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CastingKatie Winston, Billy Kaul, Harry Chaloner, Tom Ngai and Josh Macqueen

Katie WinstonKatie is the only female featured on my front cover, contents page or double page spread, therefore highlighting her role as David Gauntletts Empowered Female.She is naturally quite a confident person therefore reinforcing this theory, and has long hair which connotes a free spirit and her relaxed attitude to life which adheres to the Indie/Rock convention.I shall be taking 2 long shots of her with the band for my front cover and double page spread.

Billy KaulBilly will be part of The Cloaks along with Katie and Harry, and therefore he will feature in 2 long shots.Billy dresses very well which represents the creative attributes generally associated with those of this genre.He also has a unique look which represents the individuality commonly found in artists of the Indie/Rock genre.

Harry ChalonerHarry has a very care-free attitude to life which is a convention of artists of the rock genre. Some Indie artists are slightly more serious and so this subverts that stereotype.Harry has longish hair which shows Judith Butlers Gender Performance as long hair would stereotypically be associated with females, and this shows his individuality and not being held down by societys expectations of him which is common among artists of this genre as it challenges hegemonic ideas of conformity.

Tom NgaiTom will be featured as Louis Del Grido on my contents page as the main focal image holding a guitar.Tom is very hardworking which will be represented through the guitar, showing that he plays his own music.

Josh MacqueenJosh will be featured on my contents page with 3 medium shots and medium-long shots of him in low-key lighting as if they have come off a social media page such as twitter.Joshs photos will be slightly less serious than the others to show the carefree side of the genre and to add variety to my choice of photos.