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Transcript of L’acier inoxydable - ArcelorMittal · PDF filein construction L’acier inoxydable...

  • Stainless Steel in construction

    Lacier inoxydabledans la construction


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    Les produits inox dans la construction : loffre ArcelorMittal

    ArcelorMittal, ses filiales et ses clients, proposent de nombreux produits ou solutions en acier inoxydable. Ce carnet regroupe en un seul document lensemble de loffre standard prsente par fonction douvrage : structure, plancher, faade, couverture, quipement et dcoration, mobilier urbain, hygine.

    destination de lensemble des actuels et futurs acteurs de la construction, matres douvrage, architectes, bureaux dtudes, entreprises, tudiants, il est conu comme un outil de travail : il doit aussi bien guider lutilisateur dans ses choix de produit ou de solution que laccompagner dans la conception de nouvelles applications.

    De nombreux exemples de ralisations illustrent la varit dutilisations de ces produits ou solutions dArcelorMittal.

    Un index recense les producteurs, distributeurs, socits et professionnels cits en rfrence.

    Stainless steel in construction: ArcelorMittals offering

    ArcelorMittal, its subsidiaries and customers, offer numerous products or solutions in stainless steel. This brochure combines, in a single document, the entire standard offering presented by function: structure, floor, faade, roofing, fittings and decoration, street furniture, and hygiene.

    It has been designed as a working document for all current and future stakeholders in the construction industry, prime contractors, architects, engineering offices, contractors and students: it should both direct users in making their choice of product or solution, and assist them in designing new applications.

    Numerous examples illustrate the variety of applications of ArcelorMittal products or solutions.

    An index lists the producers, distributors, companies and professionals quoted in this guide.


    ArcelorMittalBuilding & Construction Support 5 rue Luigi-CherubiniF-93212 La-Plaine-Saint-Denis Tel : + 33 (0)1 71 92 16 86 Fax : + 33 (0)1 71 92 24 97 www.arcelormittal.comwww.constructalia.com

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    Ralisation / Produced byArcelorMittalBuilding & Construction Support (BCS)

    dition / Publishing1re dition : Cedam, Paris2e dition : Eve Jouannais

    Conception graphique / Graphic designHans Reychman, Paris

    Impression / PrintingQatena

    Nous remercions toutes les personnes qui nous ont aids raliser cette publication / We wish to thank all those who assisted us in producing this publication.

    Ce document est titre purement informatif. Il ne constitue pas un engagement contractuel / This document is intended solely for information purposes. It does not constitute a contractual commitment.

    Couverture / Front coverAmphithtre de luniversit dEssex Colchester, Angleterre. The University of Essex lecture hall in Colchester, England.Patel Taylor architect. Ch. Wood

  • Lacier inoxydable dans la constructionStainless Steel in Construction

    IntroductionLacier inoxydable, matriau de construction / Stainless steel, a construction materialQuest-ce que linox ? / What is stainless steel?

    Les profils reconstitus souds (PRS) / Welded structural sectionsLes profils pour ossature lgre / Sections for lightweight framesLes tubes / Tubes

    Les faades en tle mince / Thin sheet faadesLes tles nervures / Ribbed sheetsLes parements et cassettes / Facings and cassettesLes panneaux sandwichs / Sandwich panelsLes faades en tle paisse / Thick sheet faadesLes structures de faade verre-inox / Glass-stainless steel faade structuresLes couvertures en inox tam / Roofing in tinned stainless steelLes couvertures en Ugitop et Ugipass / Ugitop and Ugipass roofingLes surtoitures / Overlay roofsLes toitures sur mesure / Custom roofsLes accessoires / AccessoriesLes panneaux solaires / Solar panelsLes tubes et rambardes / Tubes and guardrailsLes tles ajoures / Perforated sheetsLes portes et fentres / Doors and windowsLes sols / FloorsLes conduits de chemine / Flue pipesLes conduits sanitaires / Domestic water pipesLes escaliers roulants et ascenseurs / Escalators and liftsLinox duplex en structure / Duplex stainless steel in structureAccessoires et amnagements de pont / Bridge accessories and fittings Les jeux pour enfants / Childrens play facilitiesMobilier urbain / Street furnitureLes piscines / Swimming poolsLes panneaux froids / Cold panelsLes cuisines / KitchensLes produits plats en inox / Flat stainless steel productsColoration par plasma / Plasma colouringColoration par procd inox-spectral / Inox-spectral colouring processLes traitements en usine / Mill treatmentsLes finitions polies et brosses / Polished and brushed finishesLes finitions graves, bouchonnes / Textured, etched and circle finishesGrenailles, microbilles, sables / Shot, micropeened, sandblasted

