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  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    French for 'joy of living', the Joie de Vivre is designed to access the childlike energyin each one of us to help stimulate, enhance, and inspire joy in our own lives. A trulyfantastical people, the living beings in the Joie de Vivre realm are all sentient souls oflove who want nothing but the best for those who take a journey through their world.An amplifier of intuition and a connection to the divine source, they hope the Joie deVivre deck will help awaken a response from deep within your heart, mind, and spirit.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot




    Keywords: Spontaneity, beginning, freedom, curiosity, intuition.

    Aiming for the sky, Jaunt begins to spread her wings as she leans forward to smell a

    rare flower. Her bat companion, Prudence, pulls at her belt in an attempt to save herfrom the monster-infested water below, as Jaunt seems to have not yet noticed she's atthe edge of a cliff. A spider dangles from its web on her staff, a reminder that she's incharge of weaving her own life. Venturing forth with a fresh start, J aunt embodies thespirit of free-will and discovery. She believes in herself, knowing that her possibilitiesare endless. Trusting intuition over reason, she's in a constant and courageous pursuitof knowledge.

    Trust your inner-voice to guide you to travel the road which is best for you. Operatefrom the essence of your true self, and use your energy wisely. Look beyond thehorizon for opportunities. See the world with new eyes to appreciate the beauty within

    and around you. Be inspired, and follow the magic that life has to offer while on thepath of self-development.

    Reversed: Recklessness. Resistance toward new beginnings. Unwise choices made byimpulse alone.


    Keywords: Action, power, ingenuity, energy, concentration.

    Materializing from a golden lamp, a shapeshifting magician, Prezto, combines theelemental powers of a wand, cup, sword and coin. Thoughtforms flow from the top ofhis hat, manifesting into physical form. He conducts his wizardry in a field of poppies,as such flowers embody the spirit of magic, dreams, and imagination. Tapping intouniversal energies, Prezto puts ideas into action. He possesses all the personal powerneeded to manage all circumstances faced as he draws down inspiration from thedivine. His ghostly rabbit companion, Hocus, forms the lemniscate, the symbol of


    Believe that all things are possible! With the power to create magic in your life, youare the ruler of your own reality. Use your skills and self-discipline to conjure creativeideas into reality. Act with confidence, focus, and clear intentions.

    Reversed: Ill-intentions. Mental confusion. Lack of willpower.


    Keywords: Mystery, intuition, knowledge, spirituality, dreams.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    Lifting the shrouds of her ghostly veil, the high priestess, Enigma, is connected to thedivine mysteries of nature. A pair of twin cats, Delphic and Orphic, sit upon thecrescent moon of intuition; they are the divine keepers of secrets. All that comes intocreation must first pass through Enigma and her two loyal watchers who stand oneither side of her, Premonition and Perception. Lotus flowers of knowledge spiral

    from her veil and from the top of her head, linking her with unseen forces. Thepomegranate at her naval is filled with the seeds of life, tapping into ancientknowledge. As the guardian of wisdom and magic, her awareness of the mind and allspiritual matters assist in offering greater understanding.

    You have the power to tune into your natural ability to access your higher self -- yourpsychic self. Mysteries will reveal themselves to you. Guided by your intuition,choices and reactions are coming directly from your subconscious. Your intuitivesense provides useful, and keeps you in touch with your inner-wisdom.

    Reversed: Acquiring superficial knowledge. Secrets. Repressed feelings.


    Keywords: Abundance, nurture, creativity, beauty, growth.

    Containing the life-force that gives birth to all creation, the empress, Blossom, wearsa nest of eggs on her head. They're ready to hatch and partake in the nurturing comfortshe offers. Skulls decorating her dress exemplify transformation and rebirth, as thefull-circle of creation is laced within her spirit. Fruitful with earthly gifts, Blossom isa beacon of delight and opulence. Her dress of lush green leaves pulsates withpromises of bounty and well-being.

    Open your heart, enjoy life, and allow your creative impulses to take effect and revealyour innate abilities. Be assured that by nurturing your ideas, you can clear a path forpositive energies and bring forth beautiful things.

    Reversed: Blocked creativity. Being overprotective. Lack of harmony.


    Keywords: Structure, willpower, authority, practicality, control.

    The confident and structured emperor, Eminence, has earned his wisdom throughexperience. His ram's antlers and warrior headgear are a reminder of his greatleadership and authority. His dragon companions, Order and Conviction, stand by himin the coordination of systematic plans. In a position of strength, Eminence is clothedin sunlight gold, symbolic of growth and comfort. He's an ideal source of advice dueto his scrutinizing ability to see through the most clever of disguises. He is defender

    of the vulnerable, and rejector of the lazy.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    Have confidence in your ability to embrace control and structure in your life.Consider all facts, remain grounded, and be motivated. Discover and make use ofyour inner-strength, as this is what makes you a leader. Connection with disciplinewill bring you closer to realizing goals.

    Reversed: Irresponsibility. Criticism. Loss of authority.


    Keywords: Education, tradition, wisdom, inspiration, philosophical.

    Reading rituals from a bookflower, the hierophant, Mentor, is always in pursuit ofknowledge. A spiritual adviser, he's a wise teacher and keeper of esoteric knowledge.In the summoning of deeper understanding, bells are rung by accomplices on either

    side of him. Standing tall and confident in his teachings, he lays down the foundationfor a belief system, drawing security and comfort from his roots. His experience giveshim the wisdom needed to teach others well. His great mission is to spread the wordof divine spirit.

    Gain wisdom by nurturing your spirit, and pass down the wisdom you've gained. Withyour good intentions and discipline, seek trustworthy advice from others who offergreat knowledge. Devote yourself to a new life ritual or routine that complimentspersonal growth.

    Reversed: Breaking the rules. Group pressure. Conflict with a figure of authority.


    Keywords: Communication, choice, love, trust, passion.

    Orpheus and Eurydice ride their spirited animal companions, Amour and Amity. Themutual trust of the lovers gives them the strength and confidence to continue their

    journey together, despite any bumps or barriers that may come their way. The lovershave surrendered their hearts and spirits to the profound energy of love itself. Theyhold hands and gaze into one another's eyes in acknowledgment of their emotional

    connection. A letter-carrying bird flies overhead, signifying the importance ofcommunication and the establishment of bonds.

    By stepping out of the shadow of fear, you step into the light of love. Celebrate theloving spirit and passion within yourself, and you'll be in touch with the universalpower of love. Mutual trust and perfect communication in a relationship gives theconfidence needed to overcome any obstacles. Y our soul knows when it's foundsomething it requires; have assurance in your heart and core values to help guide youto the right path, and weigh your options before coming to a decision. Stay true toyourself.

    Reversed: Inner conflicts. An unbalanced relationship. Lack of trust.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot




    Keywords: Focus, control, skill, action, control.

    With fortitude and self-control, Madam Chariotte maintains control of her seashellchariot by managing her headstrong seahorse companions, Fire and Ice. They attempttry to guide her in conflicting directions, but her sheer determination keeps her fromdiverging from her path of choice. With the strength of the sun glowing from within,she moves forward with faith and motivation.

    By managing the reins of your mind and maintaining your will to proceed, youawaken powers within to stay on course. With courage and focus as your drivingforce, you can successfully overcome obstacles in your journey toward well-being andvictory.

