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    A. Write:

    Three things you would find in a kitchen.

    _____________, _______________, _______________

    Three things you would find in a bathroom.

    _____________, _______________, ________________

    Three things you would find in a bedroom.

    _____________, _______________, ________________

    Three things you would find in a living room.

    _____________, _______________, ________________

    B. Circle the correct words.

    1. Turn left at the traffic / street lights.

    2. My sister is a nurse. She works at a hospital / bank in the city.

    3. The cathedral isnt far / near. Walk there.

    4. There is a restaurant / museum on the 21st floor and the food is very good


    5. This is your room Mr. Charles. Visit / Enjoy your stay.


    C. Complete.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    My best friend, Lisa, lives in (1) ___________ very nice house with her parents. Its

    very big and it has two floors. There (2) ____________ two beautiful yards.

    (3)___________ Front yard is small, but (4) ___________ backyard is big. There (5)

    __________ also a big balcony with a fantastic view. All the rooms are very modern.

    Lisa (6)__________ a nice bedroom upstairs, but that isnt her favorite room. Her

    favorite room is (7) __________ living room. (8) __________ are two big couches and

    (9) ___________ armchair in there. Lisa always sits on (10) ___________ couch next

    to the window and reads books. She loves reading

    D. Circle the correct words.

    1. There is coffee on / in the table for you.

    2. The police station is next to/ underthe park.

    3. Whats that behind / on the floor?

    4. My backpack is between / in the desk and the bookcase.

    5. Theres a big yard in front / behind of the house.

    6. The subway station is across / next from my house.

    E. Complete with object personal pronouns.

    1. A: Whats Marthas new house like?

    B: I dont know. Lets visit _________.

    2. Mark doesnt have a car. I give ___________ a ride to work every day.

    3. Look at that dishwasher. Its very modern. I like ___________.

    4. A: Look at the board and listen to ___________.

    B: Yes, Miss.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    5. My neighbors kids are very noisy. I cant stand _____________.


    F. Complete the dialogues with the sentences.

    a. How do I get there?

    b. Wheres the Italian restaurant?

    c. Go down East Road and turn right at the park.

    d. Its about a 15-minute walk.

    e. Go straight ahead.

    Tina. Hey, Roger. (1)_____________

    Roger.Its next to the National Museum.

    Tina. Wheres that? Is it far?

    Roger. No, it isnt.(2) ____________

    Tina. Great. (3)_____________

    Roger.Go down Station Road and turn left at the traffic lights. (4) __________ thats

    East Road. (5) _____________ The restaurant is on your left between the museum

    and the police station.

    Tina. Thanks, Royer.

    f. I guess it doesnt matter then.

    g. Theres something wrong with it.

    h. Check out the elevator at this hotel.

    i. Wheres our room?

    Fay. Hey, Kate. (6) ___________ Its so modern.

    Oh, no. (7) ____________

    Kate. Lets us the stairs.

    Fay. The stairs? (8) _____________

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    Kate. Its on the second floor.

    Fay. (9) ________________

    G. Write the questions.

    1. A: _______________________________

    B: 21 Pearl Street.

    2. A: ________________________________

    B: No, theres only one bathroom and its upstairs.

    3. A: ________________________________

    B: The supermarket is between the museum and the bank.

    4. A:___________________________________

    B: I think the newspaper is on the table in the kitchen.

    5. A:____________________________________

    B: Go straight ahead. The bank is on your right.


    Write a paragraph about your dream house. Write about some of the following:

    The neighborhood

    The view

    The yard

    How many floors it has

    The rooms

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    The Empire State Building is on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The whole building isabout 1,453ft. Tall, and there are 103 floors. There are 6,500 windows and 73

    elevators. It takes under a minute to ride the elevator from the 1 st floor to the

    observation deck on the 86st floor. There are 1,860 steps from the group to the top.

    The Empire State building has 1,000 business offices, and 21,000 people work there.

    The building even has its own zip code! For some holidays, they change the color of

    the lights at the top of the building.

    Rockefeller Center is a set of 19 buildings between Fifth and Seventh Avenue in New

    York City. The main building in the plaza is the GE (General Electric) Building. It is the

    home of the NBC broadcasting studios. The buildings address is 30 RockefellerCenter, but people call it 30 Rock. there are 70 floors in this skyscraper, and its

    872ft. tall. There is a large observation deck at the top called The Top of the Rock.

    The plaza in front of the GE Building is famous for its golden sculpture of the statue into

    an outdoor ice skating rink, and a lot of people skate in front of the large Christmas


    A. Read again. What do the numbers refer to? Match

    1. 70

    2. 21,000

    3. 872

    4. 6,500

    5. 19

    6. 1,000

    a. The number of offices in the

    Empire State Building

    b. The number of floors in

    Rockefeller Center

    c. The number of buildings there

    are in Rockefeller Center

    d. The number of people that

    work at the Empire State Building

    e. The number of windows the

    Empire State Building hasf. The height of Rockefeller



    A. Put the words in the correct category.


    Yogurt cheesecake chicken

    Apple donut ham steak

    hot dog milk butter lettucepizza onion orange carrot

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    Dairy products fruit Vegetables

    Meat Fast Food Desserts

    B. Complete with the words in the box.

    1. Remember to get a __________ of pasta and a ____________ of soup, too.

    2. Would like a ____________ of tea?

    3. Theres a _______________ of water in the refrigerator.

    4. You look thirsty. Would you like a_____________ of orange juice?

    5. Sorry. Theres only one __________ of bread.


    C. Complete with some, any or a (n)

    1. A: I want to make a fruit salad. Do we have _____________ fruit?

    B: Yes. There are _______________ bananas and strawberries in the refrigerator.

    Glass box slice cup can bottle

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    2. A: Im hungry.

    B: Make ______________ sandwich.

    A: Im afraid there isnt _________ bread.

    B: Oh, no.

    3. A: Do we have ___________ eggs at home?

    B: Yes, I think there are ___________ eggs in the refrigerator. Do you want to make

    ________ omelet?

    A: No, I want to make _____________ pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.

