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EWCs: Problems & Practices. EWC - CEE. Council Directive 94/45/EC “the letter”. Working methods. What ? . Strategy Investments. No definition of the timing of information Just a catalog of issues: Consultation = ”establishment of dialogue an exchange of views”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of EWCs: Problems & Practices

European Woks Councils Comits dentreprise europens

EWC - CEEEWCs: Problems & PracticesEDUCATION16/02/20111Les comits dentreprise europens sont maintenant une ralit bien tablie dans les pays de lEspace Economique Europen. Il ny a aucun doute sur le fait que la directive 94/45/EC a impliqu la ngociation dun grand nombre daccords mettant en place des procdures dinformation et de consultation des reprsentants des travailleurs dans les groupes et entreprises de dimension communautaire. Si plus de 430 accords ont t signs avant lentre en vigueur de la directive, cette anticipation a toutefois fortement t incite par le fait que les directions taient conscientes des contraintes de la lgislation venir.Environ 300 accords ont depuis t conclus couvrant selon les estimations de lInstitut Syndical Europen approximativement plus de 70% des salaris des groupes et entreprises viss par la directive.La Confdration Europennees des Syndicats a formul des demandes trs claires concernant la rvision de la directive 94/45/EC. Mais dans lattente de cette rvision les comits dentreprise europens constituent une opportunit mais aussi un dfi pour les organisations syndicales europennes.Ce dfi peut tre relev grace une stratgie syndicale de coordination des comits dentreprise europens.

Council Directive 94/45/EC the letterNo definition of the timing of informationJust a catalog of issues:

Consultation = establishment of dialogue an exchange of views

Strategy Investments

What ?

Working methodsEDUCATIONCouncil Directive 94/45/EC the spiritWhereas appropriate provisions must be adopted to ensure that the employees of Community-scale undertakings are properly informed and consulted when decisions which affect them are taken in a Member State other than that in which they are employed; The EWC must be kept informed and consulted on the activities of the undertaking in general and in detail, specifically about those aspects of activities which affect employees interests

EDUCATIONQuality of information and consultationIssueNot raised %Raised but useless information %Useful information but no consultation %Useful information and consultation %Changes to working methods37,411,033,717,8Closures or cutbacks16,111,244,528,1Mergers, take-overs or acquisitions23,26,853,516,6Reorganisation of production lines41,68,135,914,4Source: EWC survey by prof. J. Waddington, 2005EDUCATION16/02/20114New technology policy 42.8 9.3 37.7 10.3Reorganisation of production lines 41.6 8.1 35.9 14.4Transfers/relocation of production 30.8 5.4 43.3 20.5Employment forecasts 29.6 12.0 41.8 16.6

You want the reps to communicate with YOU- not among themselvesLes reprsentants communiquent avec VOUS- pas entre euxDie Vertreter sollen mit Ihnen kommunizieren nicht mit einanderEmployer strategyForEWCsEDUCATION16/02/20115Information & ConsultationDir 2009/38/EC




FashionManireWeiseAvisOpinionStellungnahmeImpact?EDUCATIONHow?Make the EWC to the core of a representation networkOrganise information and consultation between the reps on an ongoing basisCoordinate with EIF and national TU organisationsTrain the repsTrain the coordinatorsEDUCATIONA strategy: EWC as the core of a representation networkEIFCoordinationUNION SYNDICATGEWERKSCHAFTCTI



.European WorksCouncilBetriebsratEuropischerBetriebsratComitdentrepriseComit dentrepriseeuropenSamarbejdsutvalgEuropeiskSamarbejdsutvalgEDUCATION16/02/201193Dans la mme runion un expert peut s'adresser en allemand des participants scandinaves et portugais. Cette diversit de langues implique un problme de communication qui sera partiellement rsolu par la traduction simultane. Mais mme avec des interprtes les mieux qualifis il faudra tenir compte que le message d'un intervenant peut en partie tre dnatur par la traduction. Certains termes utiliss dans les organisations syndicales nationales couvrent des ralits relativement diffrentes d'un pays l'autre. Le comit d'entreprise franais par exemple dsigne un organe d'information de consultation (et d'oeuvres sociales) compos de reprsentants des travailleurs et plac sous la prsidence de l'employeur. La direction de l'organe allemand correspondant, le Betriebsrat, est par contre toujours assure par un reprsentant des travailleurs.

By definition,transnational meetings bring together experts andd participants with different languages. On a particular meeting an expert may be addressing Scandinavian and Portuguese participants in German. Such a range of languages creates a communication problem which can be solved in part through simultaneous interpretation. However, even with excellent interpreters it must be borne in mind that a speaker's message may be distorted to some extent by the translation. Some terms used on national trade union training courses refer to concepts which differ from one country to the next. The French comit d'enterprise, for instance, denotes an information and consultation body (which also have a social function) composed of workers' representatives and chaired by an employer. A worker's representative, on the other hand, does the chairing of the equivalent German Betriebsrat. Transnationality Transnationalit ?

EWC - CEEEDUCATIONTemps de parole1%19%2%8%0%70%UKCESNLDHFEDUCATIONTU and WCs = Organisations NetworksORGANISATIONSStructureStatuteMultiple objectivesHierarchyMembershipProcedures for decision making (majority)SanctionsNETWORKS??Few objectives?Join & leave (voluntary)ConsensusMoral sanctions (?)EDUCATIONSome experiencesA Networks is not an organisationFew issues, an well identified objectivesPrepare but not take decisionsImplement some decisionsImprove the communication exchange of experiencesThe network needs face to face meetingsThe network needs competent animateurs/coachesEDUCATIONEWCs as Networks?YesBut they need also to become Representation Bodies (= organisations)They need TU support and coordinationThey need trainingThey need facilitiesEDUCATIONEWCs How?Create the conditions in the agreementTransnational bodyStructure (Group-wide or divisional? )Definition of Information and ConsultationFrequency of meetings (extraordinary meetings), preparatory & follow up meetingsSelect committeeExperts (also TU co-ordinator)Translation and communication facilities for the repsContacts with local representationsConfidentiality & non disclosureTrainingEDUCATIONThe EWC as the core of a representation networkCo-ordinate information & consultation between local/national representation bodiesMonitor and reinforce local/national information, consultation & negotiation procedures (increase TU-influence?)MNCs also reports about sustainable development & CSR to investors, Global Compact... (is the EWC informed and consulted about the content of those reports?)What can look like a very local issue, as i.e. renegotiating an agreement about overtime can impact on employment in an other site...

Make use of national resourses and strengths an try to disseminate/mutualise their outcomesExpertise in France, board level representation in some represented countries...Agree about & formulate a European mission statement for the EWC, ground rules and/or a work programmeDevelop own information tools and try to initiate an agreement about i.e. Minimum standards in cases of restructuring.MNCs have medium term strategic plans 3-5 years Are the reps informed and consulted?....

EDUCATIONImprove the information and consultation procedurewith the central managementOrganise an effective follow up of the information and consultation practices of the central managementInvite the decision makers at meetings...Document measures and decisions as well as breaches of information and consultation rightsDevelop common positions among the workers reps about those breachesConfront the central management with breaches during the following meetingIf the management persists in not really informing and consulting Check if the company reports to a social rating agency (Global Compact....) call upon public opinion (press release...) Submit the case to an OECD contact point Take legal actionCo-ordinate within the network Build the trust among reps (own projects and information tools) EDUCATION

Strategy Investments

What ? Was ? Quoi?

Working methodsEDUCATION

Parental leave

H & S

Working time

Equal opportunities



Profit sharing

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