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    Avalanche EchoesAvalanche EchoesAvalanche EchoesAvalanche EchoesAvalanche Echoes Alpine Club of Canada - VAlpine Club of Canada - VAlpine Club of Canada - VAlpine Club of Canada - VAlpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Section Neancouver Section Neancouver Section Neancouver Section Neancouver Section Newswswswsws

    Vancouver Section webpage:

    National Club webpage:

    VOL. 79 NO.3 MARCH 2003

    Next meeting: Tuesday, March 25th, 2003 at 7:30 p.m. Location: Floral Hall, Van Dusen Gardens

    W. 37th & Oak Street , Vancouver Slide Show:

    Chris Cooper - Canada’s Finest Modern Day Expeditions

    Chair Liz Scremin 604-921-2651 Secretary Tony Knight 604-873-2276 Treasurer Rob Brusse 604-224-0747 Membership (Voicemail) Susan D’Aloisio 604-878-5272 Editors Helen Habgood 604-984-6842

    Steve Wickham 604-733-7650 Climbing Coord. Pam Krannitz 604-946-9942 Camps Coord. Richard Keltie 604-738-4583 Skills Development Zoran Vasic 604-438-9066 Socials Chris Bradley 604-873-9419 Programs Isabel Budke 604-224-5737 Access & Environment Mary Henderson 604-215-3330 National Rep. Fern Hietkamp 604-872-4290 Promotionsvacant FMCBC Rep. Richard Keltie 604-738-4583 Quartermaster Rob Brusse 604-224-0747

    Special Project Volunteers Program Assistant Linda Bily 604-222-1577 Archivist Irene Goldstone 604-689-8737 Jim Haberl Hut Project Ian McGillivray 604-988-3618 Family Programs Coord. Tony Webb 604-939-1139 Tantalus Hut Ron Royston 604-687-2711 Webmaster Sidney Pecul 604-522-3702 Email Administrator Paddy O'Neile 604-818-7199 Camps Committee:

    Rob Brusse (Rogers Pass) 604-224-0747 Don Serl (Coast Climbing) 604-872-4244 Tony Knight (Pebble Cr. Ski) 604-873-2276 Mike Thompson (Spring Ski) 604-534-8863 Peter Woodsworth (Tantalus) 604-254-7076

    Alpine Club ExecutiveAlpine Club ExecutiveAlpine Club ExecutiveAlpine Club ExecutiveAlpine Club Executive

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    THE AVALANCHE ECHOES is published nine times per year by the Alpine Club of Canada, Vancouver Section.

    EDITORS: Helen Habgood 604-984-6842 Steve Wickham 604-733-7650

    This newsletter is the official publication of the Alpine Club of Canada, Vancouver Section. It keeps members informed on topics of interest to mountaineers includ- ing activities within the club, equipment, techniques, access, and environmental issues.

    The club meets monthly, usually for a slide presentation, at the Floral Hall in Van Dusen Gardens, W 37th and Oak St., at 7:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month, except in July, August and De- cember.

    ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES Vancouver Section: Single $49.00 Family $66.00 Junior $22.00 (under 18)

    For membership dues, renewals, and changes of address, and booking huts, contact the ACC national office directly: P.O. Box 8040 Canmore, AB, T1W 2T8, fax 403-678-3224, phone 403-678-3200, or e-mail: Website: vancouver For detailed membership form including upgrades, send SASE to: ACC-Vancouver, c/o FMCBC, 47 West Broadway, Vancouver BC V5Y 1P1.

    SUBMISSIONS We encourage submissions of writing, photography, drawings, etc. If possible, articles should be submitted by e-mail (about 500 words). Photos and slides are always needed (JPG format is preferable). Deadline for submissions is the last day of the previous month.

    ADVERTISING Advertising in the Avalanche Echoes shall be accepted at the discretion of the Edi- tor. All advertising shall be for products or services of direct interest to our member- ship.

    EDITORIAL POLICY Suitability for publication is at the editor's discretion within the guidelines of the Section Executive. Articles may be edited for clarity or to fit the available space.

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thanks to Chartwell Consultants Ltd. for use of computer space and printers.

