Entrepreneur characteristic

Presented by: Radhakrishna Arumugam (MBA)
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Transcript of Entrepreneur characteristic

Page 1: Entrepreneur characteristic

Presented by: Radhakrishna Arumugam (MBA)

Page 2: Entrepreneur characteristic

Ø IntelligentØCreative thinkingØ analyse various problem and ØSituationØ decision maker

Thiru. T. R. Pachamuthu, B.Sc., M.I.E.,Founder and Chairman, VALLIAMMAI SOCIETYCHANCELLOR, SRM UNIVERSITY

Page 3: Entrepreneur characteristic

� Exact nature of business� nature of the product to

be produced.� what to do? � how to do?

Mukesk ambani,Chairman & MD reliance ind ltd

Page 4: Entrepreneur characteristic

� Maintain good relations WITH---Customeremployee

Leads toØIncrease in performanceØmotivate them

Inorder to maintain good relation he s hould have emotional stability,personal relations,tactfulnessand consideration

Page 5: Entrepreneur characteristic

� Sender and receiver� likely to be succeed

ifcomm;” effectively• with



Mr. Shiv Khera is the founder of Qualified Learning Systems Inc. USA. An Educator, Business Consultant and successful Entrepreneur. He is a much sought after Speaker. He informs and inspires people in helping them realize their true potential.

Page 6: Entrepreneur characteristic

� Committed to the project� Success does not come

within ashort span.

Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat PapadJyoti Naik, President of

Page 7: Entrepreneur characteristic

An entrepreneur must provide an enviromentfor the individual growth and career development.He must build a team and keep it motivated

Page 8: Entrepreneur characteristic

� should have the capability .� quickly learn form the failures

Triumph of will: E. Sarathbabu, founder and CEO, Food King Catering Services Private Limited

Page 9: Entrepreneur characteristic

Accept personal responsibility for action.

Make good use of available resources.

Nandan Nilekani has been called the Bill Gates of India, the man who has made India synonymous with IT and outsourcing, and is consistently cited as one of the world ’s best technology and business brains.As the co-founder and co-chairman of Infosys Technology, Nandan Nilekani has received plenty of accolades for being at the forefront of India’s transformation into a global leader in information technology. He was Forbes Asia Businessman of the Year in 2006, the same year he was given one of India’ highest civilian honors, the Padma Bhushan.

Page 10: Entrepreneur characteristic

An entrepreneur must be able to set not only challenging goals but realistic ones.

RADHAKRISHNA ARUMUGAM FOUNDER JASR BY THE age 23 YRSBIG TRADERHe captured mumbai market for textile,Chennai,pondicheeri for bags.

Page 11: Entrepreneur characteristic

An entrepreneur must believe in himself which will enhance his self confidence.

Page 12: Entrepreneur characteristic