Enery crises

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Ayesha iftikhar2014-ag-187

M.Com (4th semester )

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Energy crises in pakistan

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An Energy Crisis is any great shortfall in the supply of energy to an economy.

It usually refers to the shortage of oil, electricity or other natural resources.

What is energy crises ?

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Types of energy crises in Pakistan

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Sources of Energy1. RENEWABLE 2. NON-RENEWABLE

Page 7: Enery crises

Renewable source Non-Renewable source

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Impact of energy crises in our economy.

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Pakistan faces Electricity crises due to: • Aging of the generation equipment.• Shortage of water in dams in particular months of the year.• Wastage of electricity through poor distribution system.• No usage of alternate resources for generating of energy. • MONOPOLY IN THE BUSINESS by WAPDA & KESC

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Solutions to overcome energy crises in pakistan,

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SWOT MATRIX to solve energy crises in Pakistan

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To overcome present energy crisis, Pakistan needs to take the following

steps in form of:

1. Short Term Plan.2. Medium Term Plan.3. Long Term Plan.


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1. Short Term Plan

2. Medium Term Plan3. Long Term Plan Overhaul the existing poor

distribution system

Import electricity

Government should have strict check


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1. Short Term Plan

2. Medium Term Plan3. Long Term Plan


Transformation of existing system

Developing and installing solar, wind projects in villages

Page 15: Enery crises

1. Short Term Plan2. Medium Term Plan

3. Long Term Plan


Installing coal based powerhouses

Initiate agreements for mega projects

Explorations of more oil, gas and coal reserves

Page 16: Enery crises

Conclusion This study recommends Government of Pakistan to take strong steps to overhaul its existing infrastructure and transformed it to utilize renewable energy for future needs.

Government should also take steps to utilize the coal reserves though it will give us energy for next 25 years

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