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HASHTAGS, HANDLES & MEMESHow to get your social media game ready for your big giving day

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Why is Social Media Important?Raises the awareness of your giving day Directly connects you to your constituentsIncreases follower excitement and engagementEmpowers supporters to their networks to grow your donor base

Did you know?that one Give Local America 2015 giving event reported:

The #1 referral source (outside direct links) for website traffic was Facebook75% of participating nonprofits reported social media as being highly effective or effective on the giving day1 in 3 donors learned of the event through social media40% of donors promoted the day on their social channels

Stats from Sacramentos Big Day of Giving 2015 as part of GLA 2015

Thats the incredible power of social media!It amplifies the voice of your organization

An Overview of Social Media ChannelsThere are a lot of channels out there, so its important to know the appropriate content for each one.

An Overview of Social Media Channels

Your Event HashtagA hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by # and is used to identify messages on a specific topicUsing hashtags raises awareness, recruits followers (donors!) and engages supportersYou can become a trending local topic!Dont forget to also use the #iGiveLocal hashtag!

We will get into more details on hashtags and tagging in our next webinar!!

So which social media channels should I use for my giving day promotion?Lets talk about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

FacebookFacebook plays a critical role in driving referrals.

Facebook Live is a great way to create videos

There is no word limit but typically the shorter and more visual, the better.

Tips for Facebook SuccessBe real your organization has a specific voice, look and feel share your mission!Be visual post pictures of your team at work in the community, your staff members and graphicsTell a story let people know why youre participating in the event and encourage them to share your posts

Sample Pre-Event Posts: Facebook

Post 1-2x a day!

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Sample Event-Day Posts: Facebook

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TwitterEngage your audience in the excitement through short tweets telling your story.

The conversation can be contagious, ask your followers to tag you and promote relevant hashtags.

Tips for Twitter SuccessBe direct Make your ask 140 characters, be brief and get to the pointShare stories Tweet your blog posts, video, infographics and images to engage followersRetweet Share posts to curate great content and boost awareness. Follow @iGiveLocal and add your own message to our tweets!

Sample Pre-Event Posts: Twitter

Post 1-5x a day!

You can post more and retweet even more, but for optimal engagement 1-5x is ideal.

Sample Event-Day Posts: Twitter

Insert Screenshot

InstagramInstagrams core focus is on high-quality images and 15-second video (does not enable embedded links).

Also has live video but videos are not saved

Rely on hashtags (#iGiveLocal) and tagging (@iGiveLocal) to increase visibility.

Tips for Insta SuccessLinking Feature your giving day URL in your profile and direct people to view the link in bio in each post

Keep quality in mind If your images arent at least 1080 px by 1080 px, they will appear grainy. Use Instagram filters to improve quality

Sample Posts: Instagram

Post 1x a day!

You can post more, but you need to be able to keep up with the schedule, so be reasonable

More TipsUse graphics as much as possible Colorful visuals increase engagement by 80% (Hubspot)

Be careful not to over-share Spread out your posts, avoid long-winded streams of content and strike a balance between your call to action and engaging with donors

Even More TipsUse URL shorteners Use free URL shorteners (try https://goo.gl) to make more space in your postsHave fun! Social is fun and amplifies your giving day. Brainstorm with your team and get creativeHave a theme Use your mission as inspiration

Creative IdeasGet the community involved by asking them to post pictures Utilize your space for an in-person eventPartner with local businesses to help with promotionTake advantage of current trends

Ask board members to participate. One organization had people post pictures of themselves wearing tutusA theater posted video clips leading up to the giving day and then hosted a free show on the evening of the eventMannequin challenge

Ok, But What Now?Assign a point person dont have a social media position? Get a volunteer to own this for the giving day.Create a calendar Schedule out as many posts ahead of time as possible (but dont forget to monitor!)Timeline Make sure your social posts coincide with emails and other communication for cohesive messaging

We will review scheduling tools in our next webinar

Download our FREE Social Media ToolkitFind the important information from this webinar in our social media toolkit! We will be emailing it out along with the slides and recording from this webinar

Next StepsAttend our next webinar: Add Hashtag Power to Your Giving DayLearn how to make the most out of your big day through social media engagementReview free tools for scheduling and analyticsWednesday, April 5 @ 1pm CT