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  • 8/18/2019 AoC - Civilisation Info


    Age of Chivalry: Hegemony – civilisation bonuses



    Unique Units:  Cuman Auxiliary (fast-firing cavalry archer, requires Hausmacht) Doppelsöldner (heavy infantry with powerful slow attack, damaging adjacent units) Gefolgsmann (anti-siege lancer) Landsknecht (unique upgrade to Pikeman) 

    Unique Technology: Maximilian Reform (upgrades Pikemen to Landsknechte, enables Doppelsöldner) 

    Team Bonus: Scouting cavalry (including Militia Lancer, Szlachcic and Wend Raider) +2 LOS

    Characteristics of the civilisation:

      Peasants move 15% faster

      Spear Infantry cost more   Light Cavalry +30% hit points

      Ministeriales, Knightly Cavalry +1 attack

      Kogge more expensive, takes longer to construct

      Has access to the Princely Court

    Policy Decisions Hausmacht (Castles +1500 hit points, spear infantry +1P armour, enables Cuman Auxiliaries, Plackart) Romzug (Troopers +1 attack, Handgunners +1/2P armour, enables Reichsritter and Granulated Gunpowder research, enables conversion)

    Austriae est imperare orbi universo

  • 8/18/2019 AoC - Civilisation Info


    Age of Chivalry: Hegemony – civilisation bonuses



    Unique Units:  Reichsritter (anti-siege lancer, requires Romzug)  Rhenish Knight (regenerating cavalry, requires Hausmacht, Mercenaries)

    Unique Technology: Landesaufgebot (Militia, Rhenish Knights cheaper)

    Team Bonus: Farms +45 food

    Characteristics of the civilisation:

      Crossbowmen +2 attack, longer reload

      Militia, Knightly Infantry +1 attack

      Peasants +10 hit points

      Technologies cost -10% 13th cent., -15% 14th cent. , -20% 15th cent.

      +3 peasants, -150 food, 50 wood

      Town Halls support 10 population

      Kogge more expensive, takes longer to construct

      Has access to the Guild Hall

    Policy Decisions Hausmacht (Castles +1500 hit points, lancers +30 hit points, enables Rhenish Knights) Romzug (Ministeriales +1 attack, spearmen +20 hit points, enables Reichsritters, enables conversion)

    In trau vast

  • 8/18/2019 AoC - Civilisation Info


    Age of Chivalry: Hegemony – civilisation bonuses



    Unique Units: War Wagon (mobile tower, requires Hussite Beliefs) Reichsritter (anti-siege lancer, requires Luxembourg Dynasty)

    Unique Technology: Ius Teutonicum (requires Luxembourg Dynasty, silver miners work 15% faster, town halls work 20% faster)

    Team Bonus: Mangonels +2 attack

    Characteristics of the civilisation:

      Archers are cheaper

      Spear Infantry +1 range

      Knightly Infantry cost more

      Peasants +3 LOS

      Tower upgrades free (Bombard Tower requires Alchemy)

      Tower range +1 14 th  cent., +1 15

    th  cent.

      Conversion enabled from the 14 th  century on

      Has access to the Princely Court

    Policy Decisions Hussite Beliefs (enables War Wagon, Arbalester, Tarasnice, Halberd Militia; Close Order Drill, Pike Drill, Pavises, Chiliasm; allows for further specialisation*) * Utraquist sect (Knightly cavalry and Ministeriales +2 attack, enables research of Heresy, Stamp Mill, Bloodlines and Slechtic)

    * Taborite sect (Disables knightly cavalry, spear units have +15 hit points, enables research of Bracer, Heresy free)

    Luxembourg Dynasty (enables Reichsritter, Slechtic; Ius Teutonicum, Chivalric Order, Bloodlines, Stamp Mill; Rytirs and Slechtics have +15 hit points) 

    Pravda vítezí

  • 8/18/2019 AoC - Civilisation Info


    Age of Chivalry: Hegemony – civilisation bonuses



    Unique Units: German Militia (militia, upgrades automatically upon aging up)  Wend Raider (light cavalry, upgrades automatically upon aging up)   Teutonic Order units (see Teutonic Order)

    Unique Technology: Brandenburg Law (German Militia +2 attack, +20 hit points)

    Team Bonus: Lancer/Guard Lancer +1 pierce armour

    Characteristics of the civilisation:

      Can choose Policy Decision in 13th century

      Can construct German Barracks and Slav Barracks

      Wend Raider and German Militia receive periodical free upgrades

      Archer and Crossbow unit-lines separate; archers 10% cheaper each century, crossbows remain expensive

      Towers 15% cheaper

      Castles 20% cheaper

      Treadmill Crane free

      Has access to the Princely Court (Junker League/Kurfürst) or Commandry (Teutonic Order), depending on Policy Decision

