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Presentation of the FIGUI+ range

Transcript of Oriental Labs Paris Consumer Brochure



  • Le degr suprme de la beaut, cest la grce, mais par le mot grce on entend aussi la bont. Car la bont suprme, cest cette gnrosit dun principe de vie qui se donne indfiniment. C est l le sens mme de la grce. H. BERGSON.For thousands years, Natures treasures has oered us a constantly renewed beauty, in soness and harmony. ORIENTAL LABS PARIS has founded its philosophy on the respect of Natures treasures.ORIENTAL LABS PARIS was born with the desire of sourcing Natures generosity, to design new spa treatments in the respect of the authenticity of Natures benets and womens beauty.

    In the fascinating universe of Tunisian Spas, ORIENTAL LABS PARIS oers customized and highly rened treatments inspired from the Oriental ancient rituals. e ORIENTAL LABS PARIS expertise relies on a unique combination of high quality natural oils in order to provide our consumer the best benets of Nature

    ORIENTAL LABS PARIS has developed the rst natural and organic range of cosmetic products composed of face, body and hair care treatments, based on prickly pear seeds oil, a precious oil with exceptional properties.

    Each of our cosmetic treatment is a true discovery... Because our oils are so rare and precious as well as the treatment adapted to each skin type.

    The Ultimate Beauty from within...

    ORIENTAL LABS PARIS, the Oriental purity...

    Because your beauty is essential...


  • The prickly pear seeds oil is present in all our FIGUI+ cosmetic products. Prickly pear fruit has been used by the Aztecs Indians for centuries.This specic oil is extremely benecial for the epidermis thanks to its high content in antioxidants and restructuring trace elements (selenium, zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium... etc)

    Up to 10 times more powerful and richer in Vitamin E (tocopherols) than argan oil, it is a revolutionary treatment to ght against the early signs of skin aging.

    Its high concentration in regenerating actives stimulates the renewal of skin cell tissues and moisturizes* all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

    The prickly pear oil is so precious because its process of extraction is quite challenging: one ton of prickly pear only produces one lier of the seeds oil.

    *Upper layers of the epidermis


  • An ecient cosmetic oil with toning and regenerating properties.A unique refreshing, healing and skin antiseptic. An exceptional anti-wrinkles and anti-dark circles ingredient, with toning and tightening activities.An excellent emollient and soening agent for the skin.

    Its exceptional high content in Vitamin E, Omega -6 essential fay acids, polyphenols, as sterols and squalenes, makes it a very powerful antioxidant, thus protecting the skin against the free radicals and slowing down the skin aging process.

    The rst complete organic range of cosmetic products based on prickly pear seed oil.ORIENTAL LABS PARIS products combined the unique active ingredients of prickly pear seed oil with other natural oils unique ingredients in order to provide our consumers with the most optimized cosmetic formulas.

    The synergy of those exceptional natural oils allows its actives to perfectly penetrate into the skin to provide the constant moisturization our skin daily needs, to restore its radiance and youth.

    Welcome to ORIENTAL LABS PARIS, A World of well-being, where Nature and Research take care of your skin...


  • Everyday, our skin is exposed to multiple external aggressions that accelerate the skin aging process and weaken the skin tissue structures. is results in a loss of rmness and elasticity.

    Dull and dehydrated, the skin loses its freshness and energy. To ght against those signs of aging, ORIENTAL LABS PARIS has developed a unique, entirely natural and Organic range of facial and body treatments based on prickly pear seeds oil.

    FIGUI+ is a targeted range of 16 essential products, highly concentrated in active ingredients, in order to ensure a synergistic activity and an optimum ecacy during your beauty ritual.

    By combining the powers of the most eective natural oils coming from, for example, prickly pear, argan, nigella, Rosehip, macadamia and sesame, ORIENTAL LABS PARIS simply brings you the essential benets of Nature.


  • FAC



    SERUM TOTAL COMPLEX Ref. : 1108 Vol. : 50 ml+


    ORIENTAL LABS PARIS has designed the FIGUI+ Serum Total Complex, consisting of eleven unique, valuable organic oils.

    Its high concentration in natural oils coming from prickly pear seeds, argan and grape seeds provides signicant protective and anti-wrinkles properties.