    ANNOUNCEMENTSANNOUNCEMENTSANNOUNCEMENTSANNOUNCEMENTSANNOUNCEMENTS Rain City Raid Adventure Race Coming May 10-11th is Vancouver’s first URBAN ADVENTURE RACE. The event is raising awareness and money for Covenant House Vancouver, a registered charity that helps homeless and runaway youth on the streets of Vancouver. The object of the race is to complete a course which includes a number of components, such as canoeing, kayaking, in-line skating, cycling, running, scootering, stair climbing, indoor rock climbing and city navigation to name a few. For more information Satellite Phone For Rent The Section has a satellite phone available for weekend or weekly rental to club members. There is a daily or weekly rental charge, plus a refundable deposit. Air-time is $2.00 per minute. Contact Tony Knight at 604-873-2276 or Avalanche Transceivers The club has three Focus F1 avalanche beacons for rent: $7/weekend or $15/week. Contact Chris Bradley 604-873-9419 or Jane Weller/ Ian McGillivray 604-988-3618. Landscape Photography in Winter April 4 - 6, 2003, Mount Baker, Washington Special ACC weekend workshop! $250.00 for ACC members, $275.00 for non-members. 6-12 participants. Includes 2 nights at Baker Lodge, some meals, and over 20 hours of instruction. We will meet one evening before and one evening after this workshop to discuss technique and equipment and to critique slides and prints. Topics include: composition, exposure, managing light and depth of field, films, filters, and shooting black and white. Participants should be able to back-country or cross-country ski or use snow shoes. Contact Doug Williams for registration - tel: 604-736-5799; ACC Oral History Committee This volunteer committee will be continuing its very important work of recording the voices and stories of key people in the mountain community. New volunteers are always welcome! Please call Liz at 604-921-2651. Announcing the Winners at 2003 VIMFF The winners of this year’s Alpine Club of Canada Award for the best film on mountaineering was Pat Morrow and Glen Crawford for their film, Musashi, featuring Ben Firth and Will Gadd doing an amazing mixed ice route in the Rockies. Bravo! Congratulations also to local boy, Dave Sarkany of Whistler, for winning the grand prize: the Dan Culver Award for the best film overall. Dave’s film, entitled Chilko Lake On Ice, recorded the beauty and humour of a ski trip in the mountains at the south end of Chilko Lake. For the full list of film winners check out You Are Invited To An International Climbing Camp in the Pamirs The Kyrgyz Alpine Club & The International Travel & Mountaineering Center of Tien-Shan (ITMC) are holding a mountain festival this summer in the area of Lenin Peak (7134m) in the Pamirs. Climbs of Lenin Peak and neighbouring peaks, plus trekking in the fabulous alpine of the Zaalaiskii Range are all possible. Participants can choose from three 3-week camps: July 15-Aug 5, July 29-Aug 19, or August 1-22, 2003. The deadline for applications is June 1, 2003 and the price is USD 550 per person. For more information, contact Mr. Vladimir Komissarov, President at or check MEC Community Wilderness Slide Show Series Check out MEC’s Community Wilderness Slide Show Series taking place every tuesday during the month of March. Visit or call Kate at (604) 872-7858 x317 Where: The Ironworker’s Hall: 2415 Columbia St. at 8th Ave, just steps from MEC Time: Door at 6:40, show at 7:00 PM Cost: $4 at the door Door prizes, and a question period with the presenter(s), all ages welcome.

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    Letter From the ChairLetter From the ChairLetter From the ChairLetter From the ChairLetter From the Chair

    “Sharing”“Sharing”“Sharing”“Sharing”“Sharing” by Liz Scremin For those of you who missed it… representatives of the Sea to Sky Winter Backcountry Recreation Forum gave a presentation at our January meeting. The Forum is a group of 20 volunteers from various outdoor clubs, snowmobile clubs, and backcountry commercial recreation tourism operators, assisted by a number of advisors from appropriate government agencies. This group includes two ACCers, Access & Environment Coordinator, Mary Henderson and Lesley Bohm, along with Monika Bittel and Mike Feller from the BC Mountaineering Club, Mark Grift from the VOC and Pat Harrison from the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC. For the past 17 months, these folks have met monthly in Squamish, Whistler or Pemberton. What was their purpose? To look for ways to share the winter backcountry and prevent conflicts from developing between motorized and non-motorized users in the Squamish Forest District.

    After months of discussion, debate, examination of maps, and negotiation, the group developed what they are calling a ‘Sharing Accord’ – a proposal for sharing the winter backcountry. Visually the accord consists of a map of the Squamish Forest District, indicating zones of use – motorized, non-motorized or shared. Throughout January, the draft of the Sharing Accord was presented to all the stakeholders (that’s us), and then in February the draft was presented to the public at a series of open houses. The Forum is now gathering all the feedback and incorporating it into the final revised accord. This will then be presented to the provincial government at the Sea to Sky Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP). Stan Hagen, the Minister for Sustainable Resources, has expressed his support for this process, and the government has said they will resp