    B: Great idea! I love pancakes.

    4. A: Im so thirsty. Is there ____________ orange juice in the refrigerator?

    B: No, there isnt. would you like ___________ water?

    D. Circle the correct words.

    1. A: How much / how many milk is there in the refrigerator?

    B: There are two bottles.

    2. A: How much / how many is that?

    B: Thats $9.60, please.

    3. A:Alice, get me some tomatoes from the supermarket, please.

    B: OK. How much / how many tomatoes?

    A: Three or four.

    4. A: How much / how many sugar do you want in your coffee?

    B: I dont want any sugar. Im on a diet.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    5. A: How much / how many slices of cheese do you need for the sandwiches?

    B: Four.


    E. Math the questions with the answers.

    1. Would you like a dessert?

    2. How much is that?

    3. Is that all then?

    4. Can I take your order?

    5. Do you eat vegetables?

    a. No, thanks.Im on a diet.

    b. Yes, Id like a potato salad, please.

    c. No, Id like some cheesecake for


    d. Yes, Ilike them very much.

    e. Thats $4.50, please.

    F. Put the sentences in the dialogues in order.

    A cup of coffee.

    Anything else?

    Can I take your order?

    OK some coffee. Is that all then?

    No wait Id like some cheesecake for dessert.

    Yes, Id like some pasta with tomato sauce.

    Thank you, sir.

    Medium or large?

    Im afraid we dont have any orange juice.

    Yes, please. Id like some orange juice.

    Then Id like a soda.

    Would you like a drink with that?


  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    Thanks. How much is that?

    Here are you fries. Would you like someketchup?

    Heres $3.

    And heres forty cents change.

    Yes, please.


    There you go.



    Talk about eating habits of people in your country.

    What do people in your country have for breakfast?

    What do people in your country have for lunch?

    What do people in your country have for dinner?

    What is a popular dish in your country?

    What kind of fast food is popular in your country?


    Write a paragraph about the eating habits of people in your in your country.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth



    Read the following and check the appropriate boxes. For the points you are

    unsure of, refer back to the relevant sections in the module.

    Now I can

    . say and write about my food preferences

    . order food

    . take an order

    . offer something

    . accept and refuse an offer

    . Talk about prices

    . Talk and write about my eating habits

    . talk and write about the eating habits of

    people in my country

    . Ask and answer about quantity

    . Use some and any

    Baked potatoes are delicious, healthy and very easy to make.

    What to do:

    1. Heat the oven to 400F.

    2. Take some large potatoes, wash them well and make holes in them with a fork.

    3. Put butter or oil on the potatoes and put them in aluminum foil.

    4. Bake them for 1-2 hours.


    For breakfast usually


    For lunch .

    For dinner

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    5. Use a fork to see when they are ready.

    You can also put them in microwave and bake for 8 10 minutes.


    There are lots of different fillings or toppings for your baked potato. When its ready,just cut your potato open and fill it up. You can keep it simple, or you can go wild! Its

    up to you. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    A. Read again and write T for True or F for False.

    1. The first thing to do is heat up the oven.

    2. You need to make hole in the potato with a fork.

    3. You put butter or oil on the aluminum foil.

    4. You need to cook them in the microwave for 1- 2 hours.


    A. Write:

    1. Three fmale family members:

    ______________ ______________ ______________

    2. Three male family members:

    ______________ ______________ ______________

    3. Three geographical features:

    ______________ ______________ ______________

    4. Three adjectives describing personality:

    ______________ ______________ ______________

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    5. Three modes of transportation:

    ______________ ______________ ______________

    6. Three types of homes:

    ______________ ______________ ______________

    B. Complete with the words in the box.

    Excited population cost redecorates

    Motel plant stadium together

    1. He, lets ________________ our living room this summer.

    2. There were 30,000 people at the _________________ last night

    3. Are you _______________ about our trip to Venezuela?

    4. The _______________ of Mexico is about 100,000,000.

    5. My bother and I usually have breakfast _________________.

    6. How much does this hat _________?

    7. I want to _______________ a new tree in the back yard.

    8. Freddie and June stayed at a _______________ on the way to Kansas City.

    C. Complete with the Present Simple of the verbs in parentheses.

    1. I usually _____________ (watch) TV in the evenings.

    2. Karen _____________ (not agree) with Fiona about the color of the bedroom.

    3. My uncle _____________ (climb) a different mountain every year.

    4. ____________________ People ______________ (live) in this desert?

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    5. My friends always _______________ (laugh) at my funny stories.

    6. ___________ Security guards _________ (work) only at night?

    7. Jenny _______________ (not call) her mother every week.

    8. My grandmother often _________ (visit) the art gallery on the weekends.

    D. Complete with the Present Progressive of the verbs in parentheses.

    1. Tracys husband ___________ (surf) the Net right now.

    2. Gareth ____________ (not play) baseball now, his _______________ (play)

    tennis with his sister.

    3. Lets not go out this afternoon, it ____________ (rain).

    4. _______________________ your neighbor ____________ (wash) his


    5. Kimberly and Josh _____________ (paint) their living room this week.

    6. I ______________ (stay) at a hotel,

    I ______________ (not stay) at a hostel.

    E. Complete with the correct form of the adjectives in the box.

    Shy snowy dangerous popular

    Young noisy busy

    1. Geraldine is _________________ than Stephen, shes only 15.

    2. Mr. Grimes French class is ____________ is the school.

    3. I think rock climbing is as ____________as snowboarding.

    4. This road is ___________ in the evenings than in the mornings.

    5. I think this coffee shop is the _______________ in our neighborhood.

    6. Annabel is ________________ girl in the class, she never talks to anyone.

    7. This mountain is ______________ in the winter.

    F. Complete el dialogues with the phrases in the box.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    a. Youre right, its worth it.

    b. I need to get ready.

    c. You bet!

    d. Whats he like?

    A: Hey, do you want to come to the concert tonight?