    Reversed: Indecision. Loss of control. Delays.


    Keywords: Compassion, patience, balance, healing, strength.

    Patience embraces a winged lion, Intrepid, who is the physical manifestation of her

    inner-beast and inner-strength. Fear and anger are swiftly replaced with compassionand creativity. They're in a great oak tree which, like Patience and Intrepid, continuesto stand strong regardless of the many storms it's prevailed in life. The stars twinkle inrecognition of the strength of love.

    With patience, you will triumph over challenges that lie ahead, while maintainingcalmness. Ride out the storm and face your fears; do not give up when you're so closeto getting through a trying situation. Have faith of your own ability to endure, andcome out stronger from the experience. Through it all, you will be where you aresupposed to be, and it will be for the best.

    Reversed: Dependency. Mistrust. Fear of facing a situation.


    Keywords: Solitude, retreat, enlightenment, meditation, wisdom.

    Eremite, a gentle hermit, named stands alone at the tip of the tallest mountain. Thelight of his lantern contains the star of wisdom, leading the way through the dark ofnight. His solitude connects him deeply to the inner mysteries of his mind, bringinghim closer to obtaining a higher level of enlightenment. A dragonfly, in search of atrusted guide, quietly accompanies Eremite on his journey.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    This is a good time to reflect upon which path is right for you. A time of undisturbedretreat allows the mind to regroup and the soul to replenish. When you reflectinwardly and listen to your inner voice, you'll find the healing, wisdom, and truth.

    Reversed: Isolation. Loneliness. Disregarding advice.


    Keywords: Change, revolution, cycles, movement, fortune.

    Juggling the moon cycles, Orbit is the spirit of constant change, infinitely setting anew tempo in lifes heartbeat as he shifts forward from season to season. Perpetuallyin motion and always evolving, Orbit's wheel of eternity never stops turning. A pair ofcuckoo-clock birds, Time and Space, fly counter-clockwise around him, monitoring

    actions and reactions.

    Everything is in motion and in a state of constant change, and your actions have adirect correlation to what happens in the future. Seek and recognize the cycles andpatterns of life, for every turning point effects a personal transformation incircumstance and perspective. In the midst of unstoppable change, opportunities willpresent themselves for a limited time -- take action in that moment so as not to loseout on lucky chances that spin your way. You are the creator of your own luck, andfollower of your own destiny.

    Reversed: Missing opportunities. Resisting change. A bad run of luck.


    Keywords:Truth, balance, fairness, equality, harmony.

    The dependable Lady J ustice stands for a true balance of the conscious and thesubconscious mind. She is in harmony with the balance between cause and effect.Weighing all sides with fairness and full awareness, Lady Justice stands for what is

    right and determines the best course of action with care. Her furry green companion,Creed, stays by her side, displaying before her a golden set of balanced scales.

    A choice must be made in order for you to take a new direction in life. As alldecisions influence the course of fate, give careful consideration by exploringdifferent points of view. When examining choices, find a balance between yourconscience and inner desires. By remaining honest in your actions and acting withintegrity, fate will turn in your favor. With greater balance within, you create morehappiness in your life.

    Reversed: Dishonesty. Setbacks. Abuse of power.


  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    Keywords: Contemplation, patience, endurance, surrender, devotion.

    In a period of waiting, Ponder surrenders to a calm disposition of contemplation whilehanging by his tail from a tree branch. The stars he's balancing are symbols of hisspiritual development and higher wisdom. He sees the world from a new angle, and

    grows more accepting of simply what is. Gifted with patience, Ponder holds a freshperspective that his newfound wisdom brings, moving beyond his once limitedconsciousness.

    Stop, and change the tempo. In a patient and quieted state of being, you can relax andreflect in the act of sorting thoughts and ideas, which in turn will help you find a newway to deal with a situation. Let go of old patterns that get you nowhere.

    Reversed: Loss of perspective. Arrogance. Wasted efforts.


    Keywords:Transformation, transition, rebirth, change, inevitability.

    With hope for the future and a heart beating fast, Metamorphosis is embarking on avoyage from the known into the unknown. On her bat companion named Destiny,they soar through an inter-dimensional tunnel and toward the star of rebirth. Herblood-red flower loses its petals along the way, an indication of the shedding of thephysical.

    Without death there would be no change, only gradual inertia. Change is necessary forbringing forth new phases in life; transforming old life into new life. Death is not anending, but rather a gateway into infinity. It's part of an exceptional cycle where thepast is the infrastructure for the future. What can be seen as destructive is, in truth, theopportunity for transitioning toward something much greater.

    Reversed: Resisting transformation. Lack of sympathy. Inability to deal with grief.


    Keywords: Connection, balance, blending, innovation, unity.

    Lady Temperance blends hot and cold, sun and moon, light and dark -- combining theunconscious and conscious into a flourishing balance. An alchemist, she achievesequilibrium and guides cooperation by combining forces. Moderator between theoutside-world and inner-world, she carries masks of happiness and sadness, and herhair is a perfect balance of fire and water.

    The resolution of conflict requires compromise and cooperation. The combination ofopposites makes for the ideal mixture, and increases your ability to adapt to change.

    The blending of shadow and light, realism and fantasy, joy and melancholy, all hold anatural synergy, keeping spirit and mind in a place of essential balance.

    Reversed: Being uncooperative. Disharmony. Bad combinations.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot




    Keywords: Illusion, temptation, ambition, willpower, enlightenment.

    With an obsession for the material, a charming yet cunning devil, Deception, has

    bound himself to his treasure chest. Those who have submitted to his influence areworn around his waist for the purpose of feeding his smugness and to remind others ofhis power. Though Deception wears an expression of self-contentment, his garish hatportrays the expression of despair. With a love for instilling fear in order to maintainauthority, Deception laughs mockingly, believing that a marionette, Flee, is his to playwith forever. However, Flee refuses to dance to the tune control any longer, and hasanother plan in motion. Preparing to cut the strings that bind him, Flee is momentsfrom breaking free from the bonds of limitation.

    The devil is a metaphor of our own behaviors and attachments. You possess your owninner-power to live a life that is healthy and productive. Look within, be aware of

    your impulses, and learn how to control them. By facing your fears, you'll findfreedom and the realization that you have the power to choose and to carve your ownpathway, with no strings attached.

    Reversed: Unhealthy addictions and obsessions. Emotional dependancy. Beingmisunderstood.


    Keywords: Release, revelation, awakening, freedom, reality.

    Hurling downward from her tower of illusion, Discordia is rescued by butterflies,manifestations of her self-empowerment. The monster of the crumbling tower is thespirit of upheaval, breaking through fabrication and disrupting plans. Falling, yetdrifting back to reality with her inner-strength intact, Discordia's old ways of thinkingare replaced with a new level of consciousness. She knows she will arise stronger andwiser.

    Regardless of how difficult a change can be, soul-shaking experiences are necessaryin bringing you out of your comfort zone. Shifts in life are eye-opening experiences,waking you up from a fog and guiding you toward a burst of insight for further

    growth and evolution.

    Reversed: Internal conflict. Confrontation with problems. Inability to handle change.


