Congratulations to our Senior Class

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Transcript of Congratulations to our Senior Class

Congratulations to our Senior Class
Please take a moment to stop by the senior table in the
lobby and leave an encouraging note for our graduates.
Angela Don
Bryanna Dorsey
Courtney Haines
Joshua Henthorne
Marisa Jaroch
Micah Lally
Matthew McDaniel
Ian Moore
Kristen Partin
Joshua Pinner
Jonathon Reid
Stephen Ritchie
Errica Snelling
Amanda Stern
Brooke Tostige
Be sure and register—fill out the back of the
tickets in the lobby and put in the box marked
Adventureland. Invite your friends!
Talent Show 6:30pm
Saturday, June 7
Invite friends and family to enjoy this fun filled night to bene- fit a great work! Dinner includes fresh fried tilapia, chicken tenders, butterfly shrimp, baked potatoes, salad & dessert!
P a g e 2
S t a f f :
Matt Bancroft
Youth Minister
Keith Boyer [email protected]
Mark Berry Rick Bonk Mark Cain Doug Cline
Daniel Greaves Jacob Groves Mike Jaroch
John Marincin Jeff Moore
Mauricio Perdigon Chip Price
Mick Whelan Don Williams
As to the Mission and Vision Statements at Northwest Tampa Church of Christ
We have all heard the adage; “If one doesn’t know where they are going it doesn’t matter how they get there.” The point is if you don’t have a goal of where you want to end your life journey you don’t have anything to guide you. The Mission Statement and Vision Statement you see below make it clear Northwest Tampa Church of Christ has a clear understanding of what we are here for and what our vision is of what we will be.
Our Mission Statement and Vision Statement are the product of several months of praying and deliberation on the part of the elders and ministers supplemented by contributions of a num- ber of the members of our congregation. Our members contributions were responses to some questions soliciting their views on various aspects of our church life and their thoughts on how we could strengthen the spiritual fiber of our church family.
We are grateful for the prayerful thoughts that came out of these responses and they not only helped with formulating the Mission and Vision statements but will help us as we examine our education and mission ministries in the immediate future.
We believe these words will be fruitful in guiding our work and our ministries here at North- west and believe they will help us fulfill the words found in John 13:15, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” The Elders
Mission Statement of the Northwest Tampa Church of Christ
The Northwest Tampa Church of Christ exists to help seekers of Christ experience God's grace and become fully devoted followers of Jesus (Matt. 28:18-20).
Vision Statement of the Northwest Tampa Church of Christ
The vision of the leadership and membership of the NWTCC is to "love God with our whole
heart, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves" (Matthew 22:37).
We believe we can accomplish this vision of "loving God with our whole heart, mind and strength" individually through our private times of devotion with Him as we pray to Him and study His word. Corporately we can achieve this vision by coming together for periods of wor- ship, Bible study and fellowship which enables us to demonstrate our love for Him through our praise. Our time together also builds up the faith of each member as we grow closer as the family of God.
Our prayer is that we can accomplish the "loving of our neighbor as ourselves" through the many outreach programs we endeavor to carry out each year at Northwest Tampa Church of Christ. We strive to help each member activate their faith by being a servant. It is our strong belief that we are never more like Jesus than when we are serving others. So whether we are feeding the homeless, making school supplies available for children, providing clothes and basic needs for those less fortunate in our community, travelling locally, nationally and abroad with the saving message of Christ; we believe each act of selfless love creates in each of us a heart that resembles Christ who is the answer to each person's deepest needs.
Our prayer to God is that, with His strength and power we can accomplish this vision in our time and in doing so will produce growth within each member at Northwest Tampa Church of Christ as well as encourage others to join us in our Christian journey. As we grow individually we also envision growing numerically. With numerical growth comes the need for additional ministries and also facilities that can comfortably and safely house this new growth. We are aware that we must plan for that growth now because "Where there is no vision the people per- ish" (Proverbs 29:18).
Our prayer is that God will always receive the glory and praise for everything we do as well as our thanksgiving for how He has already and will continue to bless us.
Attendance Cards… Please fill out an attendance card for your family and drop in the collection plate.
P a g e 3
In Our Prayers… Our Northwest Family:
Health Issues: Ingrid Albert, Bev Druffel, Edna Haskins, Greg Hutchison, Sara John- son, Mae Oliver, Matt Ingram, Daniel Matthews, JoAnn Maute, Ruth McCurry, Latina Mention, Shirley Mills, Nicole Nizol, Tara Satterfield, Jannie Spencer, Beverley Stewart, Linda Sturm, Vicki Taylor.
Personal Struggles: Damon Burns, Leah Burns, Erin Cubero, Faulk family, Nanise Griffin, Margo Gustavson, Joy Hix, Liza Ilion, Tom Moore, Fran Mustapha, Richard Trexler, Helyn Pendleton, Kitt Swanson, Curtis Walker, Tim Williams.