    B: (1) _________ what about tickets?

    A: My new roommate, Clive, has three. Were going together.

    B: (2)_______

    A: Hes OK. Hes a bit rude and selfish sometimes.

    B: Why do you want to go out with him, then?

    A: Well, he has great tickets because he knows the guitar player. What can I do?

    B: (3) __________

    A: Right, see you at about eight oclock?

    B: OK. Im going home, then.

    A: Why?

    B: (4) __________

    A: But its only five oclock.

    B: I need to look good, Cliver!

    G. Read the text and write T for true or F for False.

    My name is John Francis and Im from Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A. Im 16 years old

    and I live with my parents and my sister, Amy. Im tall and a bit chubby, and Amy is

    short and thin, so were quite different. Im hard working and very friendly Im also a

    bit silly, sometimes. My sister ir very shy, so I try to take her out a lot so she becomes

    more outgoing. I go to JFK High School and my favorite subject is Science. I lovecomputers and in my spare time I surf the Net a lot. Im a good student but I dont like

    PE at all!

    1. John is American.

    2. John has a sister called Amy.

    3. Amy is short and chubby.

    4. John is more outgoing than his sister.

    5. Johns favorite subject is PE.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth




    A. Cross out the odd word.

    1. Husband dad daughter - uncle

    2. Short long dark hair

    3. Noisy space crowded quiet

    4. North west over south

    5. Valley lake river ocean

    6. Friendly selfish rude - lazy

    7. Motorcycle helicopter tram station

    8. Hostel cruise hotel motel

    B. Circle the correct words.

    1. My little sister is a in the 10th wall / grade.

    2. Danas uncle is a famous / empty painter.

    3. Andy and Richard are walking down the valley / ocean to the town.

    4. There arent many passengers / traffic jams on the subway this morning.

    5. Were neighbors / visitors. Carl lives at number 11 and I live at number 13

    Bell Street.

    6. Kelly usually goes to work by bus / foot.

    7. My grandmother reads the pollution / newspaperevery morning.

    8. You cant do waterfalls / water sports at this beach.


    C. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple of the verbs in the box.

    Cost save go listen work leave

    Not swim mention care turn

    1. Debbie often _________ to her CDs in the car to work.

    2. I think it __________ your name in this book.

    3. ____________ your brother ____________at that new pizza place?

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    4. We _____________ to the lake every year but Garth _________ in it.

    5. __________ You ____________ about the environment?

    6. This cheesecake ___________ $9.99.

    7. James always ____________ off the light when he __________ a room. He

    _________ energy.

    D. Use the prompts and the Present Progressive to make sentences.

    1. We / stay / tent / forest / at the moment / .


    2. They / cut down / trees / park / now / .


    3. You / use / computer / right now /?


    4. It / rain / north / country / now /.


    5. I / not redecorate / house / today /.


    E. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the adjectives in parentheses.

    1. Its __________( quiet) in our new house than our old house.

    2. Who do you think is the __________(nice) teacher in the school?

    3. The subway isnt as ___________(busy) as the bus in the mornings.

    4. My cat is ______ (lazy) than my dog.

    5. These are the _______ (cheap) shoes in the shop.

    6. Dont worry. Im not as _______ (clumsy) as my brother.

    7. The people in this coffee shop are ________ (friendly) than the other one.

    8. Calvin is the ___________(interesting) person I know.


    F. Match.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    1. Whats she like? a. Never.

    2. How often do you use the subway? b. Shes shy and hard-working.

    3. What does she look like? c. I want to go to the store first.

    4. How do you get to school? D. By bus.

    5. What is Fay doing? e. Shes tall and thin.

    6. Lets get on the road. f. Shes listening to music

    Now I can

    Talk about my family members

    Talk about peoples appearance and personality

    Compare people, places and objects

    Complete a form

    Talk about spare time activities and hobbies

    Write an e-mail to a friend

    Say what people are doing right now

    Talk about vacation activities


    A. Complete with the words in the box.

    Brave amazed successful exciting

    Impossible chilly obvious delicious

    1. My cousin is a very ____________ businessman. He has his own company.

    2. Wow! This cake is _________ ! Can I have one more piece?

    3. The house was on fire but the firefighter was really _________________. He

    got in and saved the boy.

    4. Its _____________ to go for a walk now. Its very cold and windy. Just stay

    here today.

    5. Take your jacket with you because its very __________ today.

    6. The road trip was really _____________. The weather was great and we all had

    a lot of fun.

    7. We were ______________ to see Laura at the movie theater. We know she

    hates watching movies.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    8. Its _______________ that Ryan doesnt like playing computer games. He

    looks so bored.

    B. Match. Then use the correct form of the phrases to complete the


    1. Put up 4. Visit a. born

    2. Make 5. Go on b. a tent

    3. Get 6. Be c. museums

    D. lost

    E. a tour

    F. a fire

    1. Beth and Adam went camping last weekend. On Saturday they caught some

    fish. Adam ____________ and cooked it for dinner.

    2. We usually ____________ when we go to a new place. We like learning about

    its history and culture.

    3. Would you like to ________ around the city tomorrow? We can see more of the

    city this way.

    4. Its Jakes first time at the campsite and he doesnt know how to

    ________________. Can you help him, Tom?

    5. When ____________ your mother _________? Is she younger than your


    6. How did you __________? I thought you had a map with you.

    C. Write the Past Simple of the verbs below.

    1. Come _____________________

    2. Explore _____________________

    3. Run _____________________

    4. Perform _____________________

    5. Hear _____________________

    6. Stop _____________________

    7. Say _____________________

    8. Know _____________________

    9. Study _____________________

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    10.See _____________________

    D. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple of the verbs in parentheses.

    1. A: ___________________ you __________________ (know) how to swim

    when you ________________ (be) five years old?

    B: No, I __________________ (learn) how to swim when I was 7.

    2. A: What happened to your aunt?

    B: She ____________________ (fall) down and ________________ (break) her leg.

