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Aerohive HivePass Unlocking the Power of Personalized Engagement with Passbook, iBeacon, and Wi-Fi

Solution Brief

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(ES) Equipements Scientifiques SA - Département Réseaux sans fil - 127 rue de Buzenval BP 26 - 92380 GarchesTél. 01 47 95 99 50 - Fax. 01 47 01 16 22 - e-mail: [email protected] - Site Web:

Aerohive HivePass

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The shift to an iEverything world has permeated every vertical, and retailers are seeing the effects more than ever. Consumers expect mobile-ready experiences at every brand, from quick-service restaurants to couture fashion. Retailers struggle to choose how to personalize the retail experience and reward loyalty without a major investment in a custom application that may not be right for their business. While custom apps can sometimes provide superior performance and user experiences, they are often too expensive to produce to allow a retailer to test efficacy before committing to such a large project. Custom apps also limit a retailer’s ability to optimize the engagement opportunity with the customer, since modifying the app based on different locations, customer preferences, and ongoing trials can be excessively expensive and time-consuming, if not impossible for most budgets and schedules. On the consumer side, an app requires a lot more touch and maintenance, since the user must fill out access forms, download and install the app, and constantly keep it up to date.

However, at the other end of the spectrum, a mobile-optimized web page does not give the retailer enough personal interaction with the consumer to build a deep and meaningful relationship with the brand. Aerohive’s Personalized Engagement Platform and ecosystem of partners is built to create engagement opportunities to grow retailers’ top line with a solution that is easily deployed and empowers retailers to monetize all the resources available in their stores.

Aerohive HivePass

The Aerohive HivePass solution leverages applications already installed on most mobile devices. For an Apple iOS customer, it uses Passbook, and for Android customers, HivePass integrates with apps like PassWallet to deliver a personalized loyalty app experience. HivePass engages a customer by installing a Passbook pass as part of the Wi-Fi access experience or even as a targeted link or QR code. The pass can provide a coupon, loyalty card, or other shopper benefit, and once downloaded, opens up a line of communication between the retailer and the user. Retailers can use that communication to notify customers of special discounts, recognize repeat shoppers, or even increment loyalty points. All of this is enabled by the unique integration of HivePass within the Aerohive Wi-Fi and iBeacon infrastructure, tied to a very deep and sophisticated data platform. Retailers can easily create, modify, and optimize passes that deliver whatever the desired experience is, without the effort and expense of developing a custom loyalty application.

The Aerohive HivePass solution includes many benefits, such as:

• Simple Deployment and Management HivePass engages customers using an app ALREADY installed on iOS and easy to get on Android devices, giving retailers a super easy way to deliver a loyalty experience. HivePass passes are very simple to configure, deploy, and manage, with flexible options that empower retailers to customize the experience to specific brands, stores, or even groups of customers.

• Easy distribution via Guest Captive Web Portal or QR Code

HivePass passes can be easily integrated into Aerohive captive web portals, offering the customer an easy way to install the app on their mobile device when accessing the guest Wi-Fi. In addition, the passes can be distributed using

Aerohive HivePass

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QR codes or sent via email campaigns using a URL – or even all these ways simultaneously!

• Customizable Templates HivePass offers completely customizable templates for coupons, tickets, loyalty cards, and more. These templates give retailers an easy way to create unique passes with logos, offers, and content specific to the brand, store, or even set of customers.

• Push Notifications Once a HivePass pass is downloaded to a consumer device, the retailer has a complete a line of communication open to that customer. Retailers can push updates to the passes, additional coupons, or increment loyalty points. All of this can be tied to GPS and iBeacon location information to further personalize the interaction with the consumer.

Aerohive HivePass

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• Location-Aware Engagement

HivePass passes are location aware, both with GPS location from the mobile device itself, and via presence information with the Aerohive iBeacon solution. Retailers can use this location information to send communications to consumers or to customize passes or discounts based on where the devices are. In addition, the presence data from Aerohive iBeacon integration allows retailers to send notifications based on granular location data, for example a consumer browsing the denim section or shoe section, as well as interact with returning devices.

How It Works

The Aerohive HivePass solution, powered by PassForce, gives retailers the power to harness an app already resident on consumer devices, and provide a personalized and unique engagement experience without requiring significant investment in a custom loyalty app. HivePass passes can be distributed many ways, including as a gate to join the guest Wi-Fi. If the guest isn’t already in the store, passes can also be acquired via direct link in an email campaign or as a QR code posted for guests to scan. This flexibility empowers retailers to find the best way to reach the maximum number of consumers.

Aerohive HivePass

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HivePass passes are incredibly easy to set up and manage. Templates are available that allow retailers to import graphics, customize text and notifications, and adjust formatting with just a couple clicks. Admins can create and maintain a variety of passes, and choose varying distribution methods for each of them to maximize engagement.


Aerohive’s Personal Engagement Platform enables powerful technologies like HivePass to empower retailers to engage customers in a way that provides a deep and meaningful relationship with a brand. HivePass, Aerohive Wi-Fi, and iBeacon helps to attract customers, increase sales and nurture loyalty, and develop customer interest and repeat business incrementally without requiring a custom loyalty app. Harness the power of Passbook and open up a powerful communication channel between your consumers and your brand, and see how quickly the Aerohive Personal Engagement Platform empowers top-line growth for your company.

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