    Keywords: Rejuvenation, harmony, faith, enlightenment, wisdom.

    Filled with glittering faith,Vega meditates on the star of serenity. She's grateful for herincreasing sense of fulfillment as she makes continual progress toward her goals.Vega renews both the subconscious and the material world with her pitchers of water,

    one holding the sun's energy and the other holding the moon's energy. The ladybug, asymbol of trust, whispers messages of happiness in her ear.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    Hope emerges from the darkness, illuminating your path of enlightenment like a star.Your journey dawns light on the universe within, and your inspired heart increasesyour intuitive abilities. Follow the light of the star, for it will lead you back to theright path. Have faith in your inner-divinity and in the powers of universal spirit.

    Reversed: Discouragement. Dwelling on negativity. Poor choices.


    Keywords: Emotion, influence, intuition, cycles, dreams.

    Seizing a moment of moonkissed inspiration, Phantasm weaves a haunting song onhis violin, set with a rhythm that coincides with the moon's mysterious pulse. Histhree owl companions named Daze, Haze, and Maze are the keepers of vivid dreams.Illuminating hidden truths, the moon's energy brings clarity to the surface.

    Listen carefully to your inner-wisdom. It will help interpret veiled messages from theunconscious, and will shine light on higher levels of understanding. J ourney into yoursoul and unearth your anxieties and fears; release them so that they no longer hauntyou. The only way out is through, and the moon's mysterious light can help youreclaim your true spirit. Trust your intuition as you walk your path, and create a life ofyour own imagination and design. Magic is within.

    Reversed: Bad judgement. Lies. Suppression of intuition.


    Keywords: Enlightenment, energy, growth, vibrancy, bliss.

    Drifting through the sky on a seahorse named Light, Flare carries a message of cosmiclove and joy. His heart holds a flaming connection to the sun itself. With a childlikeperspective, Flare's intentions are pure and his energy is vibrant.

    The sun, with its life-giving power and warmth, banishes the darkness so that youmay see your path with clarity. The sun's energy will cleanse and energize your spirit,so carry the spirit of the sun within, and carry it with confidence! Y our inner-strengthradiates when you allow your highest qualities to shine.

    Reversed: Uncertainty. Selfishness. A burning out of energy.


    Keywords: Awakening, transformation, honesty, rebirth, absolution.

    Renaissance emerges from the dark flames of stagnation, answering his highestcalling. Soaring toward the heartlight in the sky, he plays an exuberant song of inner-awakening. Feeling renewed after a state of transformation, he sees everything in anew light. With joy in his heart, Renaissance now understands what he must set out to


  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    You are empowered to create the life you want to live. The past cannot be changed,but you can influence the present and future by changing your life for the better. Thepast is meant to be learned from, accepted and overcome. Let go of regret, let it be,and rise anew like a phoenix from a flame. Your past self is in repair, and your presentself is awakening to a greater level of spiritual clarity. Go forth by practicing good

    judgement with the wisdom you've gained; the path you take is your choice.

    Reversed: Unable to break through difficult times. Jumping to conclusions.


    Keywords: Fulfillment, achievement, enrichment, reward, unity.

    Vitality, a winged mer-lion, guards a flourishing sphere, a spiritual manifestation ofthe world. He protects and nurtures the sphere, for it is a direct link to the world'sdynamic harmony and powerful abundance. A rabbit named Unity lives inside the

    sphere, dispersing the spirit of joy and happiness to all.

    The world brings a feeling of accomplishment and realization as everything is comingto fruition. From a successfully completed cycle evolves a fantastic new beginningwith new exciting challenges. Positive efforts are rewarded with progress for yourselfand for those around you. By envisioning just how everything around you isinterconnected, your very spirit is energized with a sense of fulfillment, and isbalanced with a knowingness that things are as they should be.

    Reversed: Carelessness in planning. Lack of enthusiasm.


    Keywords: Creativity, beginnings, energy, direction, intuition.

    Setting forth confidently on her new adventure, Spark holds a flaming star of lifeforcewithin. Her sunlight wand glows with radiant light. Prowess, her lion companion, is aguide as she takes on a challenging task. A roar of energy runs through her blood asSpark and Prowess forge ahead into the dawn of exhilarating inspiration.

    Follow your intuition as you forge boldly ahead in your desired direction with

    enthusiasm and passion. Discover your own voice, and draw down the manifestationof your vision. A spiritual awakening will take place while considering options thatawait. There's good reason to remain optimistic about your future!

    Reversed: Blocked spiritual evolution. Recklessness. Frustration.


    Keywords: Reflection, intuition, discovery, imagination, preparation.

    Holding a miniature world in her hand, Muse taps into her intuition in order to gain

    clarity before embarking on a new adventure. She and her owl companion, Wonder,reflect on past efforts. Moon and sun wands on either side of her connect polarized

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    energy. With a peaceful mind and calm heart, she's more aware of her potential, anduses her energy wisely.

    The world is yours to discover. Your hard work and creative powers are setting ideasinto action. Step back and allow the world you've conjured for yourself spread its

    wings, remaining patient as your intuitive vision manifests. By aligning yourself tothe harmony of the universe, the achievement of your dreams is far more possible.Something beneficial will come to fruition.

    Reversed: Losing momentum after a good start. Short sighted goals. Lack ofdirection.


    Keywords: Foresight, ventures, confidence. vision, imagination.

    It's time for Moxie to set out on her exciting journey and make things happen! Shehovers in anticipation, bearing the desire to blaze a trail into uncharted territory. Threelittle sunny companions patiently float around her she formulates a clear plan ofaction before setting out.

    The perfect balance of your willpower and action will move you forth with spiritualand intellectual harmony. Recognize all you have to offer as well as all that you needin return. Your creative flame will set things in motion, bringing you closer to yourdreams. Remain confident with you ideas, and stay focused on your intentions. Yourentrepreneurial spirit will bear new opportunities and new perspectives.

    Reversed: A false start. Cancellation of plans. Ulterior motives. Carelessness.Creative blocks.


    Keywords: Vitality, growth, celebration, partnership, stability.

    Beltane and her loyal friends Razzle and Dazzle partake in a celebratory ceremony.They're filled to the brim with enthusiasm and the simple joy of being alive. In theenergetic spirit of togetherness, they prosper in the rewards of past ventures. Beltane

    holds a garland into the shape of a heart. In a blessing of the homestead, Razzle andDazzle hold birdhouses.

    You've worked hard, and it's time to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor!Relax for awhile and enjoy the company of friends and family. Follow a triumph ofachievements with the continual building of your future; this will help put things inmotion for intended goals to be realized.

    Reversed: Shaky relationships. Lack of pleasure. Exclusivity and snobbery.


    Keywords: Strategy, challenge, competition, disruption, assertiveness.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    In a scuffle, Rumble the tree and Fray the boy have their own strategy about how tobring their ideas to fruition. Fueling the fire of debate, they clank their wandstogether. In attempting to define their objectives, they may choose to draw uponirrational energy, or they could put their energy to good use by bringing out the besteffort in the other in the spirit of healthy competition. They're the dynamic force

    between spirit and matter.