    3. A: What ______________ you __________ (want) to be when you

    ______________ (be) young?

    B: I ________________ (want) to be a doctor.

    4. A: What _____________ he _________ (say)?

    B: He ________________________ (say) something about surfing.



    A. Cross the odd word. Then, add one more.

    1. Monitor modem printer virus - ____________

    2. Library hospital slot bookstore - _____________

    3. Copy room kitten reception desk break room - __________

    B. Match.

    1. Information 6. computer

    2. Pay 7. study

    3. Police 8. public

    4. Answering 9. mouse

    5. Scotch 10. Post

    a. Office e. Tape i. lab

    b. Machine f. Service j. phone

    c. Lounge g. Station

    d. Desk h. Pad

    C. Circle the correct words.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    1. Can you please provide / replace the in the copier?

    2. I cant stand this loud / strict music. I cant study.

    3. Where is the entrance / furniture of this building?

    4. Diana is not picking up her cell. I think I should dial / text her.

    5. Is that my pump / seat over there next to the window?

    6. You need to remove / renew your drivers license.

    Why dont you go to the DMV?

    7. That elevator / collectoris out of order,


    D. Complete the sentences with the correct of the verbs in the box.

    Not talk read walk not write turn listen

    1. ___________________ During class!

    2. ___________________ down Wilson Road, and

    ___________________ Right at the bank

    3. ___________________ To the directions carefully.

    4. ___________________ On your desk.

    5. ___________________ This book. Its really good.

    E. Circle the correct words.

    1. Jack has to / dont have to wear a suit to work every day.

    2. Mom doesnt have to / has to cook dinner because we going to a fast foodrestaurant tonight.

    3. You have to / don t have to study harder for the test. Its really hard.

    4. I make a lot of money, but I must / has to work long hours.

    5. You cant / have to take up a sport. Exercise is good for you.

    6. People dont have to / have to stay away from the windows during a tornado.

    F. Look at the prompts and make sentences.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    Use should or shouldnt.

    1. A: The baby looks sick.

    B: you/take/her/doctor ____________________________

    2. A: I want to lose weight.

    B: you/eat/junk food ______________________________

    3. A: Kelly doesnt drink much milk.

    B: she/drink/three glasses/day ______________________

    4. A: My leg hurts.

    B: you/play/soccer/today __________________________


    G. Match.

    1. What took you so long? a. Im afraid not. Im cold.

    2. Could you show me the phone? b. Hold on, please.

    3. I have to use the phone. c. Of course. Its over there,


    The street from the bank.

    4. I dont know how to use a USB stick. d. I was in a meeting.

    5. Could I open the window? e. Do you have any

    change which you?

    6. Could I speak to Mrs. Stevens, please? f. Ok. See you later then.

    7. How do I get to the library? g. Get with it!

    8. I have to pick up Kelly from the airport. h. Just turn left and its nextto the

    Drugstore on your right.

    Now I can..

    Ask for and give directions

    Talk about places in a city

    Offer help

    Ask for permission

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    Make polite requests and ask for a favor

    Express obligation

    Express lack of necessity

    Ask for and give advice

    Talk about lifestyles and habits

    Talk about public services

    A. Circle the correct words.

    1. Mr. Adams made a huge foundation / donation to the local community center.

    2. Ryan was very embarrassed / disappointed when he found out that he lost his


    3. Nadia speaks three foreign languages definitely / fluently.

    4. Kelly is excited because she got a (n) option / promotion.

    5. Hold / Pull these bags for me please. I want to open the door.

    6. Sam had to fill out an applicant / application form to get his scholarship.

    7. Yesterday David had a serious / wide meeting at the office and he stayed there

    until very late

    8. We made a promise / decision to become volunteers and help the environment

    Its our New Years resolution.

    B. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

    Tornado resume villagerope cross

    Solution member competition

    1. Is Mandy going to take part in the song ____________________? Shes going

    to win, Im sure

    2. The _________________ destroyed the whole town. All the people are staying

    at hotel rooms right now.

    3. Can you tie this ________________ around that box? Please?

    4. I can t find a __________________ to my problem. Can you help me?

    5. Mark is a ___________________ at the local recycling center.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    6. Beth wants to work on her __________________ because she wants to find a

    new job.

    7. He wants to live a quiet life, that s why he moved to the


    8. We couldnt __________________ the river because the bridge was broken.

    C. Complete the dialogues with the Future going to of the verbs in the box.

    Swim stay watch not clean

    Visit spend have do

    1. A: When _______________ Rob ___________ his friends in Spain?

    B: In July.A: Hes lucky. He _____________ in the ocean all day.

    2. A: _____________ you ____________ home tonight?

    B: Yeah, I ____________________ TV and relax.

    What ___________________ you _______________?

    A: We _____________________ dinner at my friends house.

    3. A: Tom, your room is really a mess.

    B: Well. I ________________ it today. Im tired.

    A: What about tomorrow then?

    B: My friend from Mexico is coming tomorrow and we _______________ all daytogether.

    D. Complete the sentences with the Future will of the verbs in the box.

    Help not go out stay drive tie

    1. A: Do you want to come to the museum?

    B: No, thanks. I ______________________ home and do some housework today.

    2. ________________ you ________________ me wash the car?

    3. A: I can t tie this rope.

    B: Dont worry. I __________________ it for you.

    4. I _________________ you to work today. You dont have to take the bus.

    5. Im really tired. I ____________________ with my friends tonight.


  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    E. MATCH

    1. When did you buy this pair of shoes?

    2. Who was at the bowling alley with you?

    3. Did you go to the concert yesterday?

    4. Why were you sad last night?

    5. Did you buy a lot of souvenirs during your trip?

    a. No. I didnt Kelly didnt want to come with me.

    b. Yes. I did. I got a little something for everybody.c. Las weekend. They were really expensive.

    b. Because I lost my brand new cell phone.

    e. Sam and Betty. We had a great time

    F. completes the dialogue with the sentences a-e.


    A (1) _____________ Peter?