    Associated with the vegetable oils of sesame and sweet almond, FIGUI+ Serum Total Complex nourishes, moisturizes* and regenerates your skin deeply with no oily lm.

    The essential oils of neroli, rosemary, lavender, green tea and grapefruit stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis cell tissues and smooth away skin imperfections.

    By using FIGUI+ Serum Total Complex daily, your wrinkles will signicantly be reduced, your complexion will brighten up and your skin will look visibly younger.

    * Upper layers of the epidermis.

    serum total complex

    serum compuesto total

    50 ml - 1.7 .oz.

    srumcomplexe total

  • In addition to FIGUI+ Serum Total Complex, Age Protectiv Day and Age Protectiv Night provide you with an optimum moisturiz-ing eect* and a maximum protection for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, without any oily sensation.

    Directions for use : For an optimum ecacy, apply FIGUI+ Serum Total Complex twice a day before the Age Protectiv Day and before the Age Protectiv Night.

    * Upper layers of the epidermis

    FIGUI+ - AGE PROTECTIV DAYRef. : 1106 Vol. : 50 ml

    Rich in prickly pear seeds and argan oils, this daily facial care protects eciently your skin against external aggressions (pollution, cold, dust, sun etc. ...). Age Protectiv Day also prevents the apparition of the signs of aging (ne lines and wrinkles), by restoring your skins rmness and elasticity and stimulat-ing its cells renewal. is unique cream, with its delicate and silky texture, provides you an exceptional facial treatment that nourishes and protects the skin throughout the day.

    Therefore, it will illuminate your complexion and give your skin soness, freshness and radiance every day.


    FIGUI+ - AGE PROTECTIV NIGHTRef. : 1107 Vol. : 50 ml

    Thanks to its silky texture rich in vegetable oils from prickly pear seeds, argan, and grapes seeds, FIGUI+ Age Protectiv Night represents a highly eective night treatment that stimulates the regeneration of skin cells to help ghting against premature skin aging. Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils provide skin healing properties and smooth away skin imperfections. Highly concentrated in nutritive active ingredients, it is especially recommended for dry and mature skins which require a special aention.



    FIGUI+ - ORIENTAL SCRUBRf. : 1106 Vol. : 50 ml

    Rich in prickly pear seeds and sweet almond oils, this scrub is the turn-key solution to regenerate, rm and preserve your skin against the rst visible signs of aging. Its high content in white clay provides a silky texture in order to gently exfoliate and rene skin pores, without over-drying your skin. It gently prepares your skin for the application of the FIGUI+ Serum Total Complex by accelerating the renewal of skin cells.

    FIGUI+ - MASK FOR SENSITIVE SKINRef. : 1105 Vol. : 50 ml

    Thanks to its high content in yellow clay, this mask is a perfect shield against external aggressions because it prevents skin aging. Rich in vegetable oils seeds of prickly pears, argan and sweet almond combined with orange blossom, this skin care treatment nourishes your skin and reveals your natural freshness and glow.

    Slightly fragranced, this product is especially recommended for sensitive skins.

    FIGUI+ - PURIFYING MASKRef. : 1104 Vol. : 50 ml

    Formulated with green clay, this mask deeply renovates the skin, to give it smoothness, rmness and a glowing appearance. Rich in vegetable oils from prickly pear seeds, grape seed and sesame, it helps eliminating skin impurities while providing deep moisturization and comfort to your skin.

    This specic skin care treatment is the ideal solution for oily and combination skins.

    * Upper layers of the epidermis.





    FIGUI+ - ORIENTAL LOTIONRef. : 1102 Vol. : 100 ml

    is toner is used in combination with FIGUI+ Oriental Makeup Remover to completely help eliminate skin impurities without any harsh drying eects. is natural combination of rose water, orange blossom, jasmine, geranium and rosemary owers puries and tones the skin, stimulates microcirculation and illuminates your complexion.

    Your skin will feel fresh and clean... A perfect way to prepare your skin for treatment.


    FIGUI+ - ORIENTAL MAKEUP REMOVERRef. : 1101 Vol. : 100 ml

    Make-up removal is the indispensable step to prepare your skin to benet from the activity of all our FIGUI+ products. anks to its light texture, this so emulsion gently removes all make-up and skin impurities. Rich in prickly pear seeds vegetable oil, this purifying milk regenerates the skin, while revealing its natural glowing appearance.