    When faced with an internal struggle, you have the inner-strength to handle itconstructively. Creative visions bring creative conflicts. Persistence and moralcourage will help you overcome any obstacles. With the right attitude, conflict can beproductive. Put forth your best efforts in attaining goals you've set in your life. Withchallenge comes the opportunity for learning, change, and growth. Outsidesuggestions can often prove helpful.

    Reversed: Deception and trickery. Unnecessary competitiveness. Situations gettingnasty.


    Keywords: Motivation, victory, success, grace, recognition.

    There's a metamorphosis taking place within Delight. She'd been striving to grasp herdreams, and she's now experiencing a victory after overcoming obstacles. Butterfliessoar out from under her hat. Pizzazz, her little mouse friend, played a role in helpingDelight achieve her dreams, and for this she's appreciative. He stands proudly on hercandy-cane wand as she dances with a triumphant heart.

    By resolving issues in a diplomatic and graceful manner, satisfaction can be achieved.Through hard work, you begin to accomplish the success you've dreamed of. Reapyour rewards and enjoy your fruits of victory!

    Reversed: Unrecognized efforts. Arrogance and pride. Fear over the outcome of asituation.


    Keywords: Courage, persistence, victory, opposition, integrity.

    With the power of conviction radiating from within, Beam bears the courage toremain true to his own constructive ambitions. The desperately mundane townsfolk donot approve of his creativity, but Beam refuses to back down. He strives to defend theopportunity to make his dreams come true, no matter what others think. Over greatodds, he shall triumph.

    Stand your ground, and never surrender! Be a leader by going forth with fortitude, anddefend that which you love. Be prepared to meet any challenge that come your way.Remain true to what you believe in and hold on to your unique vision. Let yourintegrity guide you, and victory shall be close at hand.

    Reversed: Being taken advantage of. Feelings of inadequacy. Quarreling.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot




    Keywords: Direction, boldness, activation, passion, acceleration.

    Aiming high, the courageous astromouse, Nucleus, ventures across the galaxy with a

    take-charge energy that will break down all obstacles. One-eyed aliens, Zoom andBoom, help guide him in the right direction as he forges ahead with powerfuldetermination.

    Shoot for the stars! Take things in stride, but hold nothing back. With a burst ofenergy, you can clear away negativity and open up channels of communication whichwill kick-start things in motion. You'll discover spontaneous possibilities for solvingproblems.

    Reversed: Delays. Carelessness. J ealousy.


    Keywords: Determination, protection, preparedness, patience, virtuousness.

    Defending his position, Roar is a loyal and courageous lion. Standing fiercely in acircle of wands, he's infused with the power to deal with whatever challenge comeshis way. Despite his past wounds, Roar will see any quest through to its conclusion.

    Even in times of stress and opposition, you have the inner-strength needed to guideyou toward your goals. If you're knocked down, get back up. Setbacks can be defeatedthrough sheer determination and willpower. Be patient while defending your beliefs,and proceed carefully. You'll eventually be met with victory.

    Reversed: Fear of responsibility. Obstacles. Surrender.


    Keywords: Willpower, burden, difficulty, overextension, retreat.

    Toil struggles to collect more wands than she may be able to handle at once. Shemakes great effort at balancing the bundle as she picks up the tenth wands with her

    tail. Toil has great willpower and aims to persevere, but her many wands could tumbledown at anytime.

    Despite the daunting nature of the task, the end result is worth the hard work. Yet, ifoverwhelmed with a neverending uphill struggle, show yourself kindness byrefraining from too many commitments at once. You may need to relax and take aretreat. Y ou'll return to your tasks with restored energy and renewed focus.

    Reversed: Overburdened to the point of collapse. Laying burdens on others. Lack offaith.


  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    Keywords: Adventure, confidence, creativity, initiative, education.

    Carny, the dazzling page of wands, dances his dreams and desires out loud.Delivering a message of joy, he plays his horn for all to hear, spreading inspiration tothose around him. The fire of his passion is always brimming with hunger for new

    adventures. A letter-carrying bluebird of happiness flies overhead.

    A fresh perspective will bring new adventures and ideas that are waiting to be set inmotion. Creative restlessness within is ready to burst forth. Be inventive in yourapproach, and find a new area of self-expression. With a heartful of courage, bedaring. Potential is unlimited!

    Reversed: Becoming bored easily. Projects left incomplete. Being uncooperative.


    Keywords: Energy, daring, passion, courage, supportiveness.

    Sprinting through the countryside with a flurry of energy, the dynamic knight ofwands, Blaze, is always in a state of motion and change. Burning a trail, his fearlessdrive and ideas will lead him to success. His noble and generous heart renders himwilling to help those in need.

    Step into the light of your own strength, and move forward with confidence! You cantackle what others avoid by boldly going where no one has gone before. Takeadvantage of new opportunities and give it your all; a new direction will reveals itself.

    Reversed: Losing interest. Exaggerating accomplishments. Foolhardiness.


    Keywords: Nurture, motivation, inspiration, balance, happiness.

    The queen of wands, Queen Zest, bears the courageous heart of a lioness. Radiatinghealth and vitality, she showers her garden with love and the sunlit warmth of hervery spirit. Her garden is blooming with life, a result of her dedication and sunnydisposition. Self-assured and graceful, she's able to handle all situations at hand.

    Believe in yourself. Commit to challenges with confidence. Thoughtfulness towarddetails will help you create the best outcome to ensure lasting success. By sharingyour vision, you're helping to create a better world for all.

    Reversed: Short-tempered. Manipulation. Ego-centrism.


    Keywords: Innovation, integrity, vision, strength, charm.

    The dynamic king of wands, King Dynamo, is highly respected for his charismaticand intuitive leadership qualities. With a commanding presence, he theatrically rides

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    upon his equally brave flying lion named Gusto. King Dynamo is confident and daresto be different. Allowing his inspirations to take form, he passionately andcourageously moves forth as he pursues his dreams.

    Let yourself be inspired by this king's innovation and bold creativity by seizing the

    day and making the most of opportunities. Go forth with confidence as you commandyour efforts toward your goals. Be not concerned about what others think; make asplash, and lead the way!

    Reversed: Ill-tempered. Overbearing and pushy. Impulsive decisions.


    Keywords: Love, bliss, celebration, harmony, compassion.

    Living and breathing the spirit of love, Euphoria knows no end to the flow of beauty

    she draws forth and exudes. Her cup overflows with the waters of emotionalfulfillment. A sprite hovering above the cup holds the key to the heart, and three pinkdoves offer her loveberries.

    Magnetize spiritual knowledge by becoming more open and receptive, and let yourheartlight shine. A spiritual awakening will take place as the beginning of new desiresand emotions emerge. Trust your inner-voice; your caring nature will enhance psychicawareness. Listen to messages from within.

    Reversed: Emotional blocks. Unreasonable demands. Disappointment.


    Keywords: Unity, connection, communication, honesty, cooperation.

    A pair of owls, Ally and Kin, celebrate the establishment of their union. Standingtogether on a coiled branch, they hold either end of a garland of harmony and love.

    Their cups are overflowing with the waters of communication.

    When you meld with someone else or with a new project, spiritual riches are obtainedand lessons are learned. Confidence and certainty will open your heart to others

    without hesitation. Be certain you make the best choices, and communicate withclarity and truth.

    Reversed: A troubled relationship. Unsatisfactory love. Rivalry.