    B: Well, its raining

    A: Oh, no!B: Why? (2)____________ ?

    A: I wanted to go for a walk with Sue this afternoon.

    B: Katy here. We can watch that new TV show.(3)__________?

    A: Is it? OK,I guess I cant do anything else , right!


    A: Jack, (4)___________?Youre all wet.

    B: I fell in the water.

    A: What? Ha, ha!

    B: Stop it its not funny. (5)______________, this is your brand new pair of jeans Im


    A: Oh, no, Jack!

    a. Whats wrong b. Oh, and by the way c. Its really great d. Whats the weather


    e. What happened to you

    G. Read the postcard below and write T for true or F for False

    Dear All,

    This is my last day on the island.

    Yesterday was very sunny so I spent all day on a beach called

    Ladys Smile and I had a wonderful time. I was in the water

    when suddenly, the sky became cloudy and it started raining.

    The people there said that rain is common for this time of theyear, but I wasnt happy at all.

    Later, I met my friends and we went to a restaurant to have

    fish. Delicious! There were some musicians there, too, playing

    the guitar and singing. Everyone was so polite and friendly. The

    owner of the restaurant gave us some traditional dessert for free,

    which was fantastic.

    I think this was the best vacation of my life.



    the Barker Family. 940 Villa rd. Springfield, IL. 627111. Jake spent all day on a beach with his friends. ( )

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    2. The weather was lovely , but the next day it started raining.( )

    3. Jake and his friends enjoyed the food al the restaurant. ( )

    4. Although people were very friendly .Jake and this friends didnt like the place. ( )

    5. They paid for the traditional dessert. ( )


    A. Cross the odd words. Then, add one more1. Robber shoplifter thief pick pocketing - ________

    2. Gold bridge cathedral fort - __________

    3. Director teenager politician journalist - __________

    4.club theater shore arcade - _________

    B. Circle the correct words.

    1. Frank went for a walk in the forest because he

    wanted to forget/explore the area.

    2. My parents usually buy a lot ofproducts/souvenirs when they visit a new place.

    3. When Sam saw the fire, he was really surprised /

    scared and didnt know what to do.4. Kate is wet because she fell/joined into the water.

    5. Brad has a really successful career/characterbut hes working really hard that he

    has his own company.

    6. John introduced/ decided to take a photography

    class because he loves taking pictures.

    7. Mr. Anderson is our History owner/professor. Hes

    a very polite person.

    8. Whats that on the floor/hall? Is it cell phone?


    C. Complete the past simple of the verbs below.

    1. Do ______________________

    2. Live ______________________

    3. Happen ______________________

    4. Save ______________________

    5. Try ______________________

    6. Become ______________________

    7. Put ______________________

    D. Complete with the past Simple of the verbs in parentheses.

    1. A: ___________ you__________ (go) fishing last weekend?

    B: No, but I ____________ (go) swimming.

    2. Yesterday, Ron __________ (find) a cat on thestreet and __________ (take) it home.

    3. Last Tuesday the school basketball team

    ___________ (play) against basketball Northbridge. There

    ___________ (be) a lot of people at the game.

    Everybody _____________ (have) a great time.

    4. Dennis was in Barcelona last weekend and he

    ___________ (visit) many places.

    5. My mother ______________ (not work) as a reporter

    when she was younger. She was a photographer.

    6. Brad ___________ (not can) ride a bike when hewas five years old.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    E. Expand the notes into sentences. Use the past simple.

    1. My sister / be born / in / 2000/.


    2. Sally / stay / home / and / play computer games / yesterday /?


    3. James and Mark / not be / Italy / last summer


    4. Shelly / go / Carlas party / last night /?_______________________________________________

    5. There / be / bridge / close to / palace /?


    6. The Children / not can / speak English / three years ago



    F. Choose a or b.

    1. Whats wrong?

    A: The house is on fire b: Shes really brave

    2. Whats the weather like?A: Its very chilly b: No, it isnt snowing

    3. Did you go to Tom and Angies wedding last week?

    A: Yes, they did b: No, I couldnt.

    4. When did Jane get her degree?

    A: No she didnt. B: Last year.

    5. Was this building a prison in the 18th century?

    A: No. I dont think so. B: No, it didnt

    A. Match the words with the pictures. Where can you find these objects?

    A: bookstore ( ) b: coffee shop ( ) c: restaurant ( ) d: gas station ( )

    e: sport stadium ( ) f: post office ( ) g: parking lot ( )B. Write.

    1. Three places in a city

    ___________ ____________ ____________

    2. Three places on a campus

    ___________ ____________ _____________

    3. Three items related to computers

    ___________ ____________ _____________

    4. Three public services

    ___________ ____________ _____________

    5. Three places of an office

    ___________ ____________ _____________

    C. Complete the dialogues with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses


    A: So how do I get to your house?

    B: Its close to the swan theater.

    A: Where is that?

    B: Well, (1) ______________________ (go down) Malcolm

    Road and (2) _____________________ (turn) right

    onto Richmond street. Then, (3) _____________________ (turn)

    left at the theater and a coffee shop.

    2.A: (1) ______________________(go) to the grocery store

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    and (2) ____________________ (buy) some fruit, please.

    B: Ok.

    A: And (3) ___________________ (not go) to the

    coffee shop with your friends.

    B: OK.

    A: And (4) ____________________ (not be) late!

    D. Choose a, b or c.

    1. Youre in a library. You ________ be quiet!

    1. Culture page

    Puerto Rican


    Puerto rico is a small country in the Caribbean sea.

    San Juan is the capital city. Over 4 million people live in Puerto rico. There are a lot of

    Puerto Ricans living in the u.s, too. In the 1950s. More than 20% of the people in

    Puerto rico moved to different u.s cities.

    Puerto rico is a very interesting place to visit. Music is a big part of the culture, and

    baseball is the Puerto Ricans` favorite sport there are many beautiful beaches, lakes,

    rivers, and mountains. There are historical places to visit, too, including old ports and

    military forts. Also, the weather is very nice. The temperature is about 82f(28c) all

    year round. There are many kinds of plants and animals that live here, including the

    small frog, coqui. Puerto Ricans love it so much, its a national symbol.