    Carnet dadresses / Addresses


    Plancher / FloorFaade

    Couverture / Roofing

    quipements / Fittings

    Ponts et passerelles / Bridges and footbridges

    quipements urbains / Urban facilities

    Hygine / Hygiene

    Bobines / CoilsColoration / Colours

    Traitements de surface / Finishes









  • The use of stainless steel, a prime example of a long-lasting and recyclable material, has steadily increased over the past two decades: what better proof than its increasing place in our everyday life.

    This material offers a wide range of surface finishes and so contributes to enhancing the aesthetic appearance of many structures and applications. Matt, gloss, brushed, engraved, micropellet blasted, woven or coloured, it is found used on faades, roofs and decorative finishes, as well as for other functions in buildings, such as the structure or floors.

    Synonymous with hygiene, easy maintenance and durability, stainless steel is now a reference material for many applications: street furniture, kitchens, childrens playgrounds, Olympic swimming pools...

    Its ability to blend easily with other materials is the crowning touch and places stainless steel among the foremost materials used by the construction industry.

    Lacier inoxydable, matriau prenne et recyclable par excellence, voit son utilisation crotre rgulirement depuis vingt ans : pour preuve, sa place grandissante dans notre quotidien.

    Ce matriau offre une large gamme daspects de surface et contribue ainsi rehausser lesthtique de nombreuses ralisations. Quil soit mat, brillant, poli, grav, microbill, tiss, color on le retrouve non seulement en faade, couverture et dcoration, mais aussi dans dautres fonctions douvrage, comme la structure ou les planchers.

    Synonyme dhygine, dentretien ais et de durabilit, lacier inoxydable devient matriau de rfrence : mobilier urbain, cuisine, aire de jeux pour enfants, piscine olympique

    Produit aux multiples facettes et aux usages varis, lacier inoxydable a dsormais acquis une place de choix dans la construction.

    Lacier inoxydable / Stainless steel2

  • Lacier inoxydable / Stainless steel 3

    Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chromium, and sometimes nickel and other metals, which has excellent resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, it is aesthetic, hygienic, easy to maintain, recyclable, has a wide variety of finishes and is used in the manufacture of many everyday objects. Commonly used on building exteriors for faades or roofs, it is ideal for cladding uses, metalworking and interior decorative finishes. Finally, it blends extremely well with other materials, not least of which glass, but also timber, concrete, composites, and so on.

    Stainless steel use is relatively recent and really only started to develop in the 1920s. The principle of alloying iron and chromium dates back to 1821, but it was only in 1904 that it was realised that the presence of carbon inhibited the resistance to corrosion. That year, Frenchman Lon Guillet produced low carbon stainless steel.

    It was in 1912 that austenitic stainless steel appeared for the first time when Eduard Maurer and Krupp filed a patent for the manufacture of stainless steel 18/8, that is, containing 18% chromium and 8% nickel. In 1913, Englishman Harry Brearley developed martensitic stainless steel for cutlery.

    The manufacturing techniques and the compositions were refined between the two World Wars. In France, the stainless steel production develops in the 1930s thanks to the refining process developed by Ren Perrin. At the same time, numerous patents were filed covering finishing techniques and surface

    Lacier inoxydable est un alliage de fer, de chrome, ventuellement de nickel et dautres mtaux, qui prsente une excellente rsistance la corrosion. Il est en outre esthtique, hyginique, facile entretenir, recyclable, offre une grande varit daspects et entre dans la fabrication de nombreux objets quotidiens. Couramment utilis en extrieur pour les faades ou les toitures, il se prte merveille une mise en uvre en habillage, mtallerie ou dcoration intrieure.

    Linox est un matriau relativement rcent dont lusage ne sest dvelopp qu partir des annes 1920. Le principe dallier fer et chrome remonte 1821, mais ce nest quen 1904 que lon saperoit que la prsence de carbone inhibe la rsistance la corrosion. Le F