    Keywords: Celebration, joy, abundance, partnership, indulgence.

    Gleam, Glitter and Glow dance together in celebration of their blessings andachievements. Their dancing and music regenerates the heart's magic and replenishes

    the spirit's joy.Waters of vitality spring forth from three cupflowers on Glitter's head.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    Glow supplies a plethora of fruit, a symbol of abundance. The scarab beetle dancingat their feet carries a message of regeneration and creation.

    All that you've put effort toward begins to flourish. Celebrate your life's wellspring ofnourishment with loved ones and friends. Happiness and well-being bring forth

    feelings of healthy vitality and replenishment.

    Reversed: Over-indulgence. Addictions. Selfishness.


    Keywords: Epiphany, ideas, regroup, contemplation, perspective.

    Lost in gloom while gazing into a reflecting pool, Melancholique doesn't yet noticethe cups-of-opportunity hovering behind him. He doesn't yet notice friends who aremaking attempts at communication. With his hands over his heart, Melancholique

    awakens to realization. It is time for him to look outside the box. His inner-divinity --his true self -- is ever-present, and this can be depended upon for bringing forth hisfullest potential.

    When feelings of melancholy take over because of an overall discontentment,reevaluate your situation. Open yourself up to your inner-divinity, and fully embracethe endless abundance that flows naturally. The only limiting factor to your progressis you. Now is the time to focus on allowing your true self to emerge.

    Reversed: Requiring constant reassurance. Unappreciative of blessings. Self-deprecation.


    Keywords: Hope, solitude, disillusionment, disappointment, loss.

    Mourning for three dying cupflowers, Wistful forgets momentarily about the twovibrant cupflowers ahead of him, filled with the waters of emotional growth. Glowinggolden hearts spiral upward, waiting for him to open his eyes to a new frame of mind.

    When a situation seems bleak, there's always hope that something can be rescued

    from what is left, and built upon to make it greater than what was. As new prospectscome into your life, have faith that your needs can be met. Unrealistic expectationsresult in disappointment; accept the past and move onward with new energy. You'llsee the beauty in the future as you begin to reconnect with the magical side of life.

    Reversed: Anxiety. False starts. Difficulty in letting go.


    Keywords:Trust, harmony, nostalgia, community, innocence.

    Swimming side by side, Bliss and her mer-bunny friends, Charity and Innocence,appreciate the simple joys of life. Six cupflowers gently sway with the waters of

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    emotional contentment. Their peaceful, turquoise ocean ripples with harmony andbalance.

    The blending of tradition with new ideas is an energy harmonizer. Surround yourselfwith that which you remember and love, and appreciate the good in your life today,

    for inner-fulfillment will help you achieve your dreams. When looking back on thepast with wistful memories, bring forth that enthusiasm and implement it intoeveryday living. Analyze what was successful then, and update your actions to suityour current needs.

    Reversed: Longing for a past that is gone. Living in a dream. Exaggerated nostalgia.


    Keywords: Manifestation, choice, awareness, illusion, temptation.

    Confronted with flowers of opportunity, Wish must only focus on one, but isn't surewhich to choose. The choices presented are manifestations of her hopes and desires.She gazes in wonder and delight at the array of treasures each offers. She's tempted,yet she believes that she should leave them be until she's made careful consideration.Wish shall soon recognize which flower holds the greatest power to sustain her.

    Sometimes, several attractive choices are presented at once, which can be confusing.Give all opportunities heedful thought before jumping forth. Be grateful for what youhave, and understand that your intuitive energy will manifest the best resolution.

    Reversed: Inaction causing loss of opportunity. Insecurity. Emotional confusion.


    Keywords: Searching, transition, evolution, growth, motion.

    Setting sail into the sky to explore new horizons, Scout is in search of a new place of

    inspiration. Holding tight to eight balloon cups, he moves with the wind. He isn'tworried about the 'why' or 'how'. He simply trusts it will be as it should be, and that hewill experience a positive new direction in life.

    Trust your inner voice; let it be your guide as you open your eyes to a newperspective. Step boldly into a bright new future by letting go of the past and forgingahead. This is a time of contemplation and soul -searching as you drift onward andupward. When energy feels blocked, it will flow freely again when you openchannels.

    Reversed: Confusion over options. Fear in beginning a new journey.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot




    Keywords: Happiness, confidence, health, triumph, abundance.

    Felicity radiates with an inner-happiness that touches everyone with whom she comes

    into contact. Singing their praise for the addictive energy of joy, nine cups fly aroundher. A garden of happiness grows from the crown of her head. She revels in a sense ofcalmness and bliss.

    The manifestation of true happiness begins with the mind. Resonating as one with theuniverse leads to the fulfilling knowingness that your life is a blessing. Savor the littlethings in the here and now, and experience the infinite beauty within and around you.

    Reversed: Greed. Being self-centered. Superficiality.


    Keywords: Harmony, elation, abundance, community, achievement.

    Performing a dance of happiness, Merry and Mirth open-heartedly enjoy life withgratitude. Seven cupflowers hanging from the heavens and three spiraling up from theground emit a powerful sense of harmony. Their heart's laughter flows in an infinitestream as they share their joy with one another.

    With the blossoming of long-lasting happiness in love and spiritual matters, things areunfolding as they should be. Breathe in a sense of fulfillment, for it radiates from you.Sharing what you've learned with others helps maintain the restoration of inner-harmony.

    Reversed: Loss of friendship. Quarrels. Becoming anti-social.


    Keywords: Caring, calm, gentle, creative, dreamy.

    Reverie, the highly artistic page of cups, is a gentle messenger who loves deliveringbeautiful messages of creativity and emotion, which sprout from the crown of hishead. The ground he stands on is filled with swirling dreams in the making. Themessages he bears urges the recipient to trust their intuitive inclinations, and toembrace their child-like magic within.

    The beginning of a new creative venture ushers in the dawning of a new perspective.The creative flow knows no limits, and the power of imagination brings ideas intobeing. Dream a little dream -- dream a big dream, too -- and never stop listening toyour intuition.

    Reversed: Lack of motivation. Depression. Harmful gossip.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot




    Keywords: Passion, vision, confidence, energy, change.

    Intrigue, the passionate and poetic knight of cups, is the messenger of ideas andopportunities. Riding a fish named Zeal, he chases a cup. From the cup emerges abird, carrying a scroll of Intirgue's latest poem. Thoroughly in touch with his intuitiveand emotional side, the flirtatious Intrigue favors messages of love and romance. As adreamer, he's is prone to flights of fancy, but his overriding passion for achievementsets him into action toward turning dreams into reality.

    Peel away those self-made chains that have been keeping you from freedom orsuccess, and seek challenges that inspire you to unleash your creativity and passion. Anew opportunity can help you branch out into new ventures. By blending unlimited

    imagination with sheer logic (thinking with both your heart and head) you'll be in thedriver's seat in making your dreams come true.

    Reversed: Being controlled by emotions. Trickery. J umping to conclusions.


    Keywords: Inspiration, loving, intuition, empathy, artistic.

    Queen Grace, the queen of cups, gazes into her bowl of water, reflecting spiritualwisdom. She is deeply connected to the subconscious. With a heart full of poetry, shesings her song of inspiration in a dreamlike state of being. Loving and compassionate,she contains a depth of understanding in which she's willing to share. Creative poweris at her fingertips, making her an ideal teacher of intuition and artistic expression.