Home Bound: Toni Carver, Keith Lupton, Ruth McCurry, Shirley Mills, & George and Marlene Jones.
Missionaries: Honduras: Esteban Portilla—Haiti: Perceval Jackson
Military: Chris Borden, Davy Brogan, Joel Hutchison, Will Kidd, Marc Ven- ditti & Tara White
Our Extended Family: Adam, Nanise’s nephew, personal strug- gles. Uncle of Bob M., health concerns. Brandi, daughter of Linda M. pending sur- gery. Cheryl, former member, in hospital with a lesion on her brain. Constance, mother of Regina, health. Emma, 6 yr. old, friend of Richard and Kim, prayers for healing. George, brother of Carolyn H., debilitating migraines. Grandson, of Susan O. struggles. Heather, daughter of Tom & Beverley, health. Helen, mother of Connie E., health. Ida, aunt of Susan C. stroke. Jerry, brother-in-law of Marlene, having cancer treatments. Joe, mentor to Julia C. prayers for a diagnosis and recov- ery. Juana, mother of Teresa C., health. Kelly, former member, breast cancer. Leanna, former member, breast cancer. Lillian, mother of Leah L., stroke & heart problems. Marion L. cancer metastasized, new chemo treatment. Mildred B, friend of Kelleher’s, broken hip & arm. Natalia, 8 yr old friend of Gina & Jillian, is battling cancer. Nora, mother of Richard B. had a stroke. Peggy, daughter-in-law of George & Marlene, cancer. Ray, Mick W. grandfa- ther, stage 4 cancer. Renetta, Toni T. daughter, & Alexa’s mom, pregnancy is- sues. Rob, Donna C, son, personal strug- gles. Ruth, Connie’s mother-in-law, health issues. Ryan, grandson of John and Pat, health issues. Wanda C., sister of Bill S. , liver cancer.
Sunday Adult Classes
Wednesday Adult Classes
Julia Chase F-2 “Approaching Prayer God’s Way”
Ladies Class
Keith’s Kitchen
from 6:00pm-6:45pm as Keith
duras Fundraiser. All profit goes
into the accounts of the teens
working that night. Cash is ac-
cepted or your checks may be
made out to:
Mom and Me Missions
Moms, summer is coming soon and I’m looking forward to going on some local mission trips with you and your children! Please join me again this summer as we emulate servant hood and spread the love of Christ to others in our church family and in our community. This is suited for children through 5th grade and Grandmas, Aunts and Babysitters are encouraged to bring children, too. If you are inter- ested, please email me at gina- [email protected] I will put you on my email list and send you noti- fications when we will be going on a mission this summer. Together we make a difference for Christ!
Faith @ Home
out of vanity, but in making an ef-
fort to put forth your best.
Speak well of each other to others.
Never put each other down or
make a slight.
Small Groups Wednesday
Bible Class 7:00PM
For the Record
Kingdom Growth 2014
Attendance Last Week
Giving Contribution $ 13,550 Weekly Budget $ 11,250 YTD Contribution $189,726 YTD Budget $202,500
Everybody’s Normal…Till You Get To Know Them
A. In certain stores you will find a section of merchandise available at greatly re- duced prices. Each tag carries the same words “as is”. So if you were looking for perfection, you walked down the wrong aisle.
B. And when dealing with human beings, you have come to the “as is” corner of the universe. If you want to enter a relationship with another human being, there is only one way “as-is”! Because if you are looking for perfection you walked down the wrong aisle.
1. Everybody Has _____________
A. Scripture tells us that no one is totally normal or at least not how God defin normal (Isaiah 53:6; Eccl. 7:20; Rom. 3:23). B. Consider how many families just in the first half of the book of Genesis that
had huge problems (Gen. 3:1-6; Gen. 4:1-8; Gen. 4:19; Gen. 6:5; Gen. 9:25; Gen. 11:4; Gen. 19:6-8; Gen. 12; 20; Gen. 25-27).
2. We Long to _______________
A. You see because as frustrating as people can be it’s hard to find a good substitute. B. Someone once said, “With billions of people in the world, someone should fig-
ure out a system where no one is lonely.” There is no pain like the pain of lone- liness.
3. _____________ Shaped Void! A. God Himself makes it clear in His word that there are some needs that can only
be met by the relationships we form with human beings! B. Genesis 2:18.
4. God’s Divine _____________
A. Many people struggle with the concept of "church" because churches have gotten away from their original purpose: life savers, soul-savers. Many times people have had such bad experiences with church they no longer see it as a haven of rest.
5. The _____________ As It Should Be
A. This is Jesus’ church, it bears His name, He is the head, and if He, as a perfect man, casts no stones, neither can we.
B. John 8:7-11
#18—Faithful Love
Welcome: Matthew Betz
Celebrating the Lord’s Supper
Presiding: George Forcht
Giving Our Gifts
#325—Boundless Love
#129—Amazing Grace
Mighty God
Richard writes and publishes a weekly blog