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  • P.R. No. DL(S) - 17/3494/2016-2018Regn. No. 34541/79

    Edited, printed and published by:Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII, on behalf of Confederation of Indian Industry from The Mantosh Sondhi Centre, 23, Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003 Tel: 91-11-24629994-7 Fax: 91-11-24626149 Email: Website: www.cii.inPrinted at Lustra Print Process Pvt. Ltd., K No. 51/21, Rohad, Bahadurgarh-124507 (Haryana) Registration No. 34541/79 Postal date on 20th and 21st Total pages 68+Covers

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  • Edited, printed and published by Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII, on behalf of Confederation of Indian Industry from The Mantosh Sondhi Centre, 23, Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003, Tel: 91-11-24629994-7, Fax: 91-11-24626149, Email:, Website: www.cii.inPrinted at Lustra Print Process Pvt. Ltd., K No. 51/21, Rohad, Bahadurgarh (Haryana), PIN Code-124507 Registration No. 34541/79


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    Contents Volume 38 No. 10 October 2016cover story

    11 India: Destination Next

    Tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. As the first-ever Tourism Investment Summit showcased opportunities and projects to investors from all over the world, our cover story presents an overview of the tourism scenario in the country, and recommendations to make it truly welcoming to both investors and visitors.


    04 Swachhta Abhiyaan

    05 Mission Sanitation


    20 Meeting India's Growing Needs


    33 Tapping Opportunities in Medical Technology

    37 Widening and Enhancing the Reach of Health Insurance

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    44 11th Sustainability Summit

    47 2nd Water Innovation Summit


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  • 4 | October 2016 Communiqu



    To sustain the efforts of the Government to make India a clean country by 2019, India@75, a CII Initiative is continuing its efforts of augmenting and promoting the mission for clean India by organizing regular cleaning drives and awareness campaigns pan India.

    Swachhta Activitiesduring the annual celebration of the India@75 Week from 8 to 14 August, 75 pan-India Swachhta activities were undertaken in 16 cities across 11 States. These activities were carried out with great zeal, uniting various stakeholders and bringing people from all walks of life together on a single platform to undertake cleaning drives, sapling plantation drives, and aesthetic modification of public walls.

    during the Swachhta pakhwada of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, from 16 to 30 June, mass cleaning drives were organized in New delhi, and also in Guwahati and Shillong. Over 2000 volunteers across the country devoted their time and energy to making Swachh Bharat a reality and, in the process, sensitized thousands of

    Indians witnessing the event.

    The Ministry of youth Affairs & Sports embarked upon a month long Swachhta drive in New delhi in August, culminating in a celebratory event on 1 September. India@75 supported the event wherein more than 500 NSS volunteers took part in a mass Swachh Bharat sensitization and cleaning drive.

    Swachh Bharat sensitization drives were organized by India@75 across 22 schools in delhi, Indore and Gwalior on the occasion of Teachers day on 5 September, reaching out to more than 16,000 children and their families.

    On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, on 2 October, India@75 organized a mega cyclothon in Varanasi to sensitize the masses on Swachh Bharat. Simultaneously, a cleaning drive was undertaken in and around Banaras Hindu University. The two activities served the dual purpose of educating people about the virtue of cleanliness, while providing them an immediate cause to engage with, with the very tangible and immediate outcome of maintaining the cleanliness of the holy city of Varanasi.

    India@75 is actively

    working with various

    ministries to augment

    their efforts towards the

    SwacHHTa abHIyaan

    a initiative

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    lets play a game, said a Himmotthan Society worker in Garhwali, the native language of Kitth and Kund villages in Tehri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand. He handed out sand in different colors to village leaders, women, and children. Together, they created a map of the village on the ground: white for the houses, pink for the walkways, red to mark houses with no toilets, green to indicate houses that had toilets, and blue for the water sources. Finally, he handed a heap of yellow sand to the village pradhan and asked him to mark all the places where people defecate in the open.

    As piles of yellow dust appeared on the map, the Society worker said, Tell me, where does this end up? It was then that the village folk realized the impact of waste on their soil, crop and water sources, and the importance of proper sanitation practices. But the analysis didnt stop there.

    The idea of drinking water f rom the i r own village became distasteful as the message of the exercise resonated with them: clearly, potable water is of no use if hygienic sanitation practices are not given a priority.

    India houses almost 60% of the global

    population that lives without access to toilets and defecates in the open (WHO-UNICEF 2015 Joint Monitoring program). It is estimated that the country will need to build 1542 lakh toilets by 2019 in order to address the nationwide sanitation crisis.

    According to a CII and Centre for policy Research report published in 2015, the estimated cost for implementing the Swachh Bharat Mission, both capex (till 2019) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) expenses for 10 years, is approximately `8.93 lakh crores.

    CII and Industry have been actively taking up initiatives to support

    the Swachh Bharat Initiative.

    In 2014, the CII Foundation (CIIF) launched Mission Sanitation in Schools (SoS) to address the sanitation challenge and support the national agenda of Swachh Bharat. As part of the Miss ion, the Foundation has been undertaking various on-ground

    initiatives by engaging companies and communities, both in urban and rural India.

    Mission sanitation

    cII On-ground I



    of 4193 toilet b

    locks in Govern

    ment schools;

    and contribution

    s of approximate

    ly `90 crores to

    the Swachh

    Bharat Kosh, by

    CII members.


    undertook const

    ructionof 206

    toilet blocks in

    schools across 6


    Facilitating c

    onstruction of 1

    4 public commu

    nity toilets by

    engaging with c

    ommunity, indus

    try and Urban l

    ocal Bodies.





    people in 15 vill

    ages of Jammu

    & Kashmir and U




    ts inandaround


    stations across

    7 cities


  • 6 | October 2016 Communiqu

    One such CIIF intervention, in partnership with the Himmotthan Society, set up by the Tata Trusts, is the WASH project in Kith and Kund villages in Uttarakhand. The two year project, which began in April 2016 aims to bring potable water and enable 100% sanitation to the water-scarce villages, making them free of open defecation, benefiting around 118 households and 789 individuals.

    A similar community-led intervention in 13 villages of Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir will set up systems and processes to develop sustainable health practices, reduce disaster risk, and enable WASH facilities, reaching out to over 11,000 people.

    The Foundation has also been engaging companies to construct, operate and maintain toilets in various government schools across the country. The first phase of Mission SoS aimed at evangelizing sanitation in school throughmembercompanies;undertakingmanagementof theconstructionandmaintenanceofschool toilets;collating and sharing innovative practices, designs and technology;andconsolidatingandrecognizingmembercompanies efforts.

    CII facilitated the construction of 4193 toilets through corporate engagement and contributions of approximately `90 crores to the Swachh Bharat Kosh. CII also directly undertook the construction of 206 toilet units through the CII Foundation in Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, delhi and Maharashtra.

    Along with the construction and O&M of the toilets, the CII Foundation also provided WASH training to the students and teachers of intervened government schools in Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. Committee members, comprising of teachers, have been constituted to oversee the day-to-day cleanliness of the toilets.

    To meet the open defecation challenges in urban areas, the Foundation launched the second phase of Mission SoS to construct public and community toilets by engaging with community, industry and Urban local Bodies. Five companies, Mitsubishi, dCM, Mahindra & Mahindra, JK Tyres and JCB, joined hands with the CIIF for the construction of 15 public toilet blocks in delhi. The CIIF is also working with the Indian R