    Be guided by your inner-voice, and treat yourself with love and compassion,Emotional balance is necessary for the success of relationships and projects; practicean equal approach of intuition and wisdom in all situations. The balance of heart andmind will keep you inspired without allowing a world of fantasy to take over your


    Reversed: Feeling out of touch with emotions. Unspoken resentment. Manipulation.


    Keywords: Healing, harmony, communication, loyalty, integrity.

    King Serenity, the kind and patient king of cups, is a natural healer. Gathering energy

    from a cup of light, he takes action to spread his powers of repair those in need. Withhis gentle nature, he tends toward deep, philosophical thinking. He's loyal to his

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    purpose, and possesses great knowledge drawn from the heart. He often combinescreative powers and analytical thinking to great success.

    Express yourself in new ways, and do something you're passionate about; somethingthat nurtures your creative fire. Maintain control of your emotional reactions, and deal

    with others with diplomacy. By following the king of cup's loving and healing energy,you can balance your own needs along with your compassion toward others.

    Reversed: Emotional withdrawal. Dishonor. Injustice.


    Keywords: Vision, achievement, logic, justice, fortitude.

    Breaking through the clouds, Spirit thinks his way through all situations in his path,and remains undaunted by setbacks. A cat named Truth helps him see throughillusions. Peering through his telescope, he cuts away at old ways of thinking to makeway for a greater vision. A character of mental strength and justice, all that heendeavors shall be met with success.

    The dawn of a new idea brings forth innovation. New projects are on the horizon --face challenge with courage and honesty, for every challenge is met with opportunity.Clear away clouds that has kept you from visions brought forth from your mind's eye.Be clear and thoughtful about your intentions when beginning a new venture.

    Reversed: Fading willpo

    wer. Destructive use of intellect. Lack of clarity.


    Keywords: Choice, preparedness, avoidance, trust, patience.

    Unsure which way to go, Abeyance assumes a stance of preparation. The flying batspulling at her dress are persuading her to choose the direction they each feel may suit

    her best. But Abeyance waits patiently, weighing her choices carefully before makinga move. She's blindfolded, but her spiritual third-eye is all-seeing.

    Make wholehearted decisions with your best intentions, or let things stand as they areuntil you've considered all options. Perceive a situation with deeper clarity and insightby changing your perspective. Go with your gut, and follow your intuition. Takecomfort in a new sense of inner-peace that comes from finding a healthy and helpfulsolution.

    Keywords: Misleading advice. Sitting on the fence. Ignoring warning signs.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot




    Keywords: Repair, conflict, focus, disappointment, clarity.

    Embracing a heart punctured by three swords, it's time for gloomy Chagrin to rest so

    that he can rebuild his energies. Guided by his inner-voice of revelation, Chagrin findscomfort in focusing on the beauty of the candlelight. The heartfelt process of repairhas begun.

    Through sorrow's shadow comes release, and the only way out is through. The arrivalof new and better actions to replace old ones may not have otherwise occurredwithout the transformation pain brings. In the midst of moving toward the light at theend of the tunnel, you begin the process of healing, obtaining clarity and strengthalong the path of recovery.

    Reversed: Continual dwelling upon past traumas. Loneliness. Mental disorder.


    Keywords: Retreat, rest, meditation, renewal, introspection.

    The sun is setting, and the atmosphere is filled with sweet serenity. A meditatingfaerie named Chrysalis has retreated to her sacred cocoon of soul-healing. Renewingher energy, she will emerge a butterfly.

    A regimen of solitude will help you recharge your batteries as you gather yourthoughts and feelings, drawing you closer to inner strength and confidence. In order togain perspective, you need to delve into a different place mentally. Allowing yourselfa period of rest is essential to the ushering in of solace and restored balance. After aperiod of relaxation, you'll be much more capable of coping with the daily stressors oflife.

    Reversed: Not taking responsibility in life. Depression. Illness.


    Keywords: Acceptance, action, conflict, change, sacrifice.

    Squabble and Quarrel are always in conflict. After a battle, one wins the jewels, whichshe displays prominently on her sword. She's gotten what she wanted. Yet, she isn't asfulfilled as she thought she'd be, for the true event happening here is the battle of theego. They will eventually come to realize that victory and pride are not worth the costof friendship and respect.

    Fight the urge to bite off more than you can chew. When a situation is too much tohandle, the best option is to step back with your pride and integrity intact, and you'llrise above the situation. You'll move toward a positive outcome by acceptinglimitations, and will feel victorious by accepting defeat. There's no sense in carrying

    around resentment or the desire to seek revenge. Reflect on your motivations and the

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    motivations of others. Reevaluate circumstances; there's always room for newdirections.

    Reversed: Intimidation. Maliciousness. False sense of victimization.


    Keywords:Transition, guidance, recovery, exploration, motion.

    After having escaped troubled waters, a swan named Passage carries Faith into thecalmness of still waters. Drifting toward the shimmering sunrise, Faith and Passagefind peace of mind and harmony.

    The nature of the spirit always desires to move upward and onward. There's an inwardchange taking place as you head away from troubles and move toward a place ofbalance. Change is in the air, and new hopeful situations await you. It's time to

    explore inner and outer worlds as you make the transition toward a better frame ofmind.

    Reversed: A postponed journey. Feeling trapped. Worrying.


    Keywords: Caution, impulsiveness, irrational, dishonesty, diplomacy.

    Running across the land with a bundle of stolen swords in his arms, Tom Foolery

    darts away with five stolen swords. He's creating upheaval just for the sake of it. He'llsoon have to come to terms that he's getting himself into a mess that won't be worthdealing with.

    When you feel your life is out of control, the rebelliousness within tends to pop up outof nowhere. You may be overtaken with a sense that your actions don't seem to makeany difference, even though they do make a difference. You may want to run away inavoidance of a situation, but running away could make the circumstance worse. It's atime to look inward and examine your own behavior toward yourself and others.Exercise caution, and identify your true allies. Take time to inspect those you workwith, and use diplomacy and honesty when dealing with others.

    Reversed: Assuming a victim mentality. Fear of responsibility. Reluctance tocomplete what's been started.


    Keywords: Freedom, vulnerability, illusion, fear, release.

    Exodus finally surpasses her feelings of confinement when she discovers her powerwithin. All along thinking she'd been trapped, her strong wings finally begin tospread. Transcending destiny, she's broken the rope that restricts her as her vital

    energy flows again.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    There's no sense in imprisoning your spirit. Doing so robs you of happiness. Set yourmind free of any limiting ideas that are holding you back from delving into newadventures. Cutting-edge approaches will get your mojo going. When faced withhaving to make a decision and are uncertain as to which way to go, give yourself timeto reflect and clear your mind.

    Reversed: Hanging on to old patterns of behavior. Interference. Entrapment.


    Keywords: Perspective, oppression, anxiety, hope, light.

    Frozen by fear, Woe sits in a tree, terrified by the piranah-like monsters around him.If only he were to look up and see the heartflowers dangling from the branches, he'ddiscover that a change in perspective will make all the difference in the world.