    A. look at the pictures and the title of

    the text.

    What do you know about Puerto rico?

    Read, listen and check your answers

    B. read again and complete the sentences.

    1. Puerto Rico is in



    2. The capital city of Puerto



  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth




    about one in five, people in the world can speak English is at some level, and

    there nare around 70 countries where English is an official language. Which of

    the following countries is not English speaking country?1a. Jamaica

    b. New Zealand

    c. Honduras


    The South African flag is the only national flag with six colors. Which of the following is

    thee correct flag?

    A) Bandera b) c)


    Kangaroos and koalas live only in Australia. There is one kinds of animal living there

    with a population of 140,000.000.that`s 20 for every person! But which animal is it?

    a) B) c)

    4. There are four countries in the uk.

    England .Scotland, Northern Ireland and

    a. Wales

    b. Republic of Ireland

    c. New England


    The American flag is also called The stars and Stripes there are red and white stripes

    and one star for every state .so. How many states are there in the U.S.A?

    a. 48 b.50 c.52


    You probably know that London is the capital of England and Washington d.c is the

    capital of U.S.A. But what is the republic of Ireland?

    A) Belfast b) Dublin c) Edinburgh


    The U.S.A is home to the NBA (national basketball, James Naismith. From?

    b. Scotland

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    c. New Zealand

    d. Canada


    The queen of England and the uk is Elizabeth II. She became queen?

    a. At Buckingham palace

    b. Up a tree in Kenya

    c. On caption in south Africa

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth



    A. Look at the pictures. What kinds of vacation do you can go on in New Zealand?

    Listen, read and find out.

    Travelling toNEW ZEALANDNew Zealand has everything; from a traditional vacation by the beach to a really excitingadventure vacation!

    AdventureTravel on a Tall ship. Its the perfect way to experience life at see and visit some of NewZealands best tourist sights, too. New Zealand is an excellent place for hiking, and trips toglaciers. Horseback riding, rafting and skiing are also very popular and there are greatwaves for surfing. But for real excitement, you need to try bungee-jumping ore vendzorbing, rolling down a hill in a big plastic ball.

    CultureWellington and Auckland have interesting museums. But to see real New Zealand cultureyou need to visit a Maori art and craft workshop. Here, you can see Maori people paintingand making jewelry. You can buy some art or you can also make your own. Maori peopleare also famous for their traditional dances, like the Haka.

    WildlifeMany people come to New Zealand just to see the wildlife. You can go on a boat trip andswim with seals or take pictures of dolphins and whales. You can even see penguins insome parts of the country. Eco-tours are also becoming very popular. You can see NewZealands beautiful wildlife and help the environment, too.

    B. Read again and write T and True, F for false or NM for Not mentioned.1. - A trip on a Tall ship is very expensive. ___2. - Zorbing is a kind of adventure sport. ___3. - You can make your own art at the museums.

    In Wellington and Auckland. ___4. - The Haka is a traditional Maori dance. ___5. - You need to take a boat trip to see penguins. ___


    A .Look at the pictures and answer the question in the title text.

    Do you hang out at the



  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    There are around 50,000 malls all over the U.S. Malls are one of the most convenient

    places for people to shop, have lunch, or just hang out. One of the most famous and also

    the Mall of America in Bloomington. Minnesota. lt is really big.and people have so much to

    do there!

    The mall of America or The Megamall has more visitors per year than any other mall in

    the world. Over 40 million people shop here every year. The mall has more than 500

    stores and has four levies; it also has four sections, each one decorated in a different

    style. The mall also has some other places for people to entertain themselves, such as the

    nickelodeon universe theme park, an aquarium, a flight simulation ride, a 14 -screen movie

    theater, .and a leg sculpture park in the U. S. and has many rides including roller coasters

    and a Ferris wheel. The underwater Adventures Aquarium has more than 4.500 creatures,

    including a large collection of sharks and an underwater tunnel to walk through. Shoppers

    can have fun at special events the mall hosts each year.

    B. Read again and write T for True or F for false.

    1. You dont have to shop at the Mall Of America.

    2. The mall has more visitors than any mall in the world.

    3. You can`t see a movie at the mall

    4. The theme park doesnt have any rides.

    5. The mall has special events regulary



    a. Read the title of the text and look at the pictures.

    Do you know who the girl is and why she is famous?

    The Perfect Score

    Nadia comenci was born on November 12th.1961.people know her all over the world as a

    famous Romanian gymnast. She won five gold medals.

    In 1976, at age 14,comanci qualified for the Montreal Olympics history. The scoreboards

    couldn`t even give a perfect score, and it showed her score as 1.00 instead.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    Comaneci retired from gymnastics in 1981.know, she is active behind the-scenes as the

    honorary president of the Romanian gymnastics federation and the Romanian Olympic

    committee. A member of the international gymnastic hall of fame, and an ambassador of

    sports of Romanian .Comaneci and her husband have their own gymnastics company

    production company ,production company ,and various sport equipment a tores. They

    also provide televion commentary for the Olympics.

    C. Read the text again and complete the sentences.

    1. Nadia Comaneci is from

    2. Comaneci won .

    3. She scored a perfect 10.o at the

    4. In 1981, Comaneci

    5. Comaneci and.own various companies and stores 88


    A. look at the pictures and the title of the text.

    Have you ever ridden a roller coaster?

    Did you like it?/why not?

    Are you a coaster fanatic?

    Roller coasters are very exciting amusement park rides. They feel dangerous. a coaster is

    a lot like a train, and many run on tracks that look like a railroad track. Special belts and

    bars keep the rides on the coaster safe. Many good roller coaster give riders a few

    seconds of airtime. At the time, riders are on a hill o loop .here are some of the top roller


    Magnum x l-2(Sandusky, Ohio)

    The first coaster to reach 200 feet in 1989.it the worlds first hyper coaster. When the

    magnum was ready ,lots of amusement parks raced to build the fastest and tallest

    coasters in the world.

