Creating Conversion Friendly Mobile Landing Pages

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Bruce Ernst Creating Conversion Friendly Mobile Landing Pages

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Transcript of Creating Conversion Friendly Mobile Landing Pages

  1. 1. Creating ConversionFriendly MobileLanding PagesBruce Ernst
  2. 2. a change, plus cest la mme chose Une page datterrissage gnrique qui ne tient pas compte de ses utilisateurs et de leur contexte sera toujours inutile, mme aprs que vous le rendre utilisable.
  3. 3. The Mobile Lens Who is Searching? Why are they searching? Have you answered their question? Can you do more?
  4. 4. Why are they searching? because they are in a store? because they are on the train? because they are killing time? their date is late and they dontwant to look awkward
  5. 5. New vs.ReturningGMHECA Fundamentally dierent Do returning visitors have a purpose? Are they less likely to be just killing time? Is this an acquisition opportunity or are you playing defense?
  6. 6. Copy Take the time to make it short Grab attention quickly Short & Sweet Think tweet Headlines really matter Use urgency and emotion
  7. 7. Geography actual proximity
  8. 8. The right technographicsReal estate Use it if you have itThink about speed Android vs iPhone - not so biga deal WiFi vs. 3G/Edge - a biggerdeal
  9. 9. Don t stop at the landing page If you dont convert on the landing page Watch your links Keep your oers consistent
  10. 10. Usable?
  11. 11. Useful?
  12. 12. Test, Test and Test Nobody really has the definitive answers We don t yet fully understand the eect of the mobile lens Use a tool designed for the purpose Dont be afraid to be daring
  13. 13. To Sum Up... Make it usable Make it useful Make it relevant Don t stop at the landingpage Test, test, test
  14. 14. Thank You