L’EXERCISE Conjuguez au présent, l’imparfait, le passé composé et l’impératif:...

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L L EXERCISE EXERCISE Conjuguez au présent, Conjuguez au présent, l’imparfait, le passé l’imparfait, le passé composé et l’impératif: composé et l’impératif: avoir avoir porter porter coûter coûter choisir choisir rire rire
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Transcript of L’EXERCISE Conjuguez au présent, l’imparfait, le passé composé et l’impératif:...

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LEXERCISE Conjuguez au prsent, limparfait, le pass compos et limpratif: avoirportercoterchoisirrire Slide 2 LOBJECTIF Les lves pourront se rapeller des mots et structures du chapitre. Slide 3 LA LEON Vous aller tre divids dans des paires. Vous verez des phrases en anglais. Il faudra PARFAITEMENT rendre chaque phrase en franais. Il faudra aussi crire chaque phrase en papier. Slide 4 Amlie brushed her teeth before leaving home. She hurried to get to school without being late. Slide 5 Around ten-thirty, Christine went out and went shopping. She returned home, but did not have lunch. Slide 6 Dont look so upset! Slide 7 Caroline looked at herself in the [bathroom] mirror. Slide 8 Catherines eyes are blue and her hair is long and blond. Slide 9 Didnt Eric bring his guitar? (LONG) No, he didnt bring it. Slide 10 He began by painting caf store fronts, then went to the School of Fine Arts. Slide 11 Gas costs one euro a liter Slide 12 Have you invited Marc? [INV] Yes, Ive invited him. Slide 13 Youve (fam.) put your foot in your mouth! Slide 14 His mother was the progeny of a rich family from new Orleans. Slide 15 I am not going to wash my hair. Slide 16 I feel in shape. And you (m.), do you feel tired? [INV] Slide 17 Julie is sad because Marc likes pretty girls who have red hair. She is blond. Slide 18 Like many artists of the time, she began copying works in the Louvre museum. Slide 19 Marc and I (f) often see each other. Slide 20 Marie-Claires face is square and she has short hair. She wears glasses. Slide 21 Modern art was born in France in the 1870s. Slide 22 He wanted to be an officer in the navy, but after a trip to Brazil, he decided to dedicate himself to painting. Slide 23 Pierre did not have fun at the party. Slide 24 Philippe has just played soccer. He is going into the shower in the stadium. He is going to take a shower and wash his hair. Then, he is going to dry off and put on deodorant. Slide 25 Sophie and I are studying French and math. Slide 26 They (f) are going to brush their teeth. Slide 27 To be alone, he plays to child psychology. Slide 28 We are fixing ourselves a sandwich. Slide 29 When Charlotte has a test, she feels relaxed, but when Juliette has a test, she feels looks disappointed. Slide 30 When he heard Miss Lasouplesse doing her gymnastics, Mister Trmolo woke up. Slide 31 When I (f) look at myself in the (bathroom) mirror, I am not satisfied with myself. Slide 32 When my sisters have a test, they feel tense. Me, when I (m) have a test, I am in a good mood. Slide 33 Where are you going to meet? [LONG] Slide 34 Why is Asterix so popular? (INV)