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Transcript of QATAR 2030 NABIL NAZRI 8E. QATAR 2030 NABIL NAZRI 8E

Qatar 2030

Qatar 2030Nabil Nazri 8eHuman DevelopmentQatar 2030Nabil Nazri 8eHuman Development

Human development:Human development is one of the pillars of the development Qatar. What is Human Development? Since Qatar has a good amount of money, it acts as a good image towards balancing and maintaning developments. Human development is the evolution/growth of Qatars people and society to make a successful, strong and profitable society. Human development is the first pillar towards Qatars growth. Towards the future, Qatar will have to count other resources and wealth other then their fuel and petroleum. Qatar aims to attract many foreign workers from a variety different places. Qatar also aims to have up to date health care and education. All this will get Qatars successors or students to bring wealth, respect and support from other nations. The affect of Qatars 2022 plan on human development

The Qatar 2022 FIFA plan might actually help the human development in Qatar. Qatar aims to attract more variety foreign workers in all fields but mostly labor. It is expected around 500,000 visitors will come to Qatar to see the FIFA world cup. That is about half a million people all at once. It might attract workers, people and companies to support Qatar and help Qatar along their way to success. There might be some problems financially. Qatar will be spending an approximate of 40 billion dollars in projects, investments and many other things towards the FIFA 2022. Many of these projects are huge and 2 of them, Health and Education are one of the major projects in Human development. Other projects include transportation, tourism and etc. Many investments and project that must be done in 10 years. Might be a little too short amount of time. It was said to expect amazing on 2022 by Qatar bid committee. Qatar has also took out and reach to other countries and connect like Bahrain and they are spending so much money on the 10 billion dollar worth of an airport that could bring 24 million people a year to the country. So many changes even with trade and port. Qatar gets very competitive and urgent, its a good affect for it was an aim to bring a variety of nationalities and workers and other nations to support Qatar to success.

Qatar 2030 and relations: There are many places, times, project and plans where relations will be strong along the way of Qatars 2030 plan and success. The FIFA 2022 was already said to have a major impact on human development but that isn't the only thing. Wasnt it said Qatar aims for high standard health care and education. Qatar Foundation and Education City are Major role players in Qatars 2030 plan and a major impact on human development along the way. 6

Education City:Education city is a place where some of the major world universities are and where some of the most advanced schools are. Qatar academy a school there might be a great example to present in human development. In QA, there is a MUN team, World amnesty team, community and service program, week without walls program and much more. QA is one of the many other learning, teaching facilities (schools, colleges) in Education city, QF and whole of Qatar. Week without walls program we travel and see other countries and we help and aid and create relations. Our school now travels to countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand and Bali to help out school (might be more then one), an orphanage and people. QA is one of the very little schools with big major global programs with a big community and service program. It attracts teachers and learners from many different fields of studies and society. The school has a a very advanced form of education, giving macs to each student from grade 6-10. The universities in are not really the best of all and like the top but education city is growing and expanding. A hospital (Sidra) is being made, a convention center is made and many other places. Education City aims to be one of the top educational places with most advanced or up to date education and many more. This will attract nations, people, sponsors and people to come to work, study or support Qatar along the way to 2030.Main Question :How will the aim and the pillar: Human development change by then?Solutions, plans .. ? Things dont always and usually dont stay the same forever. Plans and work has to change from time to time. By then which is about 28 years from now. Qatar should have or would have completed their goals and plans for top health care, top education and a major attraction for workers all over the world across many fields. By then Qatars aim might be how to preserve their wealth, resource and support of other countries. Top health, education and sponsorships might not help Qatar a lot. Qatars main source of wealth is its natural bio gasses. That wont last forever: Human development then might need to focus on what Qatar could do with and for other countries to bring wealth to people and society of Qatar. Maybe it could invest and start new exportations or research in major things like Space exploration or the education, research of new substitutes for gas or relief for other people. Human development for sure will change by that time. Bibliography: