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1Records shows that it was on 5th december 1982 a dutchman named Johan cruyff performed this act on a game against Helmond for the first time.It was again on the show on previous Sunday performed by another player,making his own stamp on the act.What I am talking about?

Messi assisting a penalty

2.X is believed to have come into india in may 2010 and was found in amritasar. The ring around Xs foot and a pakistani telephone number and an adress stamped on Xs body aroused a lot of suspicion and it was later confirmed that X was indeed from pakistan. X was put under police custody and no visitors were allowed.Id who was this spy?


3.What are these symbols on the margins of stamp sheets called?

Traffic Lights

4This new Indian social media fad was inspired from something that went viral . It was originally started by Hyderabad based Manju Latha Kalanidhi. She defines it as "My own local, practical and tangible version/response to ___.", for which she received instant appreciation. What is it called??

Rice bucket challenge

5.In Stephen Kings novel 11/22/63, Jake Epping (or George Amberson as he calls himself) is in charge of producing a play for his students. He chooses to produce one based on 12 Angry Men, but renames it The Jury. Why?

He wants to cast girls also

6.Agatha came once, she shall come again 6 years later and so forth, as shall Estelle and Frank. Adrian shall take Agathas place next year and we pray we would never need Zelda. Alice was the first to come, while Bob was the first guy and Onil was the first Indian. As years have passed we have seen some Spanish and French unlike earlier. Some famous names we have heard are now retired due to their popularity. What is being talked about?

Naming of cyclons



8.Charles Douglass was the inventor of this one-of-a-kind device wherein he used a keyboard to select the style, gender and age of something as well as a foot pedal to time the length of the reaction.

What was the use of this device?(Picture on next slide)

Laugh tracks on TV shows

9. Guess the tagline with picture

Its finger lickin good! (KFC)

10.In the early 2000s, which consumer product was boycotted in some countries such as Egypt after rumours that it was named after a leader that they opposed?

Ariel. The then Israeli PM was Ariel Sharon