Quels sont les usages de l’imparfait?

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Quels sont les usages de l’imparfait?. W. Weather. A. Age. T. Time. E. Emotion. R. Repeated action. L. Location. O. Ongoing action. A. Attitude. D. Description. Other uses:. 1) simultaneous actions in the past. Other uses:. 2) What you were going to do. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Quels sont les usages de l’imparfait?

  • Quels sont les usages de limparfait?

  • WWeather

  • AAge

  • TTime

  • EEmotion

  • RRepeated action

  • LLocation

  • OOngoing action

  • AAttitude

  • DDescription

  • Other uses:1) simultaneous actions in the past

  • Other uses:2) What you were going to do

  • Donnez les usages du pass compos

  • SSumming up (at the end of a story)

  • IInterrupting action

  • CCompleted action

  • Time expressions: Give meaning and PC / I

  • tous les jours every day - I

  • tout dun coup suddenly-PC

  • chaque semaine each week - I

  • dabord (at) first - PC

  • quelquefois sometimes- I

  • deux fois twice - PC

  • dhabitude generally - I

  • hier soir last night - PC

  • autrefois formerly - I

  • il y a huit jours a week ago - PC

  • de temps en temps from time to time- I