain, died after falling from the balcony of

    his father-in-law's flat in Patna. Shahmim (40) fell fromthe 3rd floor balcony of Maqbool Apartment on Exhibitionroad on Sunday night. He was rushed to a nursing home

    where he died later on Sunday night. Shamim was

    staying with his in-laws in Patna for the past 2 weeks &his wife Rabia was away in Dhanbad when the incidenthappened.

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    Rewards of Hard Work

    Awards Received from International Organization-----------------------

    The American Biographical Institute, USA, hasnominated Shahnaz Hussain as the Outstanding

    women of the 20thcentury . She won the institutes2000 Millennium Medal of Honour, the commemoratingextra-ordinary achievement in last 100 years.

    In 1996, she received the Arch of Europe Gold Star for

    Quality in Spain. She was the first woman in the 105 year history of the

    US based SUCCESS magazine to win the WorldsGreatest Woman Entrepreneur award.

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    The US based National Foundation for Women BusinessOwners in association with IBM, selected Shahnaz

    Hussain as one of the leading entrepreneurs of world,in 1997.

    The Global Quality Management Award for commitmentto the principles of total quality management, was

    bestowed on her in 1997 by the Global QualityManagement Institute.

    In 1999, the Shahnaz Hussain group was given theInternational Golden America Award for Quality and

    Excellence. In September 2003, Shahnaz Hussain was selected for

    the prestigious Global Indian Women of the Millennium

    Award presented by Global Indian Congress based inCalifornia.

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    Awards Received in India--------------------------- The government of India Women of the year 1986

    Udyog Ratan Award for promoting Indian exports.

    The Gold Award for Women Entrepreneurs in 1988 forputting India on world cosmetic map. The Bharat Nirman award, 1989 for her contribution

    towards beauty culture. The Indira Priyadarshini award for contribution towards

    national causes 1989. The Rajiv Gandhi Sadhbhavrna Award 1995 for

    promoting Ayurveda & Herbal care. Gem of Alternative Medicine given by Indian Board of

    Alternative Medicine Kolkatta in 1996.

    The Priyadarshini Award given by the federation ofWoman entrepreneurs.

    Padmashri a civilian award by government of India in2006.

    More to come!!!!

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