27-28 août 2009 Préparez votre rentrée 1 - IBM · PDF file Aplicativos...

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Transcript of 27-28 août 2009 Préparez votre rentrée 1 - IBM · PDF file Aplicativos...

127-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

227-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Lamene KRIM

Leader Technique

Software Group France IBM

327-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre



Software Group France IBM

427-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

27-08-09 28-08-09

09h00 10h30 Plnire douverture09h00 12h15 13 sessions en parallles

45mn 2 par brand + ZoS + PLM 11h00 13h00 13 sessions en parallles 45mn 2 par brand + ZoS + PLM

13h00 14h00 Djeuner 13h15 14h15 Djeuner

14h00 18h00 13 sessions en parallles45mn 2 par brand + ZoS + PLM

14h15 16h00 13 sessions en parallles45mn 2 par brand + ZoS + PLM

19h00 Soire Chalet des Iles 16h30 17h30 Plnire de clture


527-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre


Distinguished Engineer, Software IT Architect

Software Group France IBM

627-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Smarter Planet

727-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

IBM is Helping Clients Use TechnologyTo Solve Business ProblemsSince 1911

827-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Meltdown of financial markets, access to capital an d credit crunch, economic downturn and future uncerta inty

Global climate change, environmental and geopolitic al issues surrounding energy

Global supply chains for food and medicine

Volatile oil prices and energy shortfalls

Security following 9/11

Information explosion and risk/opportunity growth

Globalization and emerging economies

New customer demands and business models

The world is at a critical inflection point

927-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

1027-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

... are more and more critical to systems, organizations and individuals

Information Technology and Information Systems ...

By 2010, 30 billion RFID tags will be embedded into our world and across entire ecosystems

Our world is becoming


An estimated 2 billion people will be on the Web by 2011 . and a trillion connected objects cars,

appliances, camera, roadways, pipelines comprising the Internet of Things

Our world is becoming


Every day, 15 petabytes of new information are being generated. This is 8x more than the

information in all U.S. libraries

All things becoming


This is an opportunity for improvement and recovery

1127-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre


Illustration in Automotive

Vehicle to Vehicle



Electric Vehicle/ Hybrid Charging

Vehicle services Vehicle monitoring Roadside assistance Advanced diagnostics Software fault analytics Service and warranty data

Personal services News Entertainment Banking Government Utilities

Vehicle to Roadside

Traffic services Police/emergency Traffic congestion Weather Concierge Insurance pay as you drive


1227-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Smarter Planet in a Nutshell

the Virtual World of IT Can contribute by leveraging

this INTELLIGENCE to make it work better

Enterprise Security Networks


Web servers


HTTP Reverse Proxy

Edge Server:Web and A/VConferencing,



Branch office

Mobile worker

At the remote edge

In the homerouter

for some years now, it is INTERCONNECTED

The Real World . is more and more INSTRUMENTED:

user terminals, various endpoints (RFid), monitoring systems, command & control systems, embedded IT

1327-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

What is Required to Become Smarter

1427-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Building a Smarter Planet

Thinking and acting in new ways to make our systems more efficient, productive and responsive

Data is exploding and its in silos

I Need Insight

Our resources are limited

I Need Efficiency

New business and process demands

I Need to Work Smart

My infrastructure is inflexible and costly

I Need to Respond Quickly

Dynamic Dynamic InfrastructureInfrastructure

Smart WorkSmart Work

New New IntelligenceIntelligence

Green Green and Beyondand Beyond

1527-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Examples of opportunities

Smart traffic systems

Smart water management

Smart energy grids

Smart healthcare

Smart food systems

Intelligent oil field technologies

Smart regions

Smart weather

Smart countries

Smart supply chains

Smart cities

Smart retail

1627-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Challenges Lost volumes

Inefficient operation & maintenance


Reduced IT ROI

Illustration: intelligent oil field technologies

1727-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Integrated Information Framework with Reference Semantic Model

1827-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

New Intelligence

New Intelligence

We are crossing a new threshold in our ability to manage pervasive information, analyze it to gain insight, predict risks and opportunities,

and drive faster, smarter decisions and actions.

1927-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Based on: Competing on Analytics, Davenport and Harris, 2007Degree of Complexity







What happened?Standard Reporting

How many, how often, where?Ad hoc reporting

What exactly is the problem?Query/drill down

Is action needed?Alerts

What will happen if ? Simulation

What will happen next? Machine Learning

How can we achieve the best outcome? Optimization

How can we achieve the best outcome including the e ffects of variability? Stochastic Optimization

New Intelligence: Data to Smart Decisions

2027-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Achieving Smart Work




aligned IT & Business





2127-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Smart Work

Dynamic Business

Processesand Models

Smart SOA

Dynamic BusinessProcessesand Models

Smarter Collaboration

Empower business users to adapt and

respond dynamically

Capture new insights for

effective actionsOptimize process

decisions and drive dynamic change

Leverage dynamic processes for new

business models

Maximize reuse rather than recreateAny-to-any connection vs point to pointSustainable, scalable foundationFlexible deployment

Leverage relationshipsIncrease productivity with situational applicationsExtend expertise

Dynamic Business Processes and Models

2227-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Convergence of communications, collaboration and We b 2.0 solutions

Smarter Collaboration

Competitive business models and innovation

Improve employee effectiveness and productivity

Improved customer service


2327-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Dynamic Infrastructure

We need a Dynamic Infrastructure. Infrastructure that is instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Infrastructure that brings together

business and IT to create new possibilities.

Dynamic Dynamic InfrastructureInfrastructure

2427-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Building a dynamic infrastructure

Service Management


Energy Efficiency

Business Resiliency


Information Infrastructure

Asset Management

2527-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

IT-enabled operating assets Networked assets Assets with embedded IT

Questions: What is an operating asset or IT

asset in the future? Who to service the asset? How to take advantage of the

added intelligence?

Trend: Asset Convergence

Smart home utility meter with embedded software

Is this an operating asset or an IT asset?

2627-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Infrastructure consists of both IT and operating asse ts, but they are becoming less differentiated Operating assets are becoming more co-mingled with, and dependent,

on IT assets

Companies are making more use of IT in running and maintaining assets

Asset and IT Management for a Smarter Planet

FacilitiesProduction Equipment


IT Hardware & Software Telco

Managing more complex assets through the entire lifecycle presents new challenges and creates new opportunity.

2727-28 aot 2009 Prparez votre rentre

Cloud Enablement

Public Service provider owned

and managed

Access by subscription

Delivers select set of standardized business process, application and/or infrastructure services on a flexible price per use basis

Cloud Services

Cloud Computing Model

. Standardization, capital preservation, flexibility and


Flexible Delivery Models

Hybrid Access to client, partner

network, and third party resources

Private Privately