    When worry and anxiety overtake your life, it's time for some soul-searching andmind-healing. Change will begin once you recognize that you need a change, andeven a small change can make a big difference in your perspective. Release thosemental-fears, and have faith that there is always a solution. The darkest hour is beforethe dawn, and the sun shall soon be rising.

    Reversed: Distrust and suspicion. Total isolation


    Keywords: Realization, renewal, inevitability, endings, beginnings.

    Feeling at her lowest point, Lament unleashes the power of sheer will to lessen theimpact that turmoil brings. Kneeling by a river of new beginnings with a sword offortitude on her lap, she finds a fresh outlook until she finally gathers enough inner-strength to forge the dawn ahead. On the horizon, nine swords stand far away behindLament, proving that her worries are farther from her than she realizes.

    If hopes and dreams seem to have turned to dust, new ones shall indeed arise. Your

    thoughts today create tomorrow. That which has passed is beyond your power, andfrom the ashes of the heart's despair rises a phoenix of realization and renewal. Moveupward and onward and allow nothing to hold you back.

    Reversed: Fear of ruin. Temporary good fortune. Illusionary lifting of burdens.


    Keywords: Clarity, insight, practicality, intelligence, communication.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    Pursuit, the practical page of swords, navigates through situations well and seizes allopportunities that arise. In a stance of preparedness, he cuts straight to the heart of thematter. Clouds around him begin to clear. He's highly adaptable to changes, and hiscuriosity fuels his desire to learn. As a messenger of important news, Pursuit deliverstruth and insight.

    An opportunity for growth may come your way in the form of a dilemma, and you canmeet all challenges with reason and fortitude. Use your mental energy wisely.Rational thinking will help you make the most appropriate decision, and do thenecessary research before committing.

    Reversed: Lost confidence. Harsh manner of communication. Rebelliousness.


    Keywords: Valiance, righteous, charisma, headstrong, strategy.

    Dash, the charismatic knight of swords, conquers all in his path and succeeds in all hisventures. Charging forward with a passion for truth, he holds his sword up proudly.Riding his spirited companion named Pep, he calls for immediate action withfearlessness in his heart.

    With forceful aim and careful thought, put ideas into action! Have confidence thatthey'll come to fruition, regardless of any opposition. Analytical thinking combinedwith the creative force within shall harvest success in your pursuit.

    Reversed: Acting before thinking. Delays in plans. Conceit.


    Keywords: Independence, educated, authoritative, rational, intuitive.

    Dignified and analytical, the queen of swords, known as Queen Tenacious, is the great

    warrior queen. With a look of piercing assurance in her eyes, she stands strong andself-reliant. A garden of roses and thorns decorate her hair, symbolizing her balanceof tenderness and force. She evaluates and judges fair-mindedly without thedistraction of emotion. Fiercely independent, she gets to the heart of the matter withwisdom and clear headed observation.

    Conflicts of the past have earned you wisdom spiritual depth today. Protect yourviewpoint and fight for what is yours. Use the power of your mind to sort what needsto be done. Exercise good judgment based on your experience and observations.

    Reversed: Emotions distorting perception. Intolerance. Narrowmindedness.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot




    Keywords: Intellect, desire, logic, fairness, respect.

    King Sagacity, the king of swords, possesses the wisdom and courage to obtain all of

    his desires. His dove companion, Justice, helps him work against dishonesty. Logicaland trustworthy, King Sagacity seeks to cut away that which doesn't serve the highestgood. Firm yet kind-hearted, he can be relied upon for solving even the most difficultdilemmas.

    A shift in perspective will enable you to see things with added logic and clarity. Alignyour focus, willpower and intention to move forward in synergy. Listen well to thosewith more life experience than you for guidance and suggestions. With carefulconsideration and solid observations, you'll make wise decisions.

    Reversed: Lack of self-esteem. Being overly critical. Arrogance.


    Keywords: Opportunity, abundance, productivity, creativity, reward.

    With fresh energy, Fortuna is ready to embark upon new areas of development andgrowth. She wholeheartedly takes action toward attracting an abundance of spiritualand physical treasures into her life. With a sense of joy, Fortuna accepts suchtreasures from the universe, all awhile keeping at least one foot planted on the ground,letting her common sense guide her to success. Her wings begin to spread and giveher a lightness-of-being as she makes progress toward her goals. Her fairy mousecompanion, Strive, stays by her side.

    Go forth responsibly and accept gifts in the form of opportunities. When you'reproductive, these gifts are a sign that there is great potential and abundance is withinyour reach. By making the most of opportunities, you're creating your own reality. Beconfident in your abilities as you commit your efforts toward manifesting goodfortune.

    Reversed: Fear in beginning a new project. Misused wealth. A false sense of security.


    Keywords: Flexibility, motion, balance, focus, change.

    Going with the flow, yet navigating his desired direction, Flux is keeping everythingin harmony. With one foot on a wildly running lizard named Sprintly, Flux somehowmanages to juggle a pair of coins while remaining balanced. The turbulent sea is areminder that life is seldom an easy ride. Regardless of any situation, they rise aboveall challenges by remaining positive.

    Life is in constant motion. When you're flexible, you can go juggle an array of

    demands placed upon you while keeping things in balance. Sometimes the tides of lifeare calm, and other times tumultuous, but you can always triumph if you remain

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    adaptable to change while at the same time staying focused on your direction. If youfeel you're juggling too much at once, take time to contemplate and make time foryourself. . Review your course of action, and make any necessary changes.

    Reversed: Being pulled in too many directions. Inability to complete a project. Debt.


    Keywords: Progress, success, perseverance, teamwork, planning.

    Harmony shines as Soma, Pneuma, and Psyche combine their concentrated creativeenergies. Their state of meditation elevates raw creativity. Focused and committed,they cooperative well together and deliver quality workmanship, in turn beingrewarded with healthy progress. The shimmering golden coins are the fruits of theirwork.

    You are the master of your creativity and skills. With determination and focus, yourtalents and energy will be utilized to create something new and divine. Dedicationtoward your goal will flower growth and evolution. When teamwork is beneficial,map out a strategy and draw upon the ingenuity of the others for a successfullycompleted mission.

    Reversed: Impatience toward details. Boredom and preoccupation. Loss of direction.Overlooked talents.


    Keywords: Security, stability, prosperity, success, generosity.

    Rewarded for her longstanding efforts and endurance, Madam Dominion is financiallycomfortable. For this she is a practical lady indeed, yet her unwavering intent onstaying in one spot and guarding her possessions instead of investing them in herfuture keeps her from moving past the now. She knows wealth cannot buy emotionalsecurity, and that her wisdom and spirituality are the lasting treasures.

    Focus on making the best of what you have by combining practicality withenjoyment. It's wise to avoid unnecessary extravagance, yet life is not all about

    denying yourself the little pleasures by holding onto every penny. When grasping tootightly to what you have and building walls, the flow of energies are being blocked.The universe supplies a perpetual flow of abundance, and by making sound choices,you attract prosperity into your life in a balance of spirit and matter.

    Reversed: Stagnation. Greed and selfishness. Wasteful spending.


    Keywords: Restoration, determination, worry, struggle, awakening.

