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Forming the present tense - regular verbs

There are three main types of regular verbs:-er verbs, like parler (to talk)-ir verbs, like choisir (to choose)-re verbs, like vendre (to sell)

-erverbsparler-irverbschoisir-reverbsvendrejeparlechoisisvendstuparleschoisisvendsil/elle/onparlechoisitvendnousparlonschoisissonsvendonsvousparlezchoisissezvendezils/ellesparlentchoisissentvendentConjugating regular -er, -ir and -re verbs to form the present tense

Forming the present tense - irregular verbsSome verbs are irregular but very useful, likeavoir(to have),tre(to be),aller(to go) andfaire(to do) as shown in the two tables below.

avoirtrej'aijesuistuastuesil/elle/onail/elle/onestnousavonsnoussommesvousavezvoustesils/ellesontils/ellessontCommon irregular verbs in the present tense - avoir and tre

allerfairejevaisjefaistuvastufaisil/elle/onvail/elle/onfaitnousallonsnousfaisonsvousallezvousfaitesils/ellesvontils/ellesfontCommon irregular verbs in the present tense - aller and faire

When to use the present tense

The present tense describes what's happening now:Je suis fatigu(I'm tired)On va en ville(We're going into town)

It's sometimes used with useful phrases like:maintenant(now)en ce moment(at the moment)aujourd'hui(today)

Two more exceptions in the ER family.Je mangeTu mangesIl, elle, on mangeNous mangeonsVous mangezIls, elles mangentJe commenceTu commencesIl, elle, on commenceNous commenonsVous commencezIls, elles commencentManger (to eat)Commencer (to begin)10travailler to work donner to giveaimer to like aider to helpcommencer to begin arriver to comepousser to push parler to speakterminer to finish casser to breakregarder to look apporter to bringporter to wear dessiner to draw

Here are some verbs and their meanings

Lets Practice: Quest-ce quils font? compltez en utilisant les verbs donns.

Je vais un caf au restaurantIsabelle et jeanne jouent au tennisMa mre regarde la tlElle va parisNous coutons la radio