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DATA CENTERBy:-Dhanalaxmi.Nadar ( new sies) Vairavi.Vanniyar( old sies )Presentation On

What is Data Center??A Data Center or computer centre (also DC) is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.

It is also known as server rooms in general language

Data centers have their roots in the huge computer rooms of the early ages of the computing industry.Companies needed fast Internet connectivity and nonstop operation to deploy systems and establish a presence on the Internet. .Many companies started building very large facilities, called Internet data centers (IDCs), which provide businesses with a range of solutions for systems deployment and operation.Data centers are typically very expensive to build and maintain.


The old computer data center at NASAs jet propulsion lab

Various aspects of the data centers include:

Facilities: layout, power/cooling, physical security

System infrastructure: servers, networking, storage, and security;

Service management and operation considerations


A data center can occupy one room of a building or more floors or entire building.Most of the equipment is often in the form of servers mounted in 19 inch rack cabinets.Three elements of the building of data center are facility 1. topology design (space planning), 2. engineering infrastructure design (mechanical systems such as cooling and power) 3. technology infrastructure design (cable plant). The aim is to create a master plan such as number, size, location, topology, IT floor system layouts, and power and cooling technology and configurations.


Three Elements of Data Center Topology design

Engineering infrastructure designTechnology infrastructure design

ArchitectureThe data center architecture is based on a three-layer approach.

Data Center 3.0 Infrastructure Portfolio


The core layer provides the high-speed packet switching backplane for all flows going in and out of the data center. The core layer provides connectivity to multiple aggregation modules and provides a resilient Layer 3 routed fabric with no single point of failure. The core layer runs an interior routing protocol, such as OSPF or EIGRP, and load balances traffic between the campus core and aggregation layers

Data Center Core

Data Center Aggregation LayerThe aggregation layer is the boundary for the data center infrastructure.In common designs, the aggregation layer is also the connection point for data center firewalls and other services.Thus, it consolidates traffic in a high-speed packet switching fabric and provides a platform for network- based services at the interface between the data center.

Data Center Access Layer

This is the lowest of the three layers of the architecture, where all servers physically attach to the network.The storage path can use Ethernet or Fibre Channel (FC) interfacesThe back-end high-speed fabric and storage path (10 GE) can also be a common transport medium when IP over Ethernet is used to access storage. In this design SAN is the only recommended storage networking which requires the FC connectivity.

A Modular data center is a alternative to traditional data centers. A Modular data center can be placed anywhere data capacity is needed.Modular data center systems consist of purpose-engineered modules . It offer scalable data center capacity with multiple power and cooling options. This can be shipped anywhere in the world, and can be added or integrated in any other module.Modular data centers typically consist of standardized components, making them easier and cheaper to build.


Containerized data centers

In a portable data center the entire data center equipments are fitted into a Standard shipping container which can be moved by a truck onto a ship.

Flexible Data Center is constructed of sheet metal components that are formed into four data center halls linked by a central operating building.

Flexible data center