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  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Forecast forForecast for

    2012 Year of the2012 Year of the DragonDragon

    Presented by


    CEO Consultant

    Author Trainer

    Adelina Pang

    Fengshui Consultancy

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Meet Adelina Pang CEO & Principal Consultant

    Winner of 2007 Spirit of Enterprise Award

    An established Feng Shui Consultant

    and professional trainer.

    Conducts public seminars, talks, and

    workshops globally.

    A regular contributor to leading lifestyle magazines.

    Produced a self-help VCD

    Author of Classical Fengshui for

    Todays Homes.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Media Coverage

    TV appearances on Channel News Asia, BBC News and Zee TV.

    Adelina is voted as one ofSingapores 50 Most Powerful Women in Her WorldMagazine.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Topics How will the different industries perform

    Forecast of the 12 Horoscopes

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    2012 Industrial Outlook

    Promising Industries

    Fire Element Trade

    Restaurants, Food, Oil Computer, Electrical, Entertainment, Biochemical,

    Fuel, Energy, Artistic Performances, Technology, Welding, Law

    Enforcement, Military

    Earth Element Trade

    Property, Construction, Housing, Renovation, Farming, Plantation,Pottery, Agriculture, Mining, Land Developers, building materials

    Hr DD MM YY

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    2012 Industrial Outlook

    Challenging Industries

    Water Element Trade

    Transport, Fishing, Travel, Import/Export, Spa, Logistics, Shipping, MarineProducts, Info Comm, Mass media, Water-filter, Cleaning Services

    Metal Element Trade

    Finance, Banking, Hardware, Security, Jewelers, Machinery, Automobile,Engineering

    Wood Element Trade

    Garment, Timber, printing, publishing, Carpentry, Medical

    Pharmaceutical, Civil Services, Education, Stationery, Textile, Fashion,

    Tea, Florist, Beauty, Furniture

    Hr DD MM YY

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    2012 Year of the Water Dragon

    Favorable locations : W

    Unfavorable locations: N, SE & NW

    Lucky colours: Red, Orange, Yellow & Brown

    This year is a Double Spring & Leap Month.

    Brings blessings in marriage and offsprings.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    The Actual start of a Year Li Chun is the actual start of a year in traditional astrology.

    Li Chun Beginning of Spring of the Farmers Calendar

    The 1st day of the Solar calendar is Li Chun, the beginning ofSpring which is on 4th or 5th February of the Gregorian calendar.

    This Year of the Dragon starts at 6:22pm on 4 Feb 2012.

    NOT, the 1st Lunar New Year Day. The 1st day of 2012 Lunar NewYear is 23 Jan 2012.

    Newborn are considered under the horoscope of this year only onor after Li Chun. Be sure of your own horoscope.

    Many folks mistaken the 1st day of Lunar New Year to determinetheir horoscope.

    23 Jan CNY 4 Feb 6.22pm

    Li Chun (Actual start of Year)

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Solar versus Lunar Calendar Solar calendar jie is based on the seasonal Qi.

    The 1st day of the Solar calendar is Li Chun, the

    beginning of Spring which is on 4th or 5th February of

    the Gregorian calendar.

    Solar calendar is based on the movement of the Sun.

    Lunar calendar is based on the moon.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of the


    Compatible with Dragon, Monkey, Ox

    Career Be careful when you speak. To avoid trouble, keep a low profile

    and be humble. Nevertheless, you will have people coming to help you.

    Love A good year to get married and have babies.

    Wealth Good wealth opportunities. Opportunities is limitless for youto fulfil your dreams.

    Health Dont drive like a F1 driver. Caution on the road. Avoid

    dangerous activities (e.g. bumpy jump, rock climbing, deep sea sports

    etc.) to avoid mishaps.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of the


    Compatible with Rat, Snake, Rooster

    Career As they say, strike while the iron is hot. Influential and respectable

    people who will take you under their wings. Which can help you attain

    greater success in your career.

