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Presentation of Super LT of Social Media Day produced by Mashable, 30 June, Tokyo.

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  • 1.Lightning TalkApp Recommendation bySharing Usage Data presented byTsubaki @ VOYAGE GROUP #smd_tyo2011

2. Tsubaki@tryal- VOYAGE GROUP (EC Navi, CyberAgent Group)Social * Tech * Startup-Android App Recommendation Social Marketing &Communication 3. appmomBetter Experience to Discover Android Apps 4. Discover App in Android Market,Enough info for1/200,000+? 5. Its USELESSUnlessDiscover a good one. 6. appmom,Can discover. 7. Gathering Everyones App Usage as a static data ;) 8. Based on WhatEveryone Use 9. Based on Who use 10. Based on what use 11. DEMO w/ capture 12. Momonga will Discover AppsJUST FOR YOU 13. Recommend w/DemographyFav Category Popularbut you dont have Usage 14. You can DeleteApps dont use ShareOften use 15. English / Portuguese coming Soon! 16. Call forTest User! 17. Follow@ appmomjp and Tweet@appmomjp Ill be Test user! 18. @tryal TechNews@appmomjpAndroidNews ()naoko.tsubaki (For Friends)naokotsubaki (For Business)