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  • 1. EDIBLE ART A 2011-2012 CULTURAL POLICY-PROJECT BYBilitis HARRACHE Xinke LIAxel VAN NOTEN Christian WAUTERS_______________________________Prof. Dr. J. BAETENSDr. H. PEETERS, lecturing assistant

2. ART & CRAFTSMANSHIP 3. HEALTH, JOY & LUST! 4. Les beaux chocolatsil faudrait les numroter comme deschefs-doeuvre, des sculptures, des preuves dartiste et les dguster doucement en buvant du th de Chine fum, en coutant du Mozart.[Delicious chocolats should be numbered like masterpieces, sculptures or artists proofsand softly be savoured while drinking smoked Chinese tea and listening to Mozart].Sonia RYKIEL,famous Parisian fashion designer 5. PRESENTATION & ELABORATION teambuilding & assignment of tasks in search for an artist looking for commercial support cooperating with chocolate makers &self-evaluation 6. budget, marketing, communication SWOT-analysis an edible and eadible finale! 7. and a logical conclusion Thank you for your attention!