    Love gossips and backstabbing destroys your relationship with others.

    Stay calm and think over your next move. Say less to avoid disputes that

    affect interpersonal relationship.

    Wealth wealth accumulation will NOT be a problem as luck is on your side.

    This luck is established and in full potential, resulting in an increase in theresources of income. It is a good time to stake your finances.

    Health You are a magnet for gossips. These can take a toll on your work

    and love life. Engage in activities that allow your mind and body to rest

    and recharge.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of theTiger

    Compatible with Pig, Horse, Dog

    Career Travelling opportunities. Learn to maximize your contacts and

    networks. Opportunities will surely be waiting for you.

    Love emotional turmoil. Love conquers all. Learn to be more tolerant and


    Wealth Be extra cautious when you wish to invest. Handle your finances

    well. Do not be rash and ignorant in your decisions or actions. Playing in

    any game of chance especially the lottery will only dim your wealth

    prospects. Health Try to unwind and you should seek early treatment for any

    sickness. Avoid indulging in smoking and alcohol and engage in activities

    that bring rest to your mental and physical state.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of the


    Compatible with Goat, Dog, Pig

    Career DONT QUIT. Every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise.

    Love Where theres great love, theres always miracles. Learn to be

    more tolerant & understanding.

    Wealth You will miss out opportunities due to your indecisiveness andnot able to commit. But do not be rash and ignorant in your decisions or


    Health As they say, an ounce of prevention is always better than a

    pound of cure. Let your mind and body rest. Join a health clubwork outat the gym or simply enjoy a spa treatment

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of theDragon

    Compatible with Rat, Monkey, Rooster

    Career You are said to be in conflict with The Grand Duke, Tai Sui.

    Think far and dont carry negative thoughts. What your mind can

    conceive, you can achieve.

    Love may be bumps in your love relationship, however stayoptimistic and look on the bright side of things. Manage any

    relationship conflicts with love, patience and understanding.

    Wealth be more frugal and be more selective in your expenditures.

    Curb our temper; it will only worsen your luck. Handle your financeswith caution.

    Health Stress at work may bring insomnia and migraines. Relax and

    detoxify your body through body massages and a healthy diet. Be

    careful while driving or travelling to prevent injuries. Avoid handlingsharp metal objects.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of the


    Compatible with Monkey, Ox, Rooster

    Career 2012 outlook is good. Your professional and personal wealth will be

    stable and will continue to increase. This year is a great opportunity to expand

    your network and strike business deals with others.

    Love A great year to get married and have babies. Wealth Handle your finances with caution. financial losses through friends or

    associates. Dont lend money or indemnify any loans unless youre prepared

    to lose it and not get it back. Be prudent and handle your finances well.

    Health Reinforce your health with balanced diet and vitamin supplements.Health is your wealth. Learn to relax and exercise regularly. Worries can

    change nothing; it only destroys your balance and takes away your peace of


  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of theHorse

    Compatible with Tiger, Goat, Dog

    Career Lucky Stars will help you to achieve more in your career and pull

    through all difficulties at work. Put your wisdom and talent to good use to

    assist you in your career advancement.

    Love It is important to trust your partner for a long lasting relationship.Compromise is necessary.

    Wealth One moment you may experience abundance and wealth but the

    next moment it can be taken away from you just as easily as you achieved

    them. Manage your finances well by being prudent.

    Health Avoid dangerous activities (e.g. bungee jump, rock climbing, deep

    sea sports etc.) Caution on the road. Visit the dentist and have your teeth

    cleaned. Do a medical checkup.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of the

    GoatCompatible with Rabbit, Horse, Pig

    Career Guard yourself against people whose only aim is pull a fast one onyou. Be mindful of disputes & lawsuits. However, you will have female

    benefactors to help you.

    Love It is important to start the year by establishing good rapport with

    others. Learn to be more tolerant and calm. A great time to enjoy thecompany of family and friends.