    Millennium foce (Sandusky, Ohio)

    It has been the number one or two roller coaster in the country every year it*s

    Sandusky 310 feet tall. Making it the world *s first gig coaster!

    Top thrill daggers (Sandusky, Ohio)

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    The world first is 420 feet tall, and goes from o to 120mph in under four seconds! This is

    definity a dont-miss-ride!

    Kingda ka (Jackson, new jersey)

    Currently the talles and fastest coaster in the world.at 456 feet tall it goes an amazing


    B. read gain and decide what the refer to


    2. 128.






    A. look at the pictures and the title.do you know who Christo and Jeanne-Claude are?

    Listen, read and your answers

    The environmental artists

    Christo and Jeanne-Claude are a married couple, famous for their art installations all over

    the world. Installation art is a special kind of art.instead of making art on a canvas, like a

    painting. The artists use the whole world as their canvas. They usually put the installation

    in a public place like a park. Christo and Jeanne-Claude are no exception, and they call

    themselves environmental artists. some of their most famous exhibits include: veiling

    (covering with fabric) the Reichstag in berlin1995 and the Pont neuf in Paris 1985, setting

    up umbrellas in public places in California and japan at the same time in 1991, andwrapping almost 200 trees in a park in Basel, Switzerland in 1998.their latest installation

    was the gates in new York citys central park central park. For two weeks in February,

    2005, they hung more than 7,500 orange-colored fabric gates over the sidewalks of the

    park for people to walk through. The gates stretched for nearly 23 miles and cost about

    $21 million dollars to create! Between 1991 and 1995, Christo and Jeanne-Claude spent

    $39 million to create their artwork. Part of the cost is for materials for the creation and also

    fees and permits to use the land. Now, Christo and Jeanne. Claude have no trouble

    creating their art, because the whole world wants to see what they are going to come up

    come up with next!


    1. For installation art, the artists use only a cavas.

    2. The gates were an installation in Switzerland.

    3. The artist usually put their usually put their installations in public places.

    4. It*s not expensive to make an installations.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    5. People really love Christo and Jeanne-Claude art.


    4. Culture page

    A. look at the pictures and the title what do you think the texts is about?Read listen andcheck your answers.

    Who can help you?

    Animal control deals with the treatment and care of animals. Animal control officers usually

    work for a specific city, and they often drive around and make sure there arent any stray

    animals. When they find stray pets, they usually take them to the local animal shelter.

    People can also call the local animal control when they find animals that have problems.in

    places with lots of wild animals, like bears, or even alligators, sometimes it*s necessary to

    call animal control to get them to come and remove the animal

    B. read the text and answers the questions

    1. Where does animal con troll take stray pets?

    2. What do people do when they find animals with problems?

    3. What kind of materials do hazmat teams deal with?

    4. Where do they take the dangerous materials?

    5. What do people at hazmat wear?






    You dont have to be able to give basic first aid. its a good idea to know what to do in caseof an emergency! For instance, first aid might come in handy when a person has a minor

    bleeding problem. Here are some tips:


    Take a clean cloth only when the bleeding stops. For a small cut clean the wound with

    iodine. For a very deep cut just keep pressure on it and call the emergency numbers, or go

    to a hospital.

    Hazmat teams deal with any sort of dangerous material. The

    materials away from their location to safe place .most local fire

    departments have a hazmat team that responds to a materials

    accident or spill. People working for hazmat. Wear special hazmat

    suits that protect them from many kinds of dangerous materials.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth



    It can be very scary, because there is a lot of blood, many people think have to lean back

    to stop a nosebleed, but they are wrong! Pinch your nose, and lean forward so the blood

    can come out. After five minutes, stop pinching and check. Has the bleeding stopped?

    Yes? Then you are ok. If the answer is no, pinch the nose again for the minutes.

    And dont forget!

    Always keep a first-aid kit at you never know you might need it

    B. Read the text again and write t for f false

    1. Only doctors can offer first aid in case of an emergency

    2. You use iodine to clean small cuts only.

    3. Its not right lean back when you have a nosebleed.

    4. You start pinching your nose five minutes after the nosebleed has started.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    6 ROUND-UP

    A. cicle the correct words.

    1. Don*t pick up/throw trash in the lake.

    2. Turn off the light/faucet! I*m taking a


    3. How can I save /protect energy?

    4. Give me those newspapers, eve. I

    want to join/recycle them.


    Complete with the present progressive of the

    verbs in parentheses.


    A. hey, Brain. What______ (you/do)?

    ___________ (you/write) an e-mail?

    B.no I*m not I________ (do) my homework.

    A: on the computer?

    B: Yes, I____________ (surf)the net. I want to

    find information about internet users around

    the world.


    A: its earth day today. Our

    neighbors_________ (pick up) trash in the

    park. Lets do something about the

    environment too. Let*s use public

    transportation to go work.

    B: we have the day off, remember?

    A: Oh, right, lets plant some trees, then.

    B: it__________ (rain),Celia. Lets stay at home


    A :______( Ethan/watch) TV, again?

    B: yes, but he_________ (not watch) sports or

    a reality show. His friend tony is here and

    they__________ (watch) a documentary


    E: complete the dialogues with can and the

    words in parentheses. Give short answers

    where possible.


    A :__________( you/play) the guitar, bread?

    B: no, _________.but i____________ (play)

    the flute and the piano.

    A :____________( you/sing), too?

    B: NO, ________. But i___________

    (dance)very well


    A :_______________( your brother/use) a


    B: of course, ___________.he*s a computer


    A: betty__________ (speak) six languages.

    B: really :_________( she/speak) Chinese?

    A: NO; ____________, but she_________(speak) Japanese.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    5. Teamwork is very important /busy.

    Lets all work together

    6. A: how do you communicate with your cousin in Paris?

    B. I check/send her e-mails.

    7. Shannon is calling /talking on the phone right now

    8. Theres something wrong with the Pinter/keyboard.

    I cant use the computer.