    Policy Decisions Junker League (Enables Fahnenjunker; knightly units +1 melee armour; units at Slav Barracks 10% cheaper)

    Kurfürst (Enables German Gunners and Handgunners; Alchemy free; units at GermanBarracks +15% hit points) Teutonic Order (see Teutonic Order)

    Nihil sine deo

  • 8/18/2019 AoC - Civilisation Info


    Age of Chivalry: Hegemony – civilisation bonuses



    Unique Unit:  Gwaster/Kigner (anti-building, ranged cavalry)

    Unique Technology: Scorched Earth (Peasants +10% faster, carry +5 resources, have -5 hit points) 

    Team Bonus: Stables 20% faster

    Characteristics of the civilisation:

      Archers have more hit points, cost more

      Spear Infantry +1 range

      Mounted Crossbowmen cost -25% 14 th  cent., -30% 15

    th  cent.

      Trebuchets +30% accuracy

      Houses support 10 population, start with -50 wood

      War Cog cheaper, trains more quickly

      Has access to the Princely Court

    Policy Decisions Francisation (trading fee 10%, knightly cavalry +2 attack, enables Genoese Crossbowman) English Alliance (Gwaster/Kigner +20 hit points, +1 armour, enables Mercenary Longbowman)

    Kentoc'h mervel eget bezañ saotret

  • 8/18/2019 AoC - Civilisation Info


    Age of Chivalry: Hegemony – civilisation bonuses



    Unique Unit:  Italian Infantry (strong militia, requires Italian Alliance) Flemish Infantry (pikeman, requires Flemish Relations)

    Unique Technology: Naval Ordonnance (War Cogs and Carracks attack 20% faster) Bohain Ordonnance (Mercenary Longbowmen and Italian Infantry +1 attack; Flemish Infantry +1/+1P armour; Militia Lancers +1/+2P) 

    Team Bonus: Units more resistant to conversion

    Characteristics of the civilisation:

      Archers +5 hit points

      Skirmishers -5 hit points   Spear Infantry -10 hit points

      Knightly Infantry cheaper

      Pathfinder -20 hit points

      Troopers, Knightly Cavalry +60 hit points, cost more

      Farms cost -33%

      Town Hall +2 attack/+5 LOS

      Roman Law and City Rights technology lines cost no florins

      Has access to the Princely Court

    Policy Decisions English Alliance (enables Mercenary Longbowman, Bracer research, Merchant Barques

    faster) Flemish Relations (enables Flemish Infantry, Merchants faster, trading fee 10%)

    Je lay emprins bien en adviegne

  • 8/18/2019 AoC - Civilisation Info


    Age of Chivalry: Hegemony – civilisation bonuses



    Unique Units:  Herreman (anti-infantry infantry)  Longship (boarding ship)

    Unique Technology: Dannebrog (+3 infantry attack)

    Team Bonus: Light lancers (including Militia Lancers, Bajorai, Liv Auxiliaries, and Stradiots) +2 attack vs. archers

    Characteristics of the civilisation:

      Start with Militia Lancer, not Pathfinder

      Militia +4 attack, -10 hit points

      Knightly Infantry +2 attack, +1 pierce armour, -10 hit points   Peasants +15 hit points, carry +5

      All military units created 15% faster

      Priests +5 hit points for each Church technology, but cost +25 florins

      War Cog cheaper, trains more quickly

      Has access to the Princely Court

    Policy Decisions Baltic Crusades (Foot Knights +2 attack, conversion resistance +50%, enables conversion) Kalmar Union (silver gathering rate +15%, castles +2000 hit points)

    Så var det beskikket

  • 8/18/2019 AoC - Civilisation Info


    Age of Chivalry: Hegemony – civilisation bonuses



    Unique Unit:  Routier  (cavalry archer) Gascon Crossbowman (short ranged crossbowman, requires Mercenaries) 

    Unique Technologies: Popular Grievances (Peasant combat skills increased) Longbowmen (requires Combined Arms, Archers +20 hit points; +4 attack and +2 range)

    Team Bonus: Merchant, Merchant Barque return +33% florins

    Characteristics of the civilisation:

      Skirmishers -10 hit points, cheaper

      Militia, Knightly Infantry +10 hit points, shorter training

      Builders work 30% faster   Blacksmith archery upgrades 50% cheaper

      Mercenary Warships benefit from Ballistics (fire faster, more accurately)

      Castles have more hit points/garrisoning capacity, cost more

      Has access to the Princely Court

    Policy Decisions Nobility (allows Royal Knight and Plate Armour research, +2 attack knightly units, castles 25% cheaper) Combined Arms (allows Longbowmen and Billmen research, militia +1 attack, Archers and Routiers +1 attack, Archers