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A short introduction on the collaborative enterprise, or Enterprise 2.0 if you prefer. Spoken in French with English speaking slides, this was a short introductory keynote at the Microsoft Innovation Center on June 24, in Mons, Belgium.

Transcript of Entreprise collaborative 20100624

  • 1. L'Entreprise collaborative et ses nouvelles L'E t i ll b ti t ll interactions sociales - Enjeux et responsabilits Christian De Neef Fast Track Consulting Brussels
  • 2. Enterprise 2.0 0.0 1.0! 2010-06-24 2.0? 2
  • 3. Enterprise 2.0 In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed prevailed Charles Darwin It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor is it the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change change. Charles Darwin 2010-06-24 3
  • 4. Enterprise 2.0 This model worked pretty well in the 2nd half of the 20th Where do we come from? century! So why Taylorism (standardization) would we change, Pyramid hierarchies and what has changed? Command & control Silo structures In search of efficiency and cost reduction Closed innovation (secrecy) Controlled company image Mass communication/marketing Client/supplier relationships = Predictable environment 2010-06-24 4
  • 5. Enterprise 2.0 The world is changing! What worked pretty well pretty well Where do we go? in the last century doesnt work Size is not a strength anymore... (look at Dell, Google, etc.) shifting... (today s anymorecompetitors, Roles are shifting (todays partners may be tomorrows competitors tomorrow s and vice versa) Traditional geographies become irrelevant... (look East and South) Deregulation hits many traditional (protected) industries... (such as communications, finance, travel, etc.) Traditional (successful) business models are failing in the new economy... (such as music, press, travel) Innovation has become too expensive, even for the largest companies... The new marketplace is now global... ICT is everywhere! 2010-06-24 5
  • 6. Enterprise 2.0 What does the new economy look like? Individualism (creativity) Flat hierarchies Open collaboration Gen Y entering the work force In search of innovation and differentiation Open innovation (crowd sourcing) Communities define your company reputation Social media Partner relationships = UNPredictable environment 2010-06-24 6
  • 7. Enterprise 2.0 In search of a definition... Enterprise 2.0 is the emergence of new social relationships within companies, or between companies and their competitors, partners or customers, often facilitated by social software (inspired by Professor Andrew McAfees recent book: Enterprise 2.0) p ) Enterprise 2.0 is also blurring the traditional boundaries and role models Private/Business life/relationships are blending Todays client may be yesterdays competitor and tomorrows partner p 2010-06-24 7
  • 8. Enterprise 2.0 Vocabulary 2010-06-24 8
  • 9. Enterprise 2.0 What has changed, in a nutshell e1.0 e2.0 Hierarchy Network Authority Responsibility Top-down Top down Bottom-up Bottom up (grassroots?) Closed Open Controlled Uncontrollable (empowered?) Stability Flexibility Specialized Multitasking Professional Social (conversation?) ( ) 2010-06-24 9
  • 10. Enterprise 2.0 What has changed, also e1.0 e2.0 Centralized Decentralized Centralcenterofpower Nocenterofpower Governsalllocalunits Nocommongovernance Controls all communications Controlsallcommunications No inter unit communication control Nointerunitcommunicationcontrol Gracefully borrowed from Dr. Frank Habermann, 2010-06-24 10 Becota 2009, with special thanks to Karen Schmidt
  • 11. Enterprise 2.0 New Workforce, New Economy, New Questions Whats the role of technology in enterprise 2.0? How should we behave to be successful in this economy? How can we collaborate successfully across generations? What are the enterprise 2.0 expectations towards us? Are we moving ahead to enterprise 3.0?, or... ... Are we moving back to enterprise 1.0? 2010-06-24 11
  • 12. 2010-06-24 12