Building Change Leadership Capability across the Enterprise...Building Change Leadership Capability...

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Transcript of Building Change Leadership Capability across the Enterprise...Building Change Leadership Capability...

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Joe Rafter, Sr. Director Enterprise Change, PG&E

Linda Ackerman Anderson, Vice President and Co-Founder, Being First



• Learn how to create the best strategy to deliver enterprise change leadership capability and establish the function • Recognize the distinction between Change Management and

Change Leadership • Understand a framework and process to create Enterprise Change

Leadership Capability among senior leaders, project leaders and change consultants • Understand the importance of using a common approach to leading

change for all types of change, especially transformation

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What’s true for you?

• How does your organization define Change Management (CM)? •  Is CM distinct from Project Management? Lean Six Sigma? Continuous

Improvement? Change Leadership (CL)? Is there an integrated, centralized function for leading change?

• Do senior leaders see the need for Change Leadership Capability as an

enterprise competency…orchestrating all of what an initiative requires to be successful, start to completion?

• Does your organization understand and value Change Leadership? Are your

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Change Management & Change Leadership

•  Change Management •  A critical discipline that outlines communications and training activities within the

deployment window of a project. •  Provides analytics on status of change readiness and adoption

•  Change Leadership •  Setting up change projects for success from “ideation” through “solution sustainment”

with a focus on delivering Business Benefits •  Standing for and modelling Personal & Organizational Breakthrough

•  Change Leaders… •  …create integrated strategy, delivery, and sustainment plans: Content plans and

people plans are ONE PLAN, ONE PROCESS •  …do not separate “Change” from “Project”…it’s ALL change! •  Consciously design the change process end-to-end for business results

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The Change Leader’s Roadmap

I.  Prepare  to  Lead  the  Change  

III.  Assess  the  Situa6on  to  Determine  Design  


II.  Create  Organiza6onal  Vision,  Commitment,  

and  Capability  

IV.  Design  the  Desired  State  

V.  Analyze  the  Impacts  VI.  Plan  and  Organize  for  Implementa6on  

VII.  Implement  the  Change  

VIII.  Celebrate  and  Integrate  the  New  State  

IX.  Learn  and  Course  Correct  

Hear  the  Wake-­‐up  


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Introduction to Pacific Gas and Electric

•  About PG&E

•  $15B+ 2013 revenue, 23,000 employees. 16 million customers. 70,000 square mile service area

•  Strategic Direction - To become a leading utility through more safe, reliable, and affordable energy services so that customers trust, like, and want to do business with us!

•  Assessing the Change Readiness – First 30 days

•  How do you define change management? •  How do you think I can help you?

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Our Enterprise Change Framework


Are we working on the most important


Do we understand the business benefits?

Do we know our demand and have

leadership engaged?


One PG&E Change Model: Tailor Being

First’s Change Leader’s Roadmap

Train and apply on real projects

Achieve Business Benefits


Prepare the company for a new approach to


Build change leadership capability, mindset, and culture

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Enterprise Change Leadership Capability – Year 1

Define  Change  Leadership,  Educate,  and  Begin  to  Implement  

•  Start  a  Business  Benefits  Iden1fica1on  Process    •  Adopt  &  Implement  One  PG&E  Method  for  Change  

•  Iden1fy  and  overtly  discuss  key  Change  Risk  Factors    •  Build  Out  Change  Infrastructure  (Team,  Processes,  Tools)  

•  Change  Leadership  Professional  Development  

•  CoP:  Change  Leadership  Network  

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Govern  Deliver  Energize  

Enterprise Change Leadership Spotlight on Year 1

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Our  Ini(al  Case  for  Change  

Produced  a  Team,  Roadmaps,  Process,  and  Tools  

Enterprise Change Leadership Capability – Year 2

Moving  from  Educa1on  to  Demonstra1on  

•  Con1nue  Year  1,  including  reminders  on  Case  for  Change!  

•  Design  and  Proof  of  Concept  Business  Benefits  Realiza1on  Process  

•  Enhance  CLR  Delivery  &  Support  Capability  

•  Change  Leadership  Professional  Development  

•  Begin  Designing  Change  Capability  Integra1on   Govern  Deliver  Energize  

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Enterprise Change Leadership Spotlight on Year 2

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Change  Canvas  Change  Leaders  Network  

Benefits  Realiza(on  PoC  

Our Path to Sustained business benefits

2013-2014 •  Change Leadership defined, introduced

and legitimized •  One change approach and language •  Engage leaders •  Create awareness of the Enterprise

Change Agenda with Benefits •  Try to Go Deep with the Few! •  Deliver, consult, and coach on initiatives •  Top 3 Change Risk Factors •  Manage the politics of a “new” approach

2015-2016 •  Take on the highest gain initiatives •  Overtly address Culture, mindset and

behavior •  Change is the leaders’ responsibility, not just

the project team’s! •  Broaden CL personal development

•  Role model & integrate “One PG&E” •  Expand Change Leaders Network

•  Change Leads (Consultants) •  Change Process Leaders (Business owners)

•  Benefits Realization PoC •  Integrate CLR with Other Capabilities

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Perspectives from Being First

•  Close partnership with the internal CL leader essential! •  Sustained senior leadership engagement/sponsorship is critical; CL is a

Leadership Competency and must be modelled! •  Embedding the CLR process requires more than training…it requires ongoing

project application and coaching; alignment with other functions •  Developing enterprise-level strategy is culture-changing! (where history is “silo

and piecemeal”) •  Leadership mindset and culture change are essential for Transformation…and

require undeniable reasons why •  Pacing the organization’s readiness, awareness, capacity; Patience!

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IImmpplliiccaattiioonnss ffoorr YYoouurr PPrraaccttiiccee:: CCoonnssiiddeerr……

• How would you create the case for change for Enterprise Change Leadership Capability with senior leadership?

• Do leaders acknowledge their role and the personal breakthrough required to actively set up their changes for success?

• How is change capability positioned within your organization relative to project management? CI? Aligned, integrated, or separate?

• Are you engaged from launch on the most strategic change efforts? How could you brand yourself to be?

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Questions and answers

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