    Draped in a celestial veil, Vagabond finds five burning candles on his lonely path.They serve as a reminder that there's hope for better days ahead. The mesmerizing

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    flames of light are prompting him to take action do what he can with what he has. Thedivine connection to his present moment had been trumped by his anxiety. A spark ofcourage finally begins to emanate from within, propelling him back toward a path ofrestoration.

    The five of pentacles holds a flame within its shadow, guiding you into a muchneeded awakening of your inner-strength to deal with the challenges at hand. Newopportunities await, and a better way will be presented. Change tests emotionalboundaries, yet changes are lessons that bring spiritual wisdom. Channel yourthoughts and energy into your spiritual progress. Lift up your head and recognize thatthere is a way out.

    Reversed: Refusal to move past challenges. Opposition to change. Chaos.


    Keywords: Sharing, generosity, abundance, receiving, gratitude.

    A prosperous and generous rabbit named Benevolence puts his spare finances to gooduse by helping a friend in need. He presents a coin to Hopeful in a decorative box.Accepting an act of kindness with a grateful heart, Hopeful will put it to wise use.

    Love and kindness makes the world go 'round. Giving and receiving creates balanceand harmony. That which you give, you get back in abundance. Giving or receivingsomething of value isn't limited to finances; spiritual support and time are alwayshighly valued. Be cautious not to overspend.

    Reversed: Recklessness with money. Deceit or theft. Lack of foresight. Selfishness.


    Keywords: Reward, recognition, contemplation, evaluation, perseverance.

    A pair of fairydeer, Gratitude and Honor, planted a tiny seed. Through thick and thin,they were dedicated to nurturing this tree through its stages of growth. Ultimately,their seed had grown into a monument of beauty and grace. They pause for a momentof contemplation, reaping the rewards of their hard work.

    As ideas grow, they develop and evolve, and the outcome can carry great bounty,giving a sense of purpose and accomplishment. In the midst of working toward yourgoals, enjoy the process by reconnecting with your original intent; pause, reflect, andevaluate your choice of path.

    Reversed: Unexpected setbacks. Confusion regarding how to proceed. Impatience.


    Keywords: Productivity, invention, skill, dedication, innovation.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    Wearing a celestial cape of purple, a fox wizard named Magus toils away at a potion.He's 100% focused on his task at hand. Constructing the right magic, he raises energy,bringing forth a spectacle from the cauldron. The fruits of his labor, in the form ofcoins, hang from branches and decorate his hat. Through practice, his abilities havebecome exceptional.

    Put your energy toward building and utilizing your skills. You have a lot on your platethat needs to be accomplished. By committing yourself to the task at hand, the resultswill be better than imagined and will heed profitable ends. Enthusiasm and dedicationwill get you noticed.

    Reversed: Looking for the easy way out. Boredom with one's career. Too muchdependance upon others.


    Keywords: Prosperity, affluence, confidence, independence, growth.

    Lavish takes pleasure in soaring over her fertile garden each day, a manifestation ofthe fruitful accomplishment of all her desires. Splendor, her falcon companion, carriesa string of pink pearls, which are a gift for an old friend.

    With self-reliance and determination, you can enjoy the best life has to offer. Trustyour instincts, rely on your independence, and follow through on solid plans. Successcomes through foresight., and hard-earned achievements will reap the benefits.

    Reversed: Theft and corruption. A social climber. Belitting others.


    Keywords: Achievement, fulfillment, abundance, celebration, health.

    Counting their bountiful blessings, a lively unicorn, Jubilee, soars above ten shiningcoins that shimmer like the sun. His pixie friends, Glee and Spree, ride upon his backas they celebrate their heart's joy.

    Through the balance of material and spiritual abundance, tasks shall become fluentand rewarding. Have faith in yourself and in the achievements in your lifepath. Byconnecting to your heart's aspirations, the results will be healing and enriching. Thedivine power within is always in search of obtaining the highest attunement of joy andinner-peace. Take time to acknowledge the beauty and blessings around and withinyou.

    Reversed: Lack of appreciation. Financial loss.


  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot



    Keywords: Fascination, determination, curiosity, resourceful, learning.

    Marvel, the quiet page of coins, lives and breathes every activity with fascination.

    Attracted to his child-like enthusiasm, a succession of friends join him. With a lovefor learning, Marvel is easily distracted, and must remember to focus on one thing at atime. Thoughtful and curious, he reaches for a glowing coin; for in this he seesendless possibilities. His good instincts and inventive mind lead him to great newopportunities. He desires to obtain success by bringing plans to actuality and creatingpositive change.

    Expand your horizons by looking at life from a fresh perspective; a new way ofapproaching things is dawning. Nurture a new beginning so that it may flourish. Enjoylife's journey by reconnecting with the things you love to do; your passion andbrilliance will be rekindled. Focus on your goal, and allow yourself a break to

    recharge when needed.

    Reversed: Straying off course. Rebelliousness. Being too eager to give unwantedadvice.


    Keywords: Practical, patient, loyal, reliable, protective.

    The old-fashioned knight of coins, Dedication, sits thoughtfully upon a blue horsenamed Caution. With a coin shield in hand, he watches all from his quiet spot on ahill. He possesses the patience and perseverance to accomplish all his tasks. When hemakes a promise, he means it, and always sees it through. A dedicated worker, hispersistence is inexhaustible.

    Never back down from responsibility, and always hold true to your word. Devote yourtime and effort to see that a project wraps up successfully, staying in course with thebest plan of action. A project may be slow and steady, but by remaining grounded,your potential for success is great. To breakthrough any mundane tasks, bring a littlespontaneity into your life.

    Reversed: Delays. Poor planning. Lack of imagination.


    Keywords: Sensitive, nurture, abundance, manifestation, sensuous.

    Sitting beneath an arch of branches, the prosperous queen of coins, Queen Sumptuous,nurtures a coin in her arms. She pets her rabbit named Cherish, a personification ofher gentle nature. The clear brook at her feet generates the flow of abundance and lifeforce. Queen Sumptuous takes a simple approach to life, using imagination and logicto provide what's needed. With a protective and nurturing nature, she's always willing

    to help others. She enjoys her material wealth and is able to preserve her financialresources. She communicates well with animals, children, and all of nature.

  • 7/29/2019 Joie de Vivre Tarot


    Trusting in your abilities will bring success and financial security. Seek practicalsolutions to business and family matters. Be protective of your good fortune and thatof those you love. Using your sensibilities, you have the power to manifest a life ofyour own choosing.

    Reversed: Being a slave to one's own generosity. Suspicion and fear.


    Keywords: Reliable, prosperous, strong, stable, enterprising, virile.

    Standing proudly before his kingdom, the stable king of coins, King Fortune, has aknack of turning all he touches to gold. Holding a golden coinflower staff, he pausesto enjoy the beautiful gifts of the earth. Finding opportunity everywhere, he succeedsat whatever he sets his mind to. When he sets a goal, he pursues it with intentdetermination. King Fortune gives generously of his time and assets, for he realizesthat by giving more, one receives more.

    With steady, reliable competence, success can be yours. Maintain a calm approachand encourage the achievements of others, and consciously cultivate a positiveattitude. Y ou may find yourself in a new role of leadership.

    Reversed: Recurring financial problems. Being controlled by possessions.Corruption.