    Wealth Curb unnecessary spending, and do not dabble in speculations

    and gambling. Learn to manage your finances your cashflow. Control

    yourself from buying things that you do not need and want. Health because fatigue as a result of overworking will often be

    experienced. Learn to relax and stay healthy. Let your mind and body


  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of the


    Compatible with Snake, Rat, Dragon

    Career Loads of opportunities. Seize every opportunity to do your best.

    It shall bring you achievements and financial gains. But be careful when

    dealing with legal documents. Read the fine prints before you sign any

    deal. Beware of being a victim of scams.

    Love Control your emotions, dont let it upset your relationship. Be

    sensible and stay cool to avoid unnecessary relationship breakups.

    Wealth The lucky stars may not be on your side this year so exercise

    caution in whatever you do, and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

    Humbleness and prudence will ensure a peaceful year.

    Health Because of your hectic schedule, youll be tired out. Make time to

    relax. Do not work into the wee hours. Spend time with friends and

    family. You may have some minor health issuesbut of no concern.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of theRooster

    Compatible with Dragon, Snake, Ox

    Career Lucky Stars are shining on you. Brings promotion and salary

    increment for you. Stay motivated and accomplish more at work as this

    will bring about favourable attention!

    Love Stay cool and rational in your relationships with loved ones so as toavoid undesirable attention. Theres a chinese saying do not pluck wild

    flowers. Be faithful to your partner to avoid lost of fortune.

    Wealth Be prudent and handle your finances well. Do not be rash and

    ignorant in your decisions or actions. Playing in any game of chance

    especially the lottery will only dim your wealth prospects.

    Health Dont tire out yourself. Make time to relax, have fun.. Take a

    vacation and recharge yourself. Control your emotion. Some pampering

    and self-indulgence would help to keep the blood pressure down.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of theDog

    Compatible with Tiger, Rabbit, Horse

    Career You are said be clashing with Tai Sui. Be cautious of all

    matters. Do not make huge investments especially in high risk deals. Learn

    to be conservative. However, Lucky Star will help you thru difficulties at


    Love Control your mood swings. Learn to communicate tactfully to avoid

    disputes. Be tolerant as family disharmony is not good for your luck.

    Wealth The lucky stars may not be on your side this year so exercise

    caution in whatever you do, and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

    Humbleness and prudence will ensure a peaceful year.

    Health Because of your hectic schedule, youll often experience fatigue.

    Relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Engage in activities that allow your

    mind and body to rest and recharge.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    If you are born in year of thePig

    Compatible with Tiger, Goat, Rabbit

    Career Opportunities is limitless for you to fulfil your dreams. There

    is a high chance for promotion and pay raise. Stay motivated and

    demonstrate your abilities.

    Love good Peach Blossom Luck. For singles, that special someone maycome into your life. This is the time to go mix around and open up

    your opportunities. Loving couples will be ready for marriage.

    Wealth Your wealth luck is good, and you can start a business venture

    or invest in properties. However, do not let your emotions overranyou, learn to be prudent too and invest wisely. Greed will ruin you.

    Health Insomnia and migraines may be a manifestation of work stress.

    Take things at a slower pace and make time to pamper and indulge


  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    What is Tai Sui

    An intangible star sometimes known as Sui Xing, the Grand Duke orPlanet Jupiter.

    The God-in-Charge of the year.

    Tai Sui position has the strongest magnetic influence.

    Disturbing the Earth causes disharmony in the environmental forces.

    The official God of the Year.

    In the Dragon, he is in the Southeast.

    When you are in conflict with Tai Sui, do NOT take risk during that year.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Who is in conflict with Tai Sui

    A clash with Tai Sui is NOTalways bad.

    Good or bad is determined byyour own set of Ba Zi (EightCharacters).

    If elements are favorable stars,

    the clash is bad. If elements are unfavorable

    stars, the clash is good.