    B. Complete with the words in the box

    Tell, cold, hot, answer y ASK

    1. Wear your jacket outside. Its

    2. A: wheres Sam?

    B: I dont knowhis brother.

    3. Pleasethe phone. Im busy right now.

    4. Its .today. Lets go to the beach.

    5. Dontharry about the trip.its a surprise.


  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth



    a. Can i take a message?

    b. Im talking to Justin on my cell phone.

    c. How can i help you?

    d. Hold on.

    e. Very well, sir.

    f. Can you call her a little later?


    Mrs. Martin hello?

    Mary hello, Mrs. Can I speak to Lisa, please?

    Mrs. Martin (1) ______shes outside in the yard right now. Lisa! Marys on the phone.

    Lisa I cant speak to her right now. (2)______

    Mrs. Martin sorry, Mary. She cant come to the phone. (3)___________

    Mary sure. Thank you.


    Secretary Larry Donaldsons office. (4)_______

    Mr. Dupont can I speak to Mr. Donaldson, please?

    Secretary Im afraid he cant speak to you right now. (5)______

    Mr. Dupont yes.my names jean Dupont, Im his sons French teacher. Please tell him

    that I need to speak to him.

    Secretary (6) ___________

    Reply to the phrases below using lets or how about

    1. Im hungry________________________________________________

    2. I want a new keyboard.______________________________________

    3. Theres football on TV.______________________________________

    4. Look! Its snowing! _________________________________________

    5. My rooms a mess.__________________________________________

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth




    Complete the dialogue with the sentences.

    a. Did you a good time?

    b. Where were you yesterday afternoon?

    c. But youre not interested in football.

    d. I think so, why?

    e. Are you joking?

    Kyle hi Steve. (1)_________

    Steve I went, to a football game.

    Kyle (2) ___________

    Steve I know, but a friend had some free tickets.

    Kyle (3) _____________

    Steve yes, it was great. i talked to the players after the game.

    Kyle (4)____________

    Steve no, Im not. We saw them coming out of the stadium and said hello.

    Kyle did you see Freddie turner?

    Steve (5) _________________

    Kyle hes my favorite player!

    Complete the questions for the answers below

    1. A: _______________to the movies yesterday?

    B: yes, I did. The movie was great.

    2. A: _____________at home last Saturday?

    B: because I was tired and I didnt want to go out.

    3. A: _______________the party?

    B: it was fantastic.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    4. A: ________________your arm?

    B: I broke it yesterday.

    5. A: ________________people at the new mall?

    B: yes, there were.it was crowded 103



    Visit/dentist Take/painreliever


    Visit/doctor Drink/tea Go/gym

    1. - A: I have a headache.

    B: _____________________________

    2. - A: I have a toothache.

    B: _____________________________

    3. - A: I have a backache.

    B: _____________________________


    A.Talk in pairs. Imagine that you and your partner have decided to go to Florida for your

    summer vacation. Look at the brochure below and decide what you are going to do and


    Choose three things.


    Panam City Beach

    Swim, sunbathe, and do water sports!

    SeaWorld Aventure Park

    See whales, dolphins, sharks! Watch sea animal shows!

    Waltdiney World

    Spend time with your favorite Disney characters!

    National Museum of Naval Aviation

    ,whatarewegoingtodo?tsgotoPanamaCityBeachanddo atersports. ovewatersports.re.Iwanttotrywindsurfing.Howaboutingto? o,Idontwanttogothere.Itsounds


  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    See over 140 different types of planes!

    Everglad Es National Park

    Go for a walk or boat tour and see birds, alligators and crocodiles!



    4. A: i have a sore throat.

    B: ______________________________

    5. - A: I have the flu.

    B: ______________________________

    6. - A: I have a stomachache.

    B: ______________________________


    Write an e-mail to a friend about a day trip you are going to go on. Include the following:

    Where you are going to go

    When you are going to go

    Who is going to be with you

    What you are going to do.

    Invite your friend to come along

    We are going to go to Panama City Beach

    and do water sports. We are also going


  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    7 ROUND UP

    G R A M A R

    A. Cross out the odd Word.

    D. Complete with the past simple of the words in

    1. Mail bookstore skiing stadium find decide make join

    take get

    2. Mouth nose ear foot 1. When tony ______ his degree in


    3. Volleyball hockey gymnastics languages, he ______ to travelaround the world.

    4. wooden shorts plastic gold

    B. Choose a, b or c.

    1. Monica broke her ______ last night and now

    She cant walk.

    a. Hand b. leg c. arm

    2. My sister went shopping yesterday and she ____

    A new jacket.

    a. borrowed b. wore c. bought

    3. Yesterday, I went to the movies and had a good time.

    The movies was very ______

    a. boring b. interesting c. awful

    4. The mall is always ______ on Saturdays.

    A. crowded b. heavy c. live

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    5. Sophie and Luke got _____ two years ago, but they

    Dont have children.

    a. married b. a degree c. born

    C. Complete with the words in the box.

    Difficult race leave come easy game

    1. What time did you ______ Erins house?


    2. I find physics very ______. Can you help me?

    3. Lewis doesnt want to _______ to the swimming

    Pool with us. He hates swimming.

    4. Thomas didnt win the _______ because he

    Crashed into another car.

    5. We watched the soccer ________ on TV last night.

    6. Amber is very good at Modern Languages and she

    Thinks that its _______ to learn French.


    8 ROUND-UP



    1. I .always be/get sunburned in the summer.

    2. Did you take/call for a taxi for mirs. Franklin?

    3. We want to go/get on a cruise around the world.

    4. Lets take/have pictures of those beautiful birds.

    5. Tell willian to be/come along.were going to go windsurfing.

    6. Im going to travel to New York in/by train.

  • 7/30/2019 Avance Elizabeth


    7. Dont forget to buy/take souvenirs for rose and Keith.

    8. Be/get careful. Theres a snake near your foot.