    Clash Unfavorable to

    Year Luck &grandparents

    Month Career / parentsDay Marriage / healthTime Wealth / children

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Chinese Horoscope Months & Hour

    Rat 11pm-1am Lunar 11th mth Dec 7 Jan 5

    Ox 1am-3am Lunar 12th mth Jan 5 Feb 3

    Tiger 3am-5am Lunar 1st mth Feb 4 Mar 5

    Rabbit 5am-7am Lunar 2nd mth Mar 6 Apr 4

    Dragon 7am-9am Lunar 3rd mth Apr 5 May 5

    Snake 9am-11am Lunar 4th mth May 6 June 5

    Horse 11am-1pm Lunar 5th mth Jun 6 Jul 6

    Goat 1pm-3pm Lunar 6th mth Jul 7 Aug 7

    Monkey 3pm-5pm Lunar 7th mth Aug 8 Sep 7

    Rooster 5pm-7pm Lunar 8th mth Sep 8 Oct 7

    Dog 7pm-9pm Lunar 9th mth Oct 8 Nov 6

    Pig 9pm-11pm Lunar 10th mth Nov 7 Dec 6

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Who is in conflict with Tai Suicontd

    When you are said to offend Tai Sui, you would

    encounter changes:

    o Change of jobo Move house

    o Travel

    o Give birtho Get married

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Horoscope Offending Tai Sui

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    What to Do When You Offend Tai Sui

    When one is said to offend Tai Sui, it means some changes in life, notnecessarily bad luck.

    Solution: Careful strategies

    Avoid taking risks

    Stay positive

    Think carefully before making any decisions

    Improve on human relations

    A good time for self-improvement

    Be adaptable

    Have joyful events i.e. marriages, newborn, buy property,

    birthday celebration etc.

    The cure is action and not by wearing a pendantthat may only havecertain psychological influence.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Enhancing your Personal Luck

    How to improve relationship?

    Sleep towards your yan nian direction. Activate your romance corner with fresh flowers.

    How to improve my health?

    Avoid the North location if possible.

    DO NOT place any red or yellowobjects there.

    Dissipate the sickness energy with

    metal objects i.e. 6 coins,

    windchime etc.

    2012 Chart

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Enhancing your Personal Luck

    How to improve career luck?

    Sit or sleep towards your favorable direction. Put a plant in

    the Northeast this year to activate the 9 Purple Star to boost


    Activate the Opportunity 1 White Star

    in South with a moving object i.e.Fan or windchime.

    2012 Chart

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    How to dissipate bloodshed injury

    Visit the dentist. Have your teeth cleaned

    Be a blood donor Be careful when driving

    And of course, avoid dangerous activities,

    rock climbing, diving, bungy jump!

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Peach Blossom Location

    - Improve relationship or romance luck with a flower vase.

    Horoscope Peach Blossom

    Pig, Rabbit, Goat N (white/blue)

    Tiger, Horse, Dog S (green/red)

    Snake, Rooster, Ox E (blue/green)

    Monkey, Rat, Dragon W (yellowyellow/white)

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Auspicious Dates to Start Work

    Its important to start

    work on an auspicious

    day to bring aboutcareer advancement,


    monetary increment.

    Date Date Clash


    28 Jan Sat Horse

    29 Jan Sun Goat

    30 Jan Mon Monkey

    31 Jan Tue Rooster

    6 Feb Mon Rabbit

    8 Feb Wed Snake

    9 Feb Thu Horse

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Visit Us at www.adelinapang.com

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Life Gua Calculator

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Life Gua Calculator

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Words of Advice

    A man can only rise, conquer and achieve by lifting up

    his thoughtsDale Carnegie

    Our lives are what our thoughts make it Most folks area bout as happy as they make up their

    minds to be.Abraham Lincoln.

    Happiness is from within. Your destiny is within your own hands.

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Questions & Answers

  • 7/30/2019 2012 FENG SHUI


    Thank You for Being Here Today

    A blessed lunar newyear, a year ofunmerited favors n

    grace to you.. Lots ofgood health, joy n

    prosperityto you & your family